Silverburg Departs from the Ice Warriors, Joins the Rebel Penguin Federation Shortly After

TUXEDO, Rebel Penguin Federation’s Capital – A few days ago, Silverburg shocked the community when he released an unexpected publication regarding his departure from the Ice Warriors, unbeknown to most his plans to join another army; the Rebel Penguin Federation. What does this mean for both armies? Let’s take a look!.

Only last week, the Rebel Penguin Federation and the Ice Warriors were partaking in a war against one another. It has been stated by Robot, RPF 3rd in Command, that the war between the two armies was a result of a feud between Elmikey and Silverburg. After restoring their friendship, Silver proceeded to rejoin the RPF to lead alongside Elm once again. The conflict which previously existed between the two has been put behind them, in order to allow a harmonic leadership of the army. With Silver’s return, which was officially announced on July 5th, the RPF’s leadership now consists of FlameAries, Luis, Silverburg, Elmikey and Lady Clout.

An image of the RPF’s first event since Silverburg announced his return, holding an E+2 smiles tactic.

During the tensions seen previously between the two, Elm released a post which claimed that Silver would excessively exaggerate sizes, as well as carry out the crime of multilogging. Alongside this, Silverburg had his legend status from within the RPF ripped away from him. An extract from the post announcing these can be seen below, or you can read the entire publication by clicking here here.

He routinely exaggerated size in results posts, excessively multi-logged, and he actually isn’t the real RPF legend Silverburg from 2007. He is a fraud. He lied to me for a long time, I didn’t care that much when I found out. Looking back, I should have. Silverburg, you are a thief. You take credit for the accomplishments of others.

– Elmikey, RPF leader

Following the departure of both Silverburg and Trader from the Ice Warriors’ leadership team, the future for the army seems rather uncertain at this moment in time. During the last event that was published by the Ice Warriors, it appears that both Silverburg and Trader were, at the time, at the helm of the army. Once DrMatt returns from his vacation, it’s a mystery as to which path he will allow the Ice Warriors to continue their battle down. Until then, it’s unknown whether the IW will be able to continue to hold stable events. In order to announce his leave, Silverburg released a rather dramatic post, entitled “Cya Folks”, which addresses the current position of the army as well as his opinions of what the army is perceived as by the rest of the leadership. A short part of the post can be read below, or you can be redirected to the entire thing by clicking here.

Nobody puts in effort anymore. It’s pretty clear that this army is nothing but a burden to the people leading, including me. The other leaders seem to be very busy, and since anything to do with “Ice” is completely blocked on Club Penguin and since we have no sponsorships, the Ice Warriors are in a very stagnant position.

-Silverburg, Former IW Leader.

Silverburg then goes on to mention that, even with the Sever Map reforms to armies set to take place soon, he thinks the Ice Warriors have no hope for the upcoming future. He also claims that he will be taking his official leave from armies in two months – although it is uncertain whether this claim will be revoked or not. Silverburg’s departure from the army appears to have created some tensions between him and other members, which is implied following DrMatt’s comment on the post; claiming that Silver “didn’t do much anyway”.


CPA Central has conducted an interview with Silverburg, current Rebel Penguin Federation Leader, to find out more about why he decided to depart from the Ice Warriors and rejoin the RPF.

CPAC: Why did you decide to leave the Ice Warriors?

Silverburg: None of the other leaders put in any effort. The army was slowly dying and IW couldn’t recruit on CP and couldn’t do anything about it. The point deduction on the Top Ten was a dagger in the heart. I have two months until I’m off to school, so I want to be able to have fun and be effective. I am able to be effective in RPF.

CPAC: Is the the feud between you and Elmikey over?

Silverburg: No, I hate that guy. Grr!

CPAC: What was your reaction when you saw DrMatt’s comment on your post, stating that you did nothing for the Ice Warriors?

Silverburg: Nothing. DrMatt is just a piggy bank that’s only useful for his bank account. All of his “friends” just use him for his money. Even the person who was supposed to be his best friend, Waterkid, made Matt pay thousands of dollars just to keep that friendship.

CPAC: Is there a chance of another war between the Ice Warriors and Rebel Penguin Federation in the future?

Silverburg: IW will probably be shutting down, so no.

As you can see from the above interview, Silverburg is confident that Ice Warriors will be entering closure as a result of both his and Trader’s departure, as well as the inability to recruit on Club Penguin. It also appears evident that DrMatt and Silverburg did not end on good terms with one another, although this fact appears to be disregarded by Silver.

Personally, I feel that Silver’s departure from the Ice Warriors will prove fatal for them, but rather beneficial to the RPF with him rejoining their leadership. However, should the Ice Warriors find themselves rising, another conflict could be on the horizon between both the IW and the RPF in upcoming weeks.

What do YOU think? Will the Ice Warriors fall to their deaths, or will they make their return? Did Silver make a good choice leaving the Ice Warriors, and will it prove beneficial to the Rebel Penguin Federation? Comment your thoughts below. Here at CPAC, we value YOUR opinions!


CPA Central Associate Producer


SMA Central Chief Executive Officer


5 Responses

  1. Good decision Silv.
    Turn on “Silverburg 1” (this Silv from 2007)!

  2. lol rip iw

  3. its rebel penguin federation not rebel penguin force @ first paragraph

    • It’s also at the paragraph after the interview picture. Whoever posted this needs to edit it.

  4. Wow..RIP IW, the first army I’ve ever joined and to Trader will always support your decisions! Thanks for recruiting me & helping me out.


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