Romans Army Returns, Though the Past’s Failures Still Loom

ICE BERG, Romans Empire – After shutting down last month, Romans have returned to Club Penguin once again under the leadership of Serpent, Konrad and Dwain. Serpent seems confident that Romans will reclaim their position as a world power, but will they just lay stagnant in the bottom of the top ten?

Romans were created by CP Army Legend and pioneer Explorer7777. They were one of the first club penguin armies to be created. They were one of the main protagonists in WW1 along with the Army of Club Penguin. After their loss against ACP, the Romans broke up into smaller clans and became separated. The two clans later merged together to create the Roman of Club Penguin under the leadership of Djgtjvgyhxgy, who was the founder of the first Roman army.

Romans vs the Army of Club Penguin.

After Romans were united by Djgtjvgyhxgy, they allied with their former nemesis, the Army of Club Penguin in World War 3 against the Underground Mafias Army. After the war, they allied with RPF and UMA and became allies with ACP yet again. Romans were a S/M army during the majority of their history, except for during World War I. Romans continued to be involved in conflicts with the Army of Club Penguin and their spy agency. During the way against the SSACP, the Army of Club Penguin came to SSACP’s aid and defeated Romans. After this, Romans underwent merges with Spartans and name changes, but eventually shut down. They were reopened by Spi and Cassius Brutus in 2014, but soon shut down. They were recently resurrected by Badboy and Trader, but shut down soon afterward, amid allegations of multilogging that were never conclusively addressed.

Romans under Trader and Bam.

Since their return, Romans have held two events where they maxed average sizes. Serpent is the Emperor and is in charge of their army, while Dwain and Konrad are serving as Commander-In-Chief’s, but Dwain announced he had to go on leave earlier this week. Romans have recruiting events scheduled for the rest of the week and are aiming to be placed in the CPAC Top Ten.

Romans opening event.

Interview with Serpent, Romans Emperor

Why did you decide to reopen Romans?

I’ve wanted to reopen Romans for a while now; they’ve actually opened for a few short periods of time under my supervision. I open the army every time somebody asks to lead it. Since it’s summer, I thought I’d help them out a bit and get more involved. Romans is also a very historic army and I think it has a lot of potential.

Speaking a little more recently on Romans history, the most recent generation, led by Trader and Badboy, was plagued by multilogging accusations and rumors. Do you have any comment on that?

I was very limiting on Ants potential during his leadership of Romans, and it reminded me how limited I felt when I was leading RPF under Elmikey. After his generation ended, I wrote a post explaining that during the next generation of Romans, I would have minimal involvement in the army. The next generation happened to be the one led by Trader and Bad. 

But you had to give them permission to recreate, did you not? Did you have any suspicions about any malicious activity before or during the reign of Trader/Bad?

I wasn’t very worried about Trader. I gave Trader permission to recreate Romans. He hired Bad about half a week in, which is when I became slightly concerned. About two weeks into the generation I noticed thing going obscure like historical pages being deleted, and I shut down the generation. I hadn’t noticed any malicious activity from them prior to the generation. 

So are you claiming you were unaware of the allegations that Badboy and Trader multilogged?

I’m claiming that I didn’t know what they did with the army. I didn’t want any supervisory responsibilities in the army. I attended a few events, but that was it.

What’s the plan moving forward with Romans? How do you intend on bringing Romans back to the top?

We’re going to be recruiting a lot over the next week or so, but on top of that, Romans is an imperialism. We’re most likely going to be colonizing and merging smaller armies as we get larger. 

How will this incarnation of the Romans fir into the grand scheme of the community? Plans for war, or remaining peaceful? 

We’re attempting to stay neutral in terms of foreign relations until the server draft. But we will do whatever it takes to conquer the map. 

Anything else you’d like to add?

Seize the night.   

Serpent seems confident that Romans will be able to be successful during this summer and surpass every other army. He is also acknowledging his mistakes when Badboy and Trader lead. Romans seem to be on the rise, but this has happened in previous generations, but when the hype died down, then Romans shut down.

What do YOU think? Will Romans rise again? Are Bluesockwa1 and Bluesockwa2 the same people? How much of a gangster am I? Comment Your Opinions Below!


CP Army Central Editor-In-Chief



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  2. Loving the interview

    • I was a bit disappointed by the direction that the interview took, but I tried to bring it back. It seemed to be less directed towards Romans’ return, more directed towards whether or not I was aware of what was going on in a generation of an army I wanted little to do with.

  3. I think you mean WWII but other then that good post.

    • Also the picture includes Bam as a leader.

  4. This post is filled with biased opinions and complete bullshit.

    First of all, Bam117 never led the Romans alongside me.

    Second of all, there was no proof and / or post that said we multilogged as an army. Stating that I, the leader of Romans under that generation multilogged, is a complete biased opinion and shouldn’t be stated in the following post. I don’t remember seeing any deductions and anything else, this post was compete bias.

    That interview was full of multilog accusations, when in fact, nobody multilogged and you cannot prove we multilogged.

    Are you fucking retarded? Instead of taking your anger out on a CPAC post how about you actually lead an army instead of dickriding Toysoldier and Drake, and fight me you piece of shit. I’ll throw you back into the ditch where you belong and make sure you know your place.

    • Also, using all of your questions to try to get him to admit to something that never happened, is bullshit. I hope this post gets taken down, it’s completely off topic, none of it is about Romans rise, it’s basically a CPAC Special Report. You’re a CPAC EiC you should know better.

    • There were deductions. You just got entirely excluded out of the next week’s Top Ten despite having 4-5 events with sizes over 25. Why are you trying to hide that the romans were a multilog army? There was no chat, no ranks, and no schedule. Since Verum is stating facts, that can’t be deemed bias.

      • Trader the only people on your ranks were you and Bam, you had no chat, no event posts no anything and everyone knows how much you usually multilog and besides you admitted you multilogged too bad I didn’t take a screenshot

        P.S. you are the most retarded person I have met in this community

        • Who even are you? You don’t know me.

          If we multilogged why didn’t anyone expose it. Lol. It’s all claims with no proof, nigger.

      • Go find your dead parrot. Lol

  5. Flappy112 and Superhero123 helped LOL.
    “Because why not? :D”

  6. While this post is great- please don’t try to force questions that have no actual relevance, you could have just added in YOUR speculation instead of bombarding serpent with opinionated questions.

    1st question: “why did you decide to recreate romans” next question “why did you let bad and trader turn it into a multilog army” what the hell lol plz stop

    • interviews are boring i wanted to make it entertaining and controversial to get more comments and it has succeeded

      • So, you’ve made up lies in order to get more views. You’re an idiot and this is not the place for this bullshit. Fucking tie the noose and finish yourself.

  7. Nice post.

  8. Why isn’t my Romans gen mentioned here?

    • Who are you, again?

  9. Why can ti start dw

  10. Goodluck Serpent w/ the Romans! 🙂

    • Thanks, I’ll do my best.

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