Tes7 Loses Water Vikings Leadership Position

FROSTBITE, Water Vikings Empire – In the first big leadership change since returning in June, former Ice Warriors leader, Tes7 has been removed from the Water Vikings leadership. This change comes less than twenty-fours hours since the reopening of the Water Vikings US Division.

Over the course of the last few days, tensions have begun to rise on chat among hard-working troops hoping to see the removal of Tes7. There have been many claims of Tes going AFK or even offline in and around event times – the time it is most crucial for troops to be online.

This supposed streak of inactivity has therefore led the Water Vikings leadership with no other option but to deem Tes unfit to be Water Vikings Leader. The leadership, which is already stacked was then discussed in a Leaders Meeting but as of this writing, Tes has not yet been replaced.

Despite being the US Leader, Tes did not attend the first US Event.

When Tes was removed from the Leadership position, he was offered the rank of 2ic by the leader, Kingfunks4. Admitting to his own inactivity, Tes decided to retire from the Club Penguin Army Community as an active soldier on the ranks page. This came as quite a shock to many on the chat who questioned whether Tes was gone for good or not.

To sit hand-in-hand with the demotion, the Water Vikings also saw a promotion of Adden. Adden is one of the longest serving troops in the Water Vikings and now holds the position of Leader-in-Training. While holding that rank, Adden represents the United States of America division that the army has recently opened.

With that change, Water Vikings now have four leaders. Buddy and Katie represent the US Division while Commander Jack and everybody’s favourite CPAC CEO, Kingfunks4 representing the UK Division. While the army does indeed have AUSIA Leaders in the form of Baby Flor and Ammar, they are restrained to just the AUSIA division, not the affairs of the entire army administration.

It’s no secret that the Water Vikings have announced their intentions to enter and win the upcoming Legends Cup tournament. The last time the Water Vikings competed in the Legends Cup tournament, they managed to break into the finals in which they faced the Rebel Penguin Federation in a losing effort.

With that said, the rumour mill has begun swirling on the possibility that Water Viking legend, Change will soon return to the Water Vikings in time for that tournament. While nothing has yet been confirmed, a huge announcement may be imminent and lead to yet another big leadership turn.

What do YOU think? Did Tes make the right decision to retire from CP Armies? Will Change make his return? Will I be fired by the end of the day? Comment with YOUR opinion below! 

Zing King To

CP Army Central Content Manager



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