Clash of the Unforgiven III: Information & Times

With summer well under way, and the server draft imminent, it is high time for CPAC’s next tournament. Clash of the Unforgiven III will take place this weekend on Saturday, July 9th. Read on for the details.

The previous Clash of the Unforgiven tournament was fought 3 years ago, and this time, some changes have been made to make the event run fluidly. The basic idea is the same as before: Armies from last week’s Top Ten will be divided into 2 teams of 5, and will work together with their teams to control as many rooms as they can. Each army will have a starting room to wait in before the battle begins. When the judges announce the start, armies will try to capture rooms from the enemy team while maintaining control of the rooms they’re holding. Here are the teams and each army’s starting room:

Team 1

Golds – Beach

Night Warriors – Dock

Water Vikings – Town

Nachos – Stadium

Army of CP – Ski Village

Team 2

Wild Ninjas – Snow Forts

Rebel Penguin Federation – Plaza

Night Rebels – Forest

Ice Warriors – Cove

Army Republic – Ice Berg

If any of the armies listed would like to withdraw from the tournament, please let us know by commenting on this post and/or talking to Gobby or myself on Xat.


Here’s where things are a bit different than last time: The winner will be determined using a point-based system. Each room will be worth 1 point, except for the Town and the Plaza, which are worth 2. Only the rooms listed above will be used for the tournament. Every 10 minutes, the judges will decide who has control of each room, and reward points accordingly. For example, if ACP has control of the Dock at :10, then controls both the Dock and Beach at :20, they will contribute 3 points for their team: 1 point for holding the Dock at :10, and 2 points for holding both the Dock and Beach at :20. The current scores will be announced on CPAC chat after each 10-minute period. The whole event will last 1 hour; at the end, the team with the most points wins the tournament.


Date: Saturday, July 9th

Time: 2:00 pm EST

1:00 pm CST

12:00 pm MST

11:00 am PST

7:00 pm GMT

Server: Klondike



The rules for this event are standard as far as tournaments go.

  • No multilogging, botting, DDoSing, hacking, or any other threats.
  • Allies who aren’t participating in the tournament may not be used.
  • Judges will judge on size, tactics, and consistency.
  • Armies may not switch sides to the other team during the tournament.
  • Judges must be allowed on every army’s chat for the duration of the tournament.


Judge Applications

As you can imagine, the scope of this event means that a fairly large panel of judges will be required in order to accurately determine a winner. Since CPAWM cannot supply enough judges alone, we will be needing volunteers to come forward and help out for the event. There are no requirements for judging, but obviously, judges cannot help any army during the tournament. Retirees are preferred, but anyone can apply. Each judge will be assigned to a room. If you would like to judge, please leave a comment on this post with your name, and simply show up to the CPAC chat at for the tournament.


Once again, if your army does not wish to participate, please let us know in a comment on this post. Also, if you have any questions, leave a comment or ask Gobby or myself on Xat. Good luck to all the armies, and have fun!

Lorenzo Bean

CPA Central CEO


24 Responses

  1. First! Good luck to every army. May the best win! 😀

  2. Uh, you know that there is a big chance of getting a tie in points with this system, right? (wary)

    • Wait, now that I reread it, either one of the two teams can win, not a singe army. xD

  3. It’s really sad that the first rule has to have no botting, hacking or ddosing…

  4. Go NR!

  5. I would like to be a Judge!

  6. I’m gonna be a fucking animal and ddos every cp army leader, bot raid every army, hack CPAC, enter my own army and switch sides also bring another alliance into it

  7. Reblogged this on Night Rebels of Club Penguin and commented:
    Important battle guys!!! All attend!

  8. The times are a bit early

  9. OMG,Soy de Mexico,espero que me entiendan pero estoy super emocionado!!!!

    • no habla español

  10. If an army withdraws can the Hairy Bears take their spot?

  11. I’ll judge if you’d like

  12. il be on holiday il miss it -_-

    • F u

      • no FUCK U LEGO

  13. I’d jude battles when RPF IS NOT in them.

  14. That wouldn’t work, never mind.

  15. Man oh man how am I going to mass multi-log when I’m judging and there’s a huge lag-fest!?

  16. Currently accepting xats for free points. PC me on xat (xmuchnooby).

  17. So is the overall winner one army or one of the two teams?

    • One of the two teams I think.

  18. I would like to be a judge. Now that I am retired I’d like to do something good.


    I if you wanna say No, idc lol.

  19. Nr gooo 😀

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