Kyle103 Retires From Armies

North Pole, Night Rebels Capital – Kyle103, a great figure in the Night Rebels army and Club Penguin Armies as a whole, has decided to retire earlier this week. What will this mean for the Night Rebels?

The Night Rebels have been in the Top 3 of the Club Penguin Army Central Top 10 for 3 weeks as of this week. The army has had lots of success under of the leadership of Kyle103, reaching sizes of 30+ and even achieving 1st on the Top 10. Even this week the army was able to achieve second on the Top 2 while holding sizes of 25+.


Little information was found on the reason for his departure from the army and he hasn’t currently posted a formal leave from the army. The only post we found can be found here, the post is the schedule for his retirement event. Kyle’s retirement post is on his personal site located here, the post has a total of 28837 words and is one of the largest retirement posts ever written in Club Penguin history. In his post he thanks friends, armies and talks about his entire experience throughout his time in armies. Kyle is 2008 veteran of Club Penguin armies and is best known for his work in armies such as Night Rebels, Dark Warriors and Ice Warriors.

Hey Night Rebels,

**Friday, June 10th**

US – Kyle’s Final Retirement Event

Server: North Pole Room: Stadium

7:30 PM EST || 6:30 PM CST || 5:30 PM MST || 4:30 PM PST

To learn more about his leave from the army, we went to Kyle103 for an interview.

Interview with Kyle103, Retired Night Rebels Leader


Trader: Why did you decide to leave the Night Rebels army?

Kyle103: Because you know, I have a life and so does everyone – but i’m finishing school and I need to focus on life. I didn’t just leave Night Rebels, but all of CPA.

Trader: Do you ever plan to return to the Night Rebels army, or armies as a whole?

Kyle103: Well, for now i’m helping the Night Rebels a little more because they are slacking off which isn’t good. Besides, I believe they can keep it going without me. My plans are to stay retired, but help them. If they need me then I’m up for it.

Trader: How much do you think the Night Rebels army is going to fall following your leave from the army?

Kyle103: Well a few asked me that they are unsure that they want to keep it going since I am leaving from the army, but I made it clear that they need to stay in that army in order to keep the army going. Most troops already stayed which is pretty good. But again, I will help them if they are struggling to stay alive.

Trader: Any last comments?

This is where we lost communication with Kyle103, probably died.

It seems that from this interview that Kyle103 does not plan to rejoin armies, but for now, he will stay around to help the Night Rebels from falling. Just last week Kyle103 was given legend in the Night Rebels, proving to us that Kyle was seen as a great figure not just in our eyes, but in Night Rebels as a whole.

Congratulation, on becoming 1st NR legend not everyone makes to NR legend but only a few / selected makes to this point. As for other candidates i am also thankful and proud of your contribution towards NR i hope you make it to our next Legend induction in January.

As time goes on, people are bound to retire from armies, and there aren’t that many people left here who have been as dedicated and put in as much as effort as Kyle103 has. Kyle has proved what he can do in this community throughout his years of being in the community. He has done lots of things and achieved so much such as, achieving the 2014 best owner award and much more. He will always be remembered for the good things he did while in armies.

Do YOU think Night Rebels will fall without Kyle103? Will Kyle103 ever return to armies or the Night Rebels? Is the last paragraph of this post satire? 



Editor in Chief


14 Responses

  1. Bye Kyle. I think the NR can keep going with out him. He won’t return. It is always sad to see a legend go. Bye Kyle.

  2. I’m the best leader ever man

  3. Ding Dong the witch is dead!

  4. Rip the legend

  5. First NR legend, nice

  6. Shame that you have decided to leave Kyle, you were great for me in IW and WV and I wish you luck.

  7. Missed

  8. I’m going to miss you, Kyle. Have a safe and calm retirement. 🙂 KIT -Zottffss

  9. and now ryans leading ar rip lmao

    • nr*

  10. Kyle, you’ve been one of my best friends. I will never forget when we first met, and I won’t forget you. Best of luck to you Kyle, wherever you go in your future, I’ll be with you the whole time.

    You can do anything you set your mind to.

  11. he’s not leaving mark my words

  12. […] If you want to see my retirement post, click here. For full details about my interviews of leaving and why l am leaving this army, click here (CPAC post) […]

  13. Im miss you Kyle!

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