Coalition Meeting || Server Draft

Update: The post has been updated to include the date and time

Here is the announcement you’ve been longing for.

The reason for that the Coalition project was launched two months ago, was to try to change the landscape of Club Penguin Armies. In an era where multilogging and cheating is ripe, setting out rules for warfare, and cheating is essential to the survival of this community. We’ve already drawn up and set the rules of war, so it’s time to move onto the server draft. The Server Map will become operational tomorrow, so it’s essential that we come up for the date and time for the server draft because it is the most important meeting to date.

Coalition Private Forum/Server Draft

Sunday, July 10th

Army Central Chat

2 PM – 3 PM EST

1 PM – 2 PM CST

12 AM – 1 PM MST

11 AM – 12 PM PST

Here is the agenda for the next coalition meeting:

1. Coalition Members (All Armies Registered Here on CPA) are invited to attend in order to get starting Servers (Territories) on the map once it becomes active.

  • Major Armies get to choose their legacy Capitals + Up to 5 Bordering Servers.
  • Small and Medium Armies get to choose a Capital + Up to 2 Bordering Servers.
  • Armies starting after the draft can get on the map by registering with CPA, and then successfully conquering a server.

2. Preferred Server Movement (Vote)

  • Option 1: Armies can only move from bordering server to bordering server.
  • Option 2: Armies can invade any server on the map at any time.

3. Map Start (Vote)

  • Option 1: The Map Starts after the meeting.
  • Option 2: The Map Starts a few days after the meeting.

This post will be updated once a date is decided on. I can’t stress enough how important this meeting is for YOU, the army leaders to attend.


CP Army Central Chief-of-Staff


12 Responses

  1. Name: Fluffy 9404
    Army You’re Representing: Dark Knights
    Best Day For Server Draft: About 2-3 weeks ago

  2. Name: Doctor Mine Turtle & Rocky24568 (can we have 2 reps?)
    Army You’re Representing: Striking Raiders (just returned
    Best Day For Server Draft: Monday

    • By Monday, I mean July 11th.

  3. Name: Brave
    Army You’re Representing: Pretzels
    Best Day For Server Draft: Sunday, July 17th

    • Jk Sunday July 10th*

  4. Name: Superhero123
    Army You’re Representing: Smart Penguins
    Best Day For Server Draft: July 10th

  5. Kingfunks4
    Water Vikings
    July 10th

  6. guys the Euro 2016 Final is at the same time if you vote for July 10th js.

    • Nope its 1 hour after :P.

      • The final not the meeting.

  7. Can’t wait.

  8. Name: Greeny15390
    Army You’re Representing: Lime Green Army
    Best Day For Server Draft: July 10th

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