CPAC Special Report: Caught On Thin Ice – Trader and Badboy Fired In Ice Warriors Multilogging Scandal

SUB ZERO, Ice Warriors Capital – The appointment of the new leadership created doubt within the army community. The majority of leaders that were picked to lead the new generation had history of multilogging accusations and last night evidence emerged from the Night Warriors suggesting that this was again taking place. Following a subsequent investigation by Andrew, Ghost and Dr Matt, Badboy all-but admitted to multilogging within the Ice Warriors, leading to the firing of Trader and Badboy from the army.

The appointment of Trader, Badboy and also Bam to the leadership was met be concern and criticism from the off due to past problems related to Multilogging in other armies. In late 2015, the post ACP Caught Green Handed by Zing saw the temporary retirement of Trader only a few days later as evidence was put forward to show that the Army of CP for the first time in their history were heavily involved in such a scandal. For months after this until both Bam and Trader left the army, owners were concerned about ”obvious multilogging” that was taking place when the two leaders were present and the pressure eventually saw their exit from the army last month. Badboy had also previously been linked with several controversies, such as his involvement in the summer of heavy multilogging that was understood to have taken place within the Doritos last summer, an army that Trader and Bam were also heavily linked with in the past. Badboy also had a history of being fired by multiple armies, including the Dark Warriors, Elites and Night Rebels.

The recent accusations started only a few days ago, with a post being released last night by Night Warriors leader, Drake. Within this post, Drake picked out several penguins that were exposed in an event for the Night Rebels (an army in which he was fired from due to multilogging) and the numbers that were found at both the NR and IW events totalled 10 in the post alone.

The two leaders were also together in the Romans recently and despite event pictures being deleted, Drake again picked out more penguins that were used to multilog in both the Romans a few weeks ago and now in the Ice Warriors as well. Below are more pictures of examples of multilogs that were used in previous armies that the two leaders were in.

As this evidence emerged last night, CPA Central was exclusively informed by an unnamed source that the Ice Warriors were considering removing the two leaders from the army. As Andrew and Ghost were unsure on their decision, they asked Dr Matt to talk to Badboy in private to see if it was indeed true. They told Dr Matt to tell Badboy that he was multilogging in the army to see his response and, despite being unsure and sheepish with his response, he did go on to say that he did not care if Dr Matt multilogged and that when they move to CPPS ”no one will tell anyway”.  The evidence released in the post was enough to push through with the removal that was already rumoured to be occurring and the end of the leadership. Below are the pictures of the chat between Dr Matt and Badboy, that were used by current Ice Warriors leader Ghost.

The leaders had promised before taking over the army that they would in no circumstances multilog and ruin the legendary name of the Ice Warriors, but now in the above pictures showed that this was a promise that was not followed. In the post released by Ghost, he stated how Andrew and himself followed the developments last night.

At first, I didn’t want to believe the accusations. I was criticized for allowing Badboy to lead in the first place, as some brought up his issues of multilogging frequently in his past armies. I listened, but shrugged it off, because I felt that they would not break my trust. Why would they? The last thing they would want to do is throw away a shot at leading one of the most legendary armies. Ever. But then, the posts started coming out. People started pointing out penguins in events that were used in past armies, known multilogs. I started to become concern, so I asked Andrew to help me out in taking a look at IW’s most recent events under this leadership. To my surprise I discovered a few multilogs that were mentioned in the posts… in most of the events. The next day, Andrew decided to invite the leaders to his chat room and ask them about the multilogs. They denied all accusations, of course. Why wouldn’t they? A while after the meeting ended, we decided to log onto Club Penguin for our event, simultaneously the Night Warriors logged on. As we battled, i’ve noticed our size was not as large as it used to be. Perhaps we were having a slow day? Then I realized the same exact penguins that were called out in Drake’s post did not appear in the event. How strange. I knew right there and then that they were mutlilogging, they did not want to get caught.

With the admission from Badboy to Dr Matt came the inevitable end of the leadership. It is still unclear if Bam will continue to lead the Ice Warriors or move on from the army, but Ghost does say that it is up to Bam if he wants to remain in the Ice Warriors or not. Dr Matt, Andrew and Ghost have stated that they are still very committed to the army and hope to build the army back up to legitimate heights. This morning, only minutes before this post was published, Trader in his own blog announced his temporary retirement from armies and asked for forgiveness. He stated that he did not know that multilogging was taking place and said that, while he ends up the ”bad guy”, he does not want this image and tries to get along with everyone in the community. Below is an excerpt of his post, in which he is clearly devastated.

I care a lot about everybody in CPA and I know I seem like the bad guy all the time even though I don’t try to be. I just want people to stop looking at me like the bad guy, but It’s not going to happen. I’ve decided to leave armies and not come back for a while, it’ll make everybody happy considering I’m just a waste of space and destroying this community day by day. We’re in a age of Club Penguin armies where we need to get rid of the terrible people, I’m going to do you all a favor and save you the time. In the past few months all I’ve done is disappoint people and there’s no reason for me to be around to disappoint even more people. I don’t try to act big in CPA because I always knew what I was, I’m nothing to anybody here. I’m a person who got a lucky shot at an army at a lucky time. I was in the right place at the right time, my whole career is based off luck. I have no skill and nothing I did in armies was great, I just led with the right people and they should get the credit not me. A braindead monkey could do what I did, nothing. Everybody in the Army of Club Penguin wanted nothing to do with me, same with the Ice Warriors.

In the rest of his post he gave special thanks to several people, including Ghost and Andrew for giving him the chance to lead the army – as well as Bam for the armies that they were leader together in. To find out more on the recent developments and what took place I managed to ask a few questions to my good friend, Andrew24, Ice Warriors Advisor and Former Leader.

Interview with Andrew24, Ice Warriors Advisor

Q: With the known history of the leaders you hired, why did you decide to hire them in the first place?

The Army community is dying rather fast, so we just decided to give a group of people a chance.

Q: Can the we trust the Ice Warriors going forward and any future leadership?

IW will continue. Yes, we have a few people that may return including myself.

Q: Are there any others that may return? 

People that led during the time I was in IW are likely to return, but it isnt confirmed as of now.

Q: What are to become of your relations with the Night Warriors, will these improve or lead to war? 

Our relations with Drake and Toy are fine. However, I think a war with them would be great down the road.

Any last comments? 

Ghost is better than you.

The interview with Andrew did unearth some interesting points and views from the dominant IW figure. In the interview he clearly states that he will most likely be returning to lead the Ice Warriors once again, alongside some other previously important IW figures and also that war with the Night Warriors could be a high possibility in the summer. He also states how, as the community is dying, he gave trust to a group of people to see what they could do and how well they could lead the army. Obviously, the trust was misguided and the IW now have to build again with a new leadership.


With that comes to the end of yet another multilogging revelation. While Badboy was certainly at the centre of the issues within the army, seeing to his exile from the Ice Warriors, the evidence put forward did not really conclusively show that it was Trader that was involved in this. In his post, Trader does say and claim that he did not multilog at all in the army, and that he was ”unaware” of anything that was taking place. If this is to be believed or not is up to your own view, but his past involvement in these sorts of scandals has obviously been a key reason why he was part of a coup from the Ice Warriors. With issues recently in the Army of CP and Romans surfacing, both armies of which he was leader in, it could be said that he may have had a key role in what took place over the last two weeks in the new IW Generation.

It appears that when we seem to be making progress away from the days of mass multilogging that took place in the Doritos last summer, amongst other armies, that another case is just around the corner to meet us again. When it looks like we are all joining together to stamp out cheating, is it just the same people that are doing it again? The success of the IW over the last two weeks is obviously now going to be disregarded and this is not something the army wanted to be involved in when they reopened only two weeks ago with what at the time seemed like a promising leadership. It will be interesting to see what becomes of Badboy, and if another army will trust him ever again. If another army does trust him, does this show that some people are still tolerant to multilogging, or desperate for success in dark times for CP Armies and therefore bestowing trust upon anyone that puts themselves forward.

What do YOU think about the removal of Trader and Badboy within the Ice Warriors? Will Badboy return to another army, or has his reputation been ruined for good? Comment YOUR opinion on the Ice Warriors Multilogging Scandal.


Former CPA Central CEO & Divisional Manager


78 Responses

  1. 😮

  2. Was expected anyways lmfao

  3. I think it’s disapointing to see any army go through stuff like this. One bad apple can ruin the rest. Some people honestly never learn. No matter how many chances some people get, it’s not good enough for them is it?

  4. Not a new thing, I must say.

    When Badboy joined Ice Warriors, I told Ghost never to trust him, but, ok. He did, and this is what you get.

    I would also say a big SORRY to all those people who I fought because of the accusation. I never knew that Bad would do this.

    People like Badboy & Drake are killing armies. I would like to say this, Drake might find it “funny” that I accuse him 24/7 for multilogging. Well Drake, it’s funny how NW couldn’t get 10 without you? However, the moment you joined, NW got 60 recruits out of nowhere? Funny.

    Also, this might hurt everyone, but, no one here is a clean person/leader. My friend Chip, is known for exposing armies. Chip, why don’t you expose NW then?

    Maybe, NW is too smart to fool you? or maybe, you’re to biased to expose them?

    Don’t take it personally but these are my views, this is what I think right now.

    Regards to all,

    • P.S: Everybody multilogs.

      • i can multilog 25 pengs wanna hire me?

        • Ah, that explains COBRA’s sudden rise..

          • Wait, you were in COBRA; rright…….?

            • yeah i lead the cobras

              • COBRA*

          • shit

    • I told you, Flen. I told you that they’re multilogging yet you tried to mask your actual thoughts. You can never hide multilogging, it’s impossible. If the Night Warriors multilog, they’ll get exposed eventually. With that being said, they did get exposed around mid-february.

    • You’re a joke. Anyone who justifies themselves because they think someone else is multilogging is pathetic. You knew IW were multilogging don’t deny it. I can confirm nulls don’t appear out of nowhere

      • Confirm it then.

        • Pretty sure I would know considering I’m at every NW event, while you’re never at any NW event, so your accusations are baseless. I preferred you when you were a retarded Indian who bragged about begging for scripts off Waterkid and Drmatt, oh shit yo haven’t changed AT ALL.

          • Ok sure. Ah, One more thing, that phrase, “retarded Indian”, lemme just tell you. Indian have better command sense than you at lest. Also, I didn’t “beg” Waterkid or DrMatt for script. got it from Waterkid. Oh, and, I beg? who was the one begging for script on PCP chat? Shall we re-call?

            Learn to lead an army and then come talk to me. I don’t bs with people who don’t have any respect in CP Armies and is well known for leading an “Multilogging” Army.

            So, fuck off, Mr. Bull Shit

            Regards to your multilogging army,

            • Stop trying to say you have a better command at English than me, when you that sentence doesn’t make grammatical sense. I didn’t beg for any scripts off you, I think you’re confusing me with Dwain. Is it because we’re both black huh? Don’t tell me to learn to lead an army when you’ve failed at remaking Dark Warriors at least twice and btw “I don’t bs with people”, makes no sense at all. You’re like the new Rocky, every CPAC post I see about four comments from you. If we did multilog, then you should have evidence considering you led Night Warriors for about a week right? Also, don’t call me a bad leader when you tried to RAT me when we you were in Night Warriors.

              • Ah, the rage. I love that!

                Well Verum, love it or not, you can’t lead and army. NW is mulitlog’s and will stay so. Learn to lead and then talk to me

                • “You can’t lead and army”
                  “NW is mulitlog’s and will stay so”
                  Sorry I don’t understand Retard.

                  • idiot’s don’t understand

                    • Yeah, Verum! Idiot is do not understand!

                    • lol.

                    • So you’re calling anyone who actually understands the English language an idiot? Wow there must be billions of idiots then.

                    • Not really, I am calling you idiot. LOL

                    • You mean an idiot, right? Stop laughing at your own comments, when they’re as retarded as the multiple name changes you have underwent Koolfunks4.

                    • How about, you stop commenting with your bull shit? lol. You’re a legit joke in CP Armies kid kush

                    • I’m a joke? I’M A JOKE? Flen everyone takes the piss out of you, Drmatt is the only person who likes you.

                    • Actually… everyone takes the pissout of you, not me. Also, Phinny is the only person that likes you.

                    • I’ve been fighting with Phin in the comments yesterday, so you’re obviously just talking out of your Indian ass as usual. Pretty sure Trader and Badboy are the only people who bother to try and take the piss out of me.

                    • and again I have to say it, Indian have better sense than idiots like you LOL.

                    • Who is Indian? Are you talking about Indiana Jones, you know he isn’t real?

                    • Also, I live in north india. Goggle up “Chandigarh” and see 😉 It’s the cleanest city of India.

    • “I would also say a big SORRY to all those people who I fought because of the accusation. I never knew that Bad would do this.”
      Didn’t you fight me because I was the one to expose them? Just stop Flen

      • Yes, ik, I am sorry. I really didn’t thing that bad would do it.. I thought he changed… but ok. Sorry

        • So why do you say I’m ruining armies when I’m the one who exposed the multilogging and brought it to an end?

          • Eh.. There’s just one thing poking in my head, how did NW got 40 troops out of no-where? While NW couldn’t even max 10 without you and toy.

          • I am not accusing you or toy.. but just wondering..

          • This is where Flen has a point, though I might say it is be s t not to through accusations until you have concrete evidence.

          • sorry..

  5. hey
    thats pretty good

    • Meme’d

  6. Wow so unexpected lmao.


  8. And yet we still continue to hire Badboy into our armys. It’s not his fault; it’s ours.

    It’s funny, whenever I accuse an army, even without proof, they end up getting exposed by either me or someone else, and they eventually die. People keep saying I’m just lying and bluffing because said army is “stronger than mine” but ultimately, we all see who’s telling the truth. This goes for SWAT, DCP, and IW.

    • Dude what happened, this comment was 12-2 like 2 hours ago. Are you guys pulling Big Mustys game again?

      • Yeah same for my comments.

      • Maybe people know you’re just an idiot.

    • “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

  9. Sometimes I wonder why we’re all in armies …

  10. HAHAHAHA! No shit this shouldn’t surprise anyone! No army goes from 3 to 50 in 2 weeks! This is hilarious! HAHAHAHA!

    • Though I kinda feel bad for Trader.

      • Don’t be. Now he’s bot raiding with Badboy and “Thebotter”

        • They always do that.

        • Meh, I think Bad boy knows what he is doing and does it purposely, Trader on the other hand I think just screws up and often does it because he assumed it was a good idea.

  11. I knew this the whole thing. Expected to see this coming, haha. This surprise me a lot.

  12. In my defense I had only multilogged 3 penguins, Bunny was a troop. I have no idea of what Trader was doing but i will say this, IW reached 1st under me and sizes of 50+ LEGITIMATELY without the use of an extra 3 penguins, if you don’t believe me feel free to check my math, only 3 penguins were circled on this post which means IW only in reality had 3 less than the size we claimed, which is basically nothing. This is also nothing compared to the amount I was doing in other armies, so I guess you could say this is progress!

    • If you already had 47 why is there a need to multilog 3 penguins for the risk of being caught out.

      • Hungrybunny is not a real troop. You made an xat id for Bunny just yesterday which was confirmed by xat staff. Explain how “Bunny” knows how to add spaces to his xat name, add an IW avatar similar to yours, and makes his regid “icewarriorbunny”. I thought you were truly sorry in your other post but now you’re just trying to defuse the situation so it doesn’t look as bad.There was no Hungrybunny in NR.

    • lol you (and trader?) multilogged at the very least 10 penguins.

      • For someone who hasn’t done anything, you sure do talk a lot about other people.

    • The fact that I only culpability on 3 Penguins in no way implies you only multilogged 3 penguins. For the sake of the Top Ten, Multilogging one penguin is the same to me as multilogging a dozen.

      I caught 3 because 3 was more than enough to deduct. But if I actually put in effort I guarantee I could find more with ease.

    • Ohmygod how unintelligent do you have to be, you literally said “In my defense I had only multilogged 3 penguins.” That is literally like saying “I only killed 3 people! the forth one was killed by my friend!!”.

      • LOL? So you’re comparing opening multiple tabs on a virtual game to killing. Seems legit, at least we can confirm this kid’s logic is always right on the ball lol

        • Well yours isn’t plus comparisons don’t have to be for similar stuff, you can compare the very opposites of two things. It’s either a contrast or a juxtaposition. Someone clearly hasn’t studied their literary devices. Did you even pass grade 10 english?

          • What the fuck are you talking about kid

          • lol what the fuck are you saying

            • point proven

      • Well fluffy if bad didn’t multilog then someone else would of (Bad’s logic)

  13. DCP would not be proud

  14. How fucking pathetic, yet another army’s legacy tainted.

  15. People still cheating in penguin clans lmaoo

  16. Eat my dick

  17. From DCP of 2015 to now the “Multiloging Squad” has weakened. If we can remove or ban Trader and Badboy then Multiloging will be gone.

    • Or at least the CP Army community won’t have to deal with the Multiloging Squad Again.

      • Now they’re bot raiding.

        • Haha, pussy.

  18. What CPPS? if you think it’s you are shit out of luck, lads.

  19. Lmfao

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