Coalition Meeting Times

After a very unexpected retirement last week of Goblin, who essentially was the core founder of The Coalition, and a driving force behind it, Goblin is not expected to continue with The Coalition from what we know. Or better worded, how little we know. Through last Saturday’s turmoil, armies came together and elected to still convene. They didn’t convene a week after, or days after, but mere hours after to continue the work that Goblin had started. They wanted to complete the Server Draft. After its now major success, this week we will again opt to continue his legacy, and see through the project Goblin envisioned.

The following agenda is set forth for this week’s Coalition meeting.

Public Forum: Open Discussion about the first week of the active map. 

What can be done better?

What loopholes have armies already exploited?

What other ideas do you have for the map?

Public Forum: Open Discussion on Server Movement

The Debate: Tactical Proximity Vs. Freedom

Public Forum: Policy Change Information

24 Hour Rule Specification

Map Overlapping

An updated take on Universal Chat Banishment

Map penalties for harboring a fugitive of The Coalition

Voting Panel: Coalition Voting Agenda

The Reassessment of Bad’s Status

The Battle Ruling Committee Member Election (More Information Coming Soon)

Merges During Wartime: Allowed or Denied?



Coalitions Project General Assembly

Sunday, July 17th

Army Central Chat

 1 PM – 2 PM EST

12 PM – 1 PM CST

11 AM – 12 PM MST

10 AM – 11 AM PST

Following the conclusion General Assembly, ArmyCentral chat will be reset. After the reset, we’ll begin to grant two delegates from each army moderator on chat. They’ll then make their way to the Private Voting Forum pool on chat, and the voting process will begin.

Note: If you wish to have a delegate that is not a current leader of your army present to represent you, you MUST inform either Commando717 or Lorenzo at least one day prior to the meeting.

Coalitions Project Private Voting Panel

Sunday, July 17th

ArmyCentral Chat





Once again, we would like to thank you for your continuous support of the Coalition. We hope to see all of you at the upcoming meeting so we can hear all your opinions on the change you wish to see.


CPA Chief Advisory Officer


CPA Central Chief Executive Officer


8 Responses

  1. my status shouldnt have been tampered with in the first place

    • Too bad.

      • who asked you?

      • actually dont know how i got banned before some kid who sent videos of himself jerking off, thats what REALLY amazes me, but hey, let CPA decide 🙂

        • Bad, it’s more like when you said it everyday. This stuff, was from the beginning of Jan and you’re still talking about this. Stop being a butthurt Bad, you’re such a bad boy. Your parents need to teach you a lesson of how to become a good boy. Oh and l forgot something, you think you are the top roast but you aren’t getting there – you’re forgetting that you can’t lead when it comes to multi-logging, you’re also forgetting that you have an ugly face when it comes to waterkid’s dox from the past when you just left the CPA after the dox was happening. The more you roast somebody else, the more it comes to annoying, and misunderstanding words of what you’re saying right now. Are you home-schooled or something? Have you ever have a girlfriend in your life? Yeah, think before you talk. I have less respect for you, because my stuff was being leaked to the online girlfriend which l have learned my mistake to never do it again. But hey, if you mind your own damn business of what l’ve learned my mistake are, then thank you.

          • LOL WHAT

          • am i supposed to take this comment seriously

  2. Reassessment of Bad’s status? Doesn’t he lead PCP?? Your ban wasn’t enforced because this Coalition was doomed from the start.

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