Night Rebels move Websites – Experiences Problems?

North Pole, Night Rebels HQ – After placing 2nd in the most recent Top Ten, Night Rebels leadership, has officially announced the a site change/domain change. Since moving to a self hosted webpage the army has experiences multiple issues – how will this switch effect the army as a whole and what does this mean for any surrounding armies?

Night Rebels have recently been placing in the Top 3 margin of CP Army Centrals Top Ten, placing 1st last week and moving down to 2nd place this week. With most recent news headlining disputes between Ice Warriors and the retirement of then leader Kyle103. Below is their most recent placements this past month;

With the influence rising and sizes growing out the overall leadership agreed to move to a new official Website for NR.The new webpage would include considerable differences, including a proper domain, updated graphics along with CSS. Night Rebels Advisor, Flen announced the move earlier in a quick but sufficient post. an expert from that post can be seen below; 

Hey-o Night Rebels,

Today, since the morning, Night Rebels are facing problems with Chat, Site and even more!

To make this even worse, I have a good/bad news for all. NR is migrating b/w and Me, Haroon & Perry are currently working on this migration. Our site might get down for 24-48 hours, but don;t worry!

When NR site is back up, you’ll see a whole new Site with custom theme, CSS, domain and even more! Haroon and I will have full control over the new site to save from future deafaces

Thanks for sticking with us,

Flen, NR Creator

With the post set in stone and the move completely pushed forward NR quickly moved onto a new website which was to be self hosted with nearly full control to the leadership along with new graphics and the ability to “prevent future defacement’s”. While the overall image was thrown out many troubles soon came after.

a quick over view of NR’s new website

While the website was set overall good, on June 7th Flen , NR Advisor once again posted a further update stating the current situation and state of the website / along with what all happened in and around it. Below is a short excerpt from Flens update post;

Hey-o NR,

The web hoster we were using for our, last night got DDoSed and then it got taken over by a group. 1000’s of sites were deleted in this. Same way, out site, also got deleted. However, domain being owned by Haroon I can’t redirect it. so it’ll take some time to move

After announcing that the web hosting service for was first hit with rapid DDoS [Distributed Denial of Service] and very soon after having NR’s entire new webpage taken over by a unknown group – along with nearly 1000+ sites. All sites were apparently deleted in reference with this along with Night Rebels webpage []. While the domain is still active and the basic parts of the web site still show – its functionality is still in question.

when when attempting click on other posts

Upon further inspection of the site problems- I was unable to successfully click on posts or read more into any outside buttons without being redirected to a domain service riddled in advertisements. While this is a bit different it is still very relate able to the self hosting issues CPAC previously had years beforehand.

NR’s most recently posted event

With the domain trouble and retirement of influential leader Kyle, along with many more what seems to be site issues will Night Rebels push through this and once again reclaim their spot at the First in the Top Ten? Faced with many issues and problematic situations – the NR leadership is more than likely working tirelessly to resolve all these issues.




I attempted to grab an interview with a Night Rebel Commander but stopped short due to me still being banned on their chat – and with no one willing enough to unban or grace me with their quick thoughts on the situation.



Regardless of my banishment or their recent site problems I believe Night Rebels will pull themselves together and figure out a work around to all this BS. Their leadership is solid and have been seeing good sizes in the past few weeks – they are sure to fix themselves. But who’s to say? Make sure to stay tuned for more ; Only here at CPAC

But my opinion has no relevance ! 


What do you think about Night Rebels situation? What do you think about the security of self hosting? What do you think about this poorly formatted post? What do you think about Bam being banned from NR?



CP Army Central Vice President


10 Responses

  1. Like this comment if you think all battles should be decided solely by Bam

    • bam will i get fired now? 😦

  2. Like this comment if you think Phin is hot

  3. Like this comment if you think Bam should be banned on every army chat!

  4. The NR just need a WordPress website using then you won’t have problems because WP owns it.

  5. Haven’t commented on here in a while, but I just thought id let anyone in the ACP know that someone’s autotyper penguin was in his video and he was chatting shit lol :p

  6. wow who banished bam? lol

    • Ikr #FREEBAM

  7. #Site is back up and running. NR is moving to a paid host by next week#

    Great Post Bamming!

    • Ill update it thanks for the infi!

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