Trader Rejoins Ice Warriors Leadership

Edit 1: Trader exposed in the concluding paragraph.

HUSKY, Ice Warriors Capital – After a controversial week for Trader, he announces that he will be leading the Ice Warriors once again. Will the Ice Warriors be surrounded by scandals and controversy once again, or will they prosper with greatness?

Trader has caused quite the commotion in the media this past week; from being usurped from the Ice Warrior’s leadership to supposedly taking part of the bot raids that have been going around, mostly focused on the Night Warriors army. To add onto the latter, Trader has announced his return to the Ice Warriors just a few days ago.

In a post entitled ‘Rejoining the Ice Warriors’ here is what Trader had to say,

“Hey Ice Warriors! Because of recent demand, I’m going to be rejoining the Ice Warriors. The past week has been full of drama and other things that haven’t been really helping the army, but I’m going to do my best to get the army back to where it was. I suggest everybody joins back now because we’re going to be rising very soon.

I will be putting all the energy I have left into the Ice Warriors and helping it rise. I hope all of you do the same. With the recent opening of other armies, we will have lots of competition, meaning every loyal soldier needs to join back now and help the army dominate summer.

Get ready to rule the community.”


Ice Warriors Leader

In his post, Trader states that a lot of people wanted him back in the Ice Warriors, which is why he decided to rejoin. He also mentions that this past week was full of drama, hence why the Ice Warriors fell, but now that the drama took off, the Ice Warriors will continue to rise.

Since Trader’s re-inauguration, the Ice Warriors have held one event. In this event, the Ice Warriors decided to log onto the server of Blizzard, a five bar, to train and gather a few recruits. The Ice Warriors maxed a size of seventeen in this event.

You may see a picture of the event they held below,


Unfortunately, the Ice Warriors did not get a high standing on this week’s top ten; however, Trader was re-inaugurated just two days ago, which means that the Ice Warriors are yet to see Trader’s full impact on the army, whether it be a negative or positive impact.

You may see Ice Warrior’s top ten placement below,

I managed to get an interview with current Ice Warriors leader, Trader, regarding his intentions for the army.

Me = Red

Trader = Blue

Chip: What do you plan on focusing on for the Ice Warriors so you could help improve the army?

Trader: For the Ice Warriors I plan to make sure everybody is recruiting at all times. Recruiting is going to play a major factor in this leadership and it’s going to be what makes us rise. We also plan to make sure the chat is recruit-friendly 24/7.

Chip: After being placed fairly low on this week’s top ten, could you give an approximate estimate on what your rank will be for next week?

Trader: The Ice Warriors will be in the top three next week.

Chip: Do you have any war plans for the Ice Warriors?

Trader: We’re currently working out a war plan that would work in favor of our plans for the map. However, no certain army is a target yet

Chip: Thank you for your time. Do you have any comments to add?

Trader: Don’t Freeze Up!

Chip: Man, now I can see why they call you a faggot.

*Trader goes AFK at this point*

So, what do YOU think about Trader leading? Do YOU think he’ll get usurped again? Will he change this time and help lead the Ice Warriors to victory? Will he freeze up? Do you think Trader will get arrested for his possession of CP. Yes.. CP stands for Club Penguin.. I think? 😉


CP Army Central Associate Producer





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  1. “top quality”

    • what do you mean

  2. Trader will definately get arrested. Idk man maybe he already is after the police came to his house and checked his computer. For all you know hes leading iw from jail :O

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