Ryan Joins Night Rebels Leadership

NORTH POLE, Night Rebels Capital – Earlier this week we saw the retirement of Kyle103 the current number two army, the Night Rebels, have decided to inaugurate former Dark Warriors and UMA leader Ryan to the grand title of army leader.

Earlier today, Ryan announced that he would now become a Night Rebels leader alongside Chip, Hulk, Perry, Billy, and Snow. This surprise comes a few days after Night Rebels former leader and Legend Kyle103 decided to permanently retire from armies. After this, however, it was said that Ryan would recreate and lead the Water Ninjas. Although these plans now seem to have fallen through. The following is an extract from Ryan’s introductory post made in the last few hours, which begins by explaining what he hopes to achieve in his time as leader:

My name is Ryan, and as of about 24 hours ago, I am your new leader and I will be leading this well established army alongside Chip, Snow, Perry, Hulk, and Billy. I have previously led several armies including the Army Republic, and I hope to continue the train of success for the Night Rebels. But to do that I need you guys, the troops, to work hard alongside me and my fellow leaders, and we will reclaim our position at the top in no time.One thing I have always loved about this army is how after the Dark Warriors drama and all, many of the troops have sticked through to this army even though things got a bit hectic, and that is the true definition of loyalty, something that I will show you guys in myself with NR. As for my plans, several operations involving recruiting and other stuff are already underway, and will be released shortly. Thank you.


Night Rebels Leader

In this post, Ryan talks about his experience with leading other armies like Army Republic and how Ryan showed success in his tenure in AR, getting 25+ and 3rd on CPAC alongside the likes of Slip and Ace. He hopes to get similar and perhaps greater results with NR. Ryan also talks about asking his troops to work with him and together they can become number one on CPAC. He lastly says, he loves NR because it’s the army after the Dark Warriors and Ryan loved DW.For more information about Ryan joining the Night Rebels, I decided to interview Ryan.


Cody: With a new leader on board, what position do you predict the Army of Club Penguin will be on the next Top Ten?

Ryan: While I can say that recruiting and direct stability of the army will be a central focus, I can not reveal plans that I have, or that the army has in general. But I can say that a tighter ship will be shown all around.

Cody: Now that you’re leading NR, what position do you predict the Night Rebels will be on the next Top Ten?

Ryan: As many know, we have experienced problems with our site due to our site being down after switching to, so that has slowed us down a little bit. But we have pulled through well and i expect 2nd or 3rd, and then take back top spot for next week. It just all comes with time and effort that is put into things from the leaders, and our troops.

Cody: Thank you for your time, any more comments?

Ryan: Join NR.

The most recent Night Rebels event took place today and was an AUSIA event where they maxed 25+ and before that was Kyle’s retirement event, where they also got 25+ which was, held for troops of both the UK and USA divisions. The Night Rebel’s size in their events have been steadily increasing from last week, where they suffered a slight drop in recruits. Here is a picture of their last event.

Despite having just been promoted, Ryan will now be aiming to lead the Night Rebel’s recently unstable USA division and match it to that of their ever-growing AUSIA force. With the belief of fellow leaders Chip, Hulk, Perry, Snow and Billy, only time will tell how well Ryan will do.

But what do YOU think? How will Ryan do as Night Rebels leader? Will he bring new heights to the US division? Comment with YOUR opinion below!


CPAC Slave



10 Responses

  1. >former uma leader

    kill yourself


    • ryan told me it was frostbite

      • I said North Pole

        • lies

          • Well that’s mature

            • !! xd

  3. Goodluck Ryan! 🙂

  4. Cody please correct the fact that Ryan has never once in his life led UMA. Apparently him leading UMA for a day is classed as leading?

  5. Here come dat ballerino

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