Rebel Penguin Federation vs Army Republic [Practice Battle Reviewed]

Tuxedo, Rebel Penguin Federation’s Headquarters – On this 13th of June RPF and AR faced off in a practice battle. Who won this encounter? Well, let’s just see!

Army Republic and Rebel Penguin Federation both landed themselves 4th on the most recent top ten armies list. Both armies clashed to see who was the stronger army and who was more deserving on placing 4th on the top ten.

The battle was held on the 13th of June on RPF’s capital, Tuxedo. The battle was 30 minutes and both armies showed up in their traditional colors, AR’s being white and RPF’s being black.

They battled in 2 rooms, the town and the ice berg. RPF had bigger sizes for both rooms and had more tactics. Both armies were close in size but RPF had a slight advantage being able to max more than AR. The tactics from both armies were good but again, RPF had the upper hand in both rooms.

From looking at pictures, the main battle seemed to have happened in the town. Both armies fought hard in the town but RPF managed to pull through and were able to produce more tactics then AR. As seen in the picture below, RPF is seen doing better tactics than AR and managing to have better sizes as well.


Picture from AR vs RPF.

In the ice berg both armies fought hard again RPF managed to pull through with tactics and size. AR however did put up a good fight against RPF in the ice berg as well as the town. Sadly though, RPF was just too strong.


Picture from AR vs RPF.

Formations were much better in the ice berg compared to the town. Both armies put up a better fight and managed to make a good fight. I guess RPF really does follow its motto. Okay, I’m sorry for that.

Although it was a great battle RPF just about managed to pull in a victory. RPF did have the upper hand throughout the practice battle but AR did manage to put up a good fight. Both armies proved they were deserving of their place of the CPAC Weekly Top Ten Armies.

Although AR lost it’s not bad considering it wasn’t for land and they know they need to work a little more on size. If RPF and AR are to ever fight again, it will be a good battle just like this one.


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  1. Good post


  3. This may be calling out to obvious, but you said who one. Not who won. Hate to be a grammar Nazi, just throwing that out there.

    • Thank you, I fixed it !! :3

      • You are welcome (salutes)

  4. Gg rpf

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