Top Ten Armies of May 2016

KLONDIKE, CP Army Central Basement – Today we once again see the greatest thing in CPAC history – the infamous monthly Top Ten. Together we all get to spot which armies truly reigned over others by measuring out the overall size and consistency of armies over a longer period of time than just a week.

Bam’s Monthly Top Ten


1. Night warriors – 19.25 [77]

2. Rebel Penguin Federation – 18.25 [73]

3.  Army Republic – 16.75 [67]

4. Nachos – 16.25 – [65]

5. Army of Club Penguin – 15.75 – [63]

6. Night rebels– 14.5 [58]

8. Wild ninjas – 13.00 [52]

9.  DJ Army – 12.5 [50]

9.  Chaos – 12.25 [40]

10. Smart Penguins – 7.5 [30]


Honorable mention

11. Silver Surfers – 7.25 [29]

Note**- this was late due to being out of town and busy with important jack, besides I’d prefer it be a little late as it will actually cause some of you to check it out. [ 😉 ] Regardless good job to all armies for improving overall and staying a bit more consistent – also nice job to NW who reigned supreme this past month – along with Silver Surfers who were just shy 1 point of being in our glorious Top Ten.

If you don’t know the formula used [based on Zing Kings original formula] click here . But while this may be late I hope this is a eye opener to some of you, the majority of the top ten stays in and gradually drops in its points due to consistency to stay in the top ten. The last two slots dip down further and further until little to no consistent armies are holding on. This is big improvement compared to last months top ten where we saw the tumbling of nearly half the top ten.

Seriously a better month – armies need to focus more on improving overall than just trying to nab first place once then dying. Steal children or just get you’re army more active – Together we can look at least decent compared to previous generations.



CP Army Central Vice President

Ace Reporter / Bad Grammar Machine


13 Responses

  1. Like this if you think bam is the best leader/ reporter in CP ARMY HISTORY

    • Dislike if you don’t think that.

      • Fuck you

        • I support you bam.

  2. Nice job to all armies. Cant wait to see DW on top.

    • Same

      • Yep

    • Me too.

      • Yeah

  3. why isnt wv on here? we maxed 50+ all month

    • Because WV sucks

  4. #rpf_owns

  5. AGREEd maciek

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