Top Ten Armies: 6/19/16

KLONDIKE, CPA Central HQ – If you like Top Tens, this post is right for you.

 Top Ten

1. Water Vikings [71.50] [NEW!]

2. Nachos [68.00] [+5]

3. Army Republic [64.00] [+1]

4T. Night Warriors [61.00] [-2]

4T. Rebel Penguin Federation [61.00] [+0]

6. Army of Club Penguin [56.62] [-3]

7. Night Rebels [56.00] [-1]

8. Golds [54.73] [-7]

9. Ice Warriors [54.50] [NEW!]

10. DJ Army [53.67] [NEW!]

Full stats.


1. Water Vikings: Water Vikings make their return debut this week holding a huge return event hitting sizes of 40-45+. They have announced a busy schedule for the next week and are hoping for a incredible summer.

Screen Shot 2016-06-18 at 2.59.23 PM

2. Nachos: Nachos blasted their week off with 2 training sessions hitting sizes of 20+. Later on the Nachos held a practice battle against ACP along with a “phrase” session averaging sizes of 20+ and 8. To end their week they held a mining session and a raid of ACP & AR maxing sizes of 25 both events.

3. Army Republic: Army Republic blasted their week off with a training session & a birthday party for their creator – hitting sizes of 10+ and 18. Later they battled RPF with sizes of 15 then later raided RPF with similar sizes. To end their week they raided RPF’s and Golds PB and held 2 more training sessions all with sizes of 15+.

4T. Night Warriors: Night Warriors began this week with a battle against Ice Warriors + bots where they amassed sizes of 20+. Later on they held a massive recruiting session maxing sizes of 40+ along with a raided event with no pictures. To end their week they had a recruiting session maxing sizes of 12.


4T. Rebel Penguin Federation: RPF  started their busy week had a total of 6 events this week starting with a UK training session & a battle against AR maxing sizes  of 16 and 20. Later on they had another training and a raid against Army Republic both with sizes of 15. To end their week they  had raid against NR and activated “operation Far From Over” amassing sizes of 15 and 13.

6. Army of CP: ACP began their busy week with an ausia training session hitting sizes of around 12. Later they held an Ausia then later UK recruiting session maxing sizes of 20 and 17. To end their week ACP held a quick practice battle against Nachos along with a Ausia training session hitting sizes of 10+ and 13.


7. Night Rebels: Night Rebels had a total of 4 events this week beginning with a UK training session maxing sizes of 22. Later NR had another training session along with a raid against RPF hitting sizes of 18 and 15+. To end their week NR held one last training session amassing sizes of nearly 25.


8. Golds: Golds began their week with an ausia recruiting/raid along with another recruiting session with sizes of 10+ and 8. Later they held a parade and a training session maxing sizes of 10+ and 15. To end their week they held 2 more recruiting sessions and a “squad raid” hitting sizes of 10+.

9. Ice Warriors: Ice Warriors started their week with a training session maxing sizes of 25. Later they held a practice battle against Night Warriors hitting sizes of near 20. To end their week they held 2 mining sessions claiming “sizes of 25 and 40+”.

10. DJ Army: The DJ Army began the week with an AUSIA training session in which they maxed and averaged 7. then held an AUSIA recruiting session where they maxed and averaged 6 and 7 (respectively). The army maxed and averaged 5 from a recently held AUSIA training session, then held an AUSIA igloo raid whilst maxing 9 and averaging 8. The DJ army had a UK igloo raid whilst maxing and averaging 8, then had a UK tactics session wherein a max and average of 8 was reached. To finish off the week, the aforementioned army had an AUSIA training session wherein they maxed and averaged 11.


Lorenzo Bean

CPA Central CEO


CPA Central Vice President


SMA Central CEO


57 Responses

  1. 1st. Great comeback WV!

  2. Well done WV!!
    Also good job to Nachos.

  3. WV have one event and they are first?

    • Yeah, because of their size. Though they only got 2.5 points at event quality.

  4. Why is RPF always 4th or 3rd 😦

    • Because there are always two or three armies that perform better than RPF. 🙂

      • Yet, I can remember clearly when Nachos fell to 10th and RPF was still 3rd.

        • I never said “because nachos always perform better than RPF”. I said that any two or three armies per week perform better than RPF. Simple logic. 😉 . Yet I remember when Nachos were a constant top five when RPF was recognised as SM army. :/

      • Lego don’t start beef

        • Nah bro, I only like pork.

          • Just leave the mutton alone and we’re good.

    • New peoples are idiots + small sizes #summer #vacations + all going to strongest army? I don’t know really ;C

  5. Great TOP 10. 😀
    Go RPF!

  6. Reblogged this on CP Vikings and commented:
    What a return!

  7. Like this comment if bam’s destructive anus destroyers should be 1st place

    • You’ve been on Facebook too much

  8. gj ACP lets keep up our rise!

  9. Great job to Nachos and ACP. Golds will be rising back next week.

  10. Well done WV!!

    Well done Nachos!!

  11. There’s some form of multilogging going on in each of these armies. I’d actually bet my life on that.

    • also, pls enjoy this epik trayler pls k thx

    • Maybe, but not in Nachos. Nachos always have a sudden rise at this point of the year. Nachos rule in the Summers.

      • Nachos could be maxing 9 and I’d still say that there’s someone multilogging. There’s always that one person

        • Alright.

  12. I knew Nachos would get top three. Well done WV. Fantastic return

  13. I do like top tens who did you know? Anyway I smelling something fishy with Water Vikings, how come all an army has to do in order to max 40 is disappear for a few months? You think an armies membership would go down with lack of activity but instead it went up…

    • Shut it, Chainpro. When an army shuts down and comes back after a few monts, it gets hype, and hype brings users to chat. We hit 55 on chat, with 1 null, which was a former leader. I added bots on 5 bars telling people to go to frostbite for free coins, which added to our size by a decent amount. Plus, check our ranks.

      • ^

      • Holy bud calm down and get off your high horse! I wasn’t accusing you of anything I was just point out what we are all thinking. Pretty dang unprofessional when the person who reveals cheats flips the frig out when someone makes an observation about them. There is nothing wrong with being confused/skeptical when an army returns after being inactive with 50 troops, maybe ACP should give it s try sometime.

      • Since when did chuckfalay get associated with me? I have been gone for quite a while, and there is no way I act like a 2 year old.

        • It is a long story, ask Bam, but the basic answer is I am you now… kinda. Pretty much everyone thanks I am you because a comment I made on a top ten sounded like something you would say.

  14. Noice Job WV!

  15. Before our reopening event, I updated Water Viking’s diplomatic relations page and added the Army Republic and Nachos as our brother allies. These two armies made an entire alliance with us in 2015. Now, look at the top ten. The 3 brother allies are the top 3 armies. WV, NACHO, AR MASTER RACE.

    • Aye bro. ❤

    • 😀 the big three.

  16. Great work!

  17. Great Job Night Rebels Keep it up!

  18. One event and first. That’s pathetic for the community.

    • Yeah by the way. CPAC should remake the top ten formula..

  19. WHAT IS THE DARKWARRIORS NEW WEBSITE?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?

    • theydidntopen,com

  20. How do you have one event and get first? Props to WV for a great event and all, but I don’t get how that’s possible.

    • Sizes were double than everyone else on here, and tactics were almost perfect.


  22. How did WV 40-45 in a week lmfao what

    • Read above ^

  23. Great job Water Vikings, that’s impressive! We need to do this better next week! This isn’t what our score should be.

    • The Night Rebels.

  24. I wish someone could explain the massive amount of penguins at WV events with 0-2 stamps. Funks said they were rogues but rogues don’t do word tactics alongside doing perfect formations and changing color. The hypocritacy is real. Fever20 makes a return. Wvfan wwefan firefan hype.

    • I never said they were rogues….?
      All troops are real troops (see our ranks lmao we had nearly 80+ people who agreed to join over the past two months) you are the only person being bitter and its rather ironic given your past.

      • Not that I am agreeing with Trader but chip did say they were rouges,

        • I never said they were rogues. Please read my reply again 🙂

          • If you put bots on servers and told them to go to frostbite for free coins aren’t those technically rouges because otherwise they would have never known to go there?

      • past 1-2 weeks*

  25. Reblogged this on Golds CP | Official site of Golds CP.

  26. Hey, why the fuck do I hear a sneeze every time I open CPAC?

  27. Dang

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