CPAC 7-year Commemorative Gala

Edit: Please be aware that the date of the Gala has been changed to Saturday, 23rd July at 4:00PM EST; directly after the Legends Cup – Round 1 results have been announced. 

KLONDIKE, CP Army Central Headquarters – This Sunday marks the seven-year anniversary of CP Army Central and in order to celebrate this momentous occasion, we will be hosting a commemorative gala on our chat. The 7-year Commemorative Gala will consist of various fun active, so read on to find out more!

Roast Battles

We will also be hosting Roast Battles. Two members of the community will roast each other, and the winner will stay on. The person who is able to stay on as champion the longest will win the title of Champion of Roasting and will win a prize of 500 xats.

CPA Central Awards

We will also be giving away a total of 6 awards on the night. The awards that will be given away are Troll of the Year, Roaster of the Year, Legend of the Year, Cancer of the Year, “Here We Go Again” Army of the Year, and most prestigious of all, Multilogger of the Year. CP Army Central staff will vote on who deserves this award.

Note: These awards are NOT replacing the CPAC Summer Awards, and instead are more for the fun and humor of it.

Movie Night

The night will end with us watching a movie on (yes is that thing people use to multilog, but you can watch movies as a group with it. The movie we watch will be decided in a poll which you can vote in below. The time and date for the gala is below!

Saturday, 23rd of July

CP Army Central 7-year Commemorative Gala

Where: CPAC Chat


9pm GMT

4pm EST

3pm CST

2pm MST

1pm PST

Please note that the Gala will take place directly after the results of the Legends Cup have been announced.


In a time were armies are growing smaller, it would be good to just come on CPAC chat and chill for a couple of hours. We hope that you can all make it, and that we will have an enjoyable time.


CPA Central Chief-of-Staff


28 Responses

  1. roast of badboy lmfao


  3. Why can’t we have threads from 1984 as the movie? Scared little brats. (sighs) Would have been awesome to give everyone some nuclear nightmares.

    • Dislikes must have been people who watched it and were scared for months.

  4. God dammit. The only day that I will be out of town..

  5. Roflmaoing


    • stfu bad I’m gonna roast your sh*tty little bum that hold very tight because you just want that xats you greedy ass.

      • ^autism speaks

        • LOL you said that to everyone, just shut up man. You’re such a d*ck.

          • nah i only say it to you because it only applies to you, and you’ve made that evident more than enough times for it to be true. If you could roast anything, I’d be marshmallows

            • You can’t roast buddy, not even a toast would be toasted.

              • what…..

              • that made 0 sense but its alright when your mental capacity is on the level of a 5 year olds. it’ll get better

            • Not even, don’t even try.

              • flexes

    • inb4 you end up roasting the entire community and winning.

      • probably

  7. Vote Chuck Falay for fag of the year or biggest bullshit!

    • Also what movie are we watching, I suggest Pulp Fiction.

  8. 1. roast of badboy will be funny.
    2. i really wanna see brad roasting people
    3. if brad doesn’t win legend of the year your all biased.

  9. I’m totally gonna be there

  10. give me multilogger of the year pl0x

  11. All the awards r going to me and i multilog 30 for my own army in every event

  12. troll of the year me for taking bribes from acp to bot raid nr’s ausias.

  13. troll of the year me for taking bribes from acp to bot raid NR ausias

  14. i won’t be there, but legend brad for legend of the century

  15. Why is 50 shades of grey there LOL

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