The Doritos Make A Return

Summit, DCP Nation – After being dead for almost 6 months, the Doritos have announced their return once more. Will we see the Army rise once more within the community? Click Read More to follow on.

As we draw closer to the summer, we’ve seen an unexpected army return. The Doritos announced there return only yesterday. DCP, Legend Bam had made a post on the site announcing the return. Read his statement below.

Afternoon all DCP Soldiers, The time has come to awaken from your slumber – The prince has returned. After fighting my way through vicious dragons and many dungeons this past year I was given the choice of staying in a guild but was then removed from all sites and ranking without word or warning (as i expected). Regardless I had prior plans anyways, much more important plans.

I am not a man of revenge – I am a man of Truth, Glory, and Retribution – and that is exactly what I plan to do. Some of you have been waiting a really long time to hear this – The Doritos of Club Penguin is hereby officially returning under the rule of Sir Bam117, Prince and bestowed Co-Creator of DCP. The full lineup of our current Leadership will be announced but as of now West and a few other legends will be returning to help our endeavour.

Many of you are wondering what DCP will be like – It will be clean and it will be correct – I wish for DCP to end the way I remember joining it back in 2010. This isn’t just my home army – its many others as well. It’s time we do this right once more. Thank you to all the loyal DCP that stayed true to DCP through thick and thin – Its time I do the same.

There will be naysayers and oblivious assholes who will try to scold DCP every step of the way, but fear not we shall see salvation – we shall enjoy our time and do everything we can to make sure we enjoy this summer. DCP will be my first and last army, Let’s make a stand shall we?

Note***: There will be no “hyped” return date because DCP isn’t desperate like some armies:mrgreen:. All DCP stay on chat and be prepared we are coming back this bloody week.

In his statement he talks about how the Doritos are returning but this time only to be fair and square. The Doritos have had a tremendous year. From dominating first to getting exposed from multilogging. The Doritos have had a quite the journey. Bam also talks about how there will not be a big hype week and that they will just return as a normal army.

The Doritos have already had an unscheduled  event which they had maxed 20+. Unfortunately in the middle of the event, they had gotten bot raided by unknown.


What will the future of the Doritos be? Will we see them rise to great heights? The Doritos are currently being led by both DCP Legends Trader and Bam117. Both of them seem very confident for the future of the Doritos.

What do YOU think? Will the Doritos RISE to Glory? Or will they return to their old ways, multilogging and cheating. YOU Decide!


CPAC Editor In Chief


16 Responses



  3. DCP Victory

  4. Like this comment if DCP is better than everyone else

  5. Before this goes any further, I would like to say the bot raiding was done by a DCP himself (I will not name him because I don’t want a fight) The bots were attached to my penguin just so I could take the blame. I did not bot raid DCP, and I hope there won’t be any rumors about this. Also, good luck Bam & DCP!

    • yeah its all good and thanks mate

  6. LOL. That’s nice. If you haven’t noticed, since DCP closed and the case about their multilogging scandal closed, CPA is dying slowly. Time for it to be revived!

  7. It’s nice to see DCP’s back Bam, and Goodluck!

  8. thats 14 not 20…

  9. DCP will rise to glory by cheating. Simple as that. Bam is just trying to get us all to believe that he will be innocent. You all will see. Burn the Light.

    • If you have evidence of multilogging then supply it. Don’t make accusations without evidence because it’s just retarded and annoying


    • hmm…

  11. Im retired now but long live DCP I love you and miss you I will visit from time to time.

  12. ….. Long live Dcp it was fun while it lasted XD.
    Dcp Shut Down :/

  13. Well, time for me to crawl back into my hole for the next 6 months.

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