Cultism Inside Club Penguin Armies

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Klondike, CP Army Central Philosophy Desk – In real life we’ve seen many examples of cults and people following a crazed leaders like David Koresh, El Ron Hubbard and the guy who gave everyone the killer kool aid. There are examples of cultism in this community meant for kids and since it’s easy to manipulate new recruits with promises of memberships many leaders have created a personality cult

It may be surprising to find cultism in this community and when someone mentions cultism we normally think of a crazed religious leader who eventually ends up killing everyone. There are many examples of cult like figures in this community. Leaders who lie to their recruits and eventually make them hate someone over Club Penguin. Most people who are like this have a massive ego and think they’re the greatest to have lived and are normally narcissists. They only care about themselves about no one else.
Signs of Cult Like Leadership
  • Leaders are revered and worshipped like Gods.
  • Brainwashing and lying occurs.
  • Questioning the leadership results in being banned and labeled a traitor.
Examples of Cultism
To fully understand cultism in Club Penguin Armies we need to find an example. One of the most obvious example of a cult like leader is Elmikey. Elmikey may be a successful leader, but he sees himself as a messianic figure and a saviour through his godly tool of autotyping. Troops in the Rebel Penguin Federation seem to revere Elmikey and live off his every word. He preaches about how he is the greatest and how every other army is complete trash. Elmikey has banned anyone who disapproves of Donald Trump and has converted many people in his army to the belief that Trump is going to “Make America Great Again”. One of the most interesting examples of this is from the Dark Warriors vs Light Troops war in 2014. DW recruits were on chat talking about how Waterkid eats rats. This is an example of brainwashing that goes in on the community which is a sign of cultism. I went onto RPF chat to ask the troops what they think of Elmikey.

RPF’s response compared with Ice Warriors.

I asked troops on IW chat what leaders were like leaders of a cult and here are the answers I received:
Zuke: Andrew24
Cody: Waterkid
Tempah: Elmikey
Rhinosurfer: Mustapha
Why Are Troops Attracted To These Leaders?
Troops are attracted to these type of leaders due to various different leaders. Most leaders offer them things in return for their loyalty and make false promises. Recruiters on Club Penguin offer memberships and many leaders offer troops a chance to be part of a movement that will change armies forever. Most of the time they’re lying to gain recruits and sizes in Club Penguin. The majority of armies are guilty of lying to troops about certain things including memberships. Humans being attracted to messianic figures isn’t anything new, look at Jesus, Muhammad and many other religious leaders who claimed to offer a new and better way of living. In Club Penguin Armies, we’ve seen figures like Waterkid, Elmikey and Mustapha offering change and giving us tools to bring in more recruits. The main reason for this seems to be human nature.
The Cult of Personality
Many leaders seem to have a cult of personality which means they’re almost like celebrities. People want to be like them because they’re successful and join armies under them. Waterkid is a prime example of this, Light Troops return around four times a year for about a month, then they close again. People join them even though they’re going to close and they even admit it. Waterkid is seen as a hero to many people, even though he’s a troll, wants all Muslims deported out of England and gassed, has made anti semitic comments and basically broke every rule in Club Penguin Armies people love him. He seems to break the rules and is like the badass of Club Penguin.
Waterkid has amassed a massive following of troops that praise him and a massive following of people to hate him. Many armies love to hate him like the Army of Club Penguin and he does make Club Penguin armies more fun. His style of flame wars has now changed the way armies fight and instead of just battling for servers, we battle over a disagreement, or if someone calls out your army for being small.
I think that we need to stop brainwashing recruits and following false Messiah’s who have offered nothing but short-term rises. It’s like if you get a job for a 6 months that pays good money instead of a long-term job that pays decent money and when them 6 months are over your living on social welfare because you didn’t take the long-term job. Cultism is a part of armies and everyday lives, but these cult like leaders are harmless and not comparable to the likes of David Koresh because I can already tell someone is going to accuse me of over exaggerating the situation. I’m not being bias or trying to call anyone out for anything, so don’t take this post the wrong way.
CP Army Central Editor-In-Chief




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  1. “WordPress was acting weird today and I’ll fix the formatting when WordPress fixes itself”

    Savage !

  2. Very good speech. Every thing in that article is right. Water kid is a big jerk. But about the troops being attached to leaders is correct. The only reason I was in DW was because VoYo recruited me. I got banned for saying that but then toy came and started freaking outI was inactive for a whole week he unbanned me. We need good leaders like that. We need leaders like Elmikey and Toy. I was in the DW v.s LT war when toy lead us to victory. Elmikey was helpful when DW allies with RPF and I was sent there. We need good leaders. Vinsin2 signing out.

  3. nice post

  4. You have to agree to disagree. I think there are some good points and some not so relivant points but overall good post.

  5. Booo post news

    • U do it then

      • lol rekt

  6. Aristotle
    CP Army Central Editor-In-Chief

  7. Verum. Don’t join the NW. Join the Dark Warriors. We are rising back June 16th. We need some one like you.

  8. lol nice response to verum’s question ghost.

  9. Waterkid is spot on. Definitely a cultist leader.

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