Nachos Hit By Inactivity

BLIZZARD, Nacho’s Territory – Recently the Nachos haven’t been able to get the high numbers they’ve been hoping for. During recent events they’ve been seen maxing numbers between 5 and 10. Why is this? Let’s take a look.

The Nachos have not been having a good two weeks. They’ve been seen maxing very small numbers compared to armies such as Ice Warriors and Night Rebels. The reason for this sudden burst of bad numbers is due to people leaving or going on leave for exams.


Nachos seen with 10 online at a PB vs Chaos.

This is becoming a huge problem for the Nachos because it’s affecting their place of the weekly top ten. The problems began a week ago when to newest top ten, posted on the 5th of May, was released where the Nachos places 8th. This is not good for the Nachos considering only the week before they places 2nd on the top ten.



Picture of the top ten armies from June 5th

The newest question for the Nachos is, will this continue or can they get themselves together and have another boom period like they did in 2013? Well, if they are to do this they’ll have to put in a lot of work because there is a difference between maxing sizes of 5 to 10 and maxing IW’s sizes of 30 to 50+.

The type of work they’ll have to put in to have another boom period is for people in the army to come together and start communicating more, begin to hype battles or training events earlier than usual or hope for the best. Okay, maybe not that last one but you get the idea, right?

At this very moment it doesn’t look like the once mighty Nachos army will have a boom period and probably never will, but if they start to put in the work and communicate more and use what I said then maybe we might see a boom period.


Nachos during the Nachos boom period

In my opinion I don’t think the Nachos will ever be successful like they were back in 2013 but I believe they can get their act together and get high places in the weekly CPAC Top Ten Armies. With armies like Ice Warriors out their it will be a hard task to do but it is possible to do. Chaos done it, fell down but managed to get to top 5 the next week.

The Nachos and inactivity lately go together like peanut butter and jelly but as I said, I believe they can get out of this sudden dark age pretty quickly. They just need to work together and work harder than usual. Only time will tell if this can happen or not. It’s only my opinion though.

What do YOU think? Will the Nachos be like this forever? Can the leaders and troop work together to pull themselves out of this dark age? Is my opinion good?

Comment below!


Cringy CPAC Reporter


7 Responses

  1. Nachos will come back. Don’t worry about it. Every one has there ups and downs.

  2. Every army goes through these slumps, they’ll get back on their feet and get back to the Top 3 soon. Just keep recruiting and doing what you did before. Also trying to tip the iceberg on a 5 bar is a good way to promote the army. Good luck Nachos, this summer you’ll rise.

    • Nice words, Trader. ❤

  3. Considering how active they were recently and even last summer + with the upcoming summer / legends cup i doubt this will stump will slow them down completely

  4. yOU know what might be a Stump for Nachos? Dictator Aunt Arctic.

  5. The Nachos will return, they always do.

  6. You know what they say. “The greatest empires always fall.” 😉

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