Top Ten Armies: 6/5/16

KLONDIKE, CPA Central HQ – This week, a legendary army makes a dominating return to the community, and an army dwindling in S/M status leaped up into the top 5. 

Top Ten

1. Ice Warriors [NEW!][68.00]

2. Night Rebels [-1][65.58]

3. Army of CP [+4][60.92]

4. Rebel Penguin Federation [+0][60.53]

5. Chaos [NEW!][58.00]

6. Wild Ninjas [+4][57.82]

7. Smart Penguins [NEW!] [54.77]

8. Nachos [-6][53.64]

9. Army Republic [-4][51.00]

10. Silver Surfers [-4][50.09]

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1. Ice WarriorsIce Warriors began their return with 2 training/bot raided events hitting sizes of 30+. Later on in the week IW held 2 more trainingg sessions specifically celebrating Ghost’s birthday both events maxed sizes of 33. To end their week they  held an anniversary event averaging 30+.

2. Night Rebels: Night Rebels blasted their week off with an ausia and a training sessions hitting sizes ranging from 19-25. Later on they held another training session hitting similar sizes of 20+. To end their week NR held 2 more training sessions with sizes of 20

3. Army of CP: ACP had total of 10 events this week starting with an ausia and US/UK recruiting session maxing sizes of 20+. Later on they held 2 more battles along with another recruiting session all maxing 12 to 15. To end their week they held several more training sessions hitting sizes of 13-20 .

4th june uk 2016 9

4. Rebel Penguin Federation: RPF blasted off their week with a battle and a training session maxing sizes of 11 and 13. Later in the week they held a training session along with 2 battles hitting similar sizes of 15. To end their week RPF held “Operation Black Out II” hitting sizes of 30.

5. Chaos: Chaos had an active week, beginning with a training session where they reached 15 troops online. They followed up with a practice battle against NW with a top size of 13. Then, they invaded Marshmallow with 14. Chaos then engaged in a war with the Dark Knights, raiding Parka and peaking at 15. Next, they honored Orange in a retirement event with a max of 17. Chaos invaded Parka and maxed 23, and ended the week with a raid on DK, topping off at 12.

6. Wild Ninjas: To begin the week, WN logged onto CP with tremendous sizes of 21 online. After, they held an ausia event maxing 20 and another event maxing 7. They then kept a pace of 8-10 penguins at their next three events until they boosted their size once more hitting 20 online. To conclude the week, WN maxed 18 at another ausia event and then 5 to finish the week. 


7. Smart Penguins: The Smart Penguins reintroduce themselves to the community this week, their opening event being an AUSIA training session whilst maxing 14, averaging 12, then held a UK training session wherein the army maxed 14, averaged 12. The Smart Penguins held an AUSIA training session while maxing 14 and averaging 12, then held a US training session, maxing 16 and averaging 14. The army maxed 22, averaged 2o at an AUSIA training session, then held another AUSIA training session in which they maxed 15 and averaged 14. To end the week, the Smart Penguins held a UK training session wherein they maxed 16 and averaged 15.

Screen Shot 2016-06-04 at 7.50.15 PM

8. Nachos: The Nachos’ first event this week was a training session where they maxed 16. Later that day, they faced the Silver Surfers in a PB, maxing 16 again. Then, they brought back their AUSIA division with an event where they topped off at 8. The Nachos had a practice battle against ACP with a top size of 14, then a recruiting session where they hit 17. 

9. Army Republic: The Army Republic began their week with a practice battle vs the Rebel Penguin Federation with sizes of up to 15. They then continued their week with two recruiting sessions in which they maxed 7 at one and upwards to about 20 at the other. To cap off a successful week, AR maxed 18 at a UK training on Toboggan. 


10. Silver Surfers: The Silver Surfers started their week off with the invasion of Freezer. They invaded unopposed with sizes of 16+. On June 1st, the SS had a training event on Flippers which earned them sizes of 11+. During an unscheduled AUSIA event the following day, the Silver Surfers saw an average of 8. The same day during a US training session, the Silver Surfers saw sizes of 12+. June 4th saw an AUSIA training with a max of 11 which concluded the Silver Surfers event week.



Lorenzo Bean

CPA Central CEO


CPA Central CEO




CPA Central Vice President


28 Responses

  1. First

  2. Good job SP

  3. Nice work ACP! We’re back in the top 3 where we belong.

  4. Yasss IW is first

  5. Good job SP! We are back. Also good job IW for first.

  6. Reblogged this on Club Penguin: ICE WARRIORS || ICE GUARDIANS and commented:

  7. Great Work everyone!

    ❤ Ice Warriors ❤

  8. Reblogged this on and commented:
    Not bad for first week. Keep growing SP!

  9. not very important but acp’s bio is incomplete. otherwise good top ten & great job on 3rd ACP

    • Not sure how that happened but someone will get on it soon and good job lol

  10. Great job chaos 😀

  11. Nice to see familiar names in the Top Ten and with the return of Golds, Water Vikings, Dark Warriors and Toy and Drake returning to Night Warriors, hopefully the standard will rise. Good job on 3rd ACP!

  12. Good job Ice Warriors

  13. Perfect.

  14. Good Top Ten. Nice job to all armies.

  15. Hey wait a second. Why SP have a UK/US average of 7? We had 16, 16 and 14 on our three US/UK events.

  16. Excellent job this week Night Rebels! Let’s continue to dominate! And also good job on 1st IW 😀

  17. GO RPF!

  18. Hello. I am back. The Dark Warriors (or night warriors what ever u want to call them) will rise back. Toy is back, Drake is back, I am back. It is time to dominate. Burn the Light.

  19. Reblogged this on The Chaos Army of Club Penguin and commented:
    Excellent work this week Chaos! We got 5th. Let’s keep up the hard work and go for Top 3 next week!!

  20. Great job Ice Warriors! We are #1

  21. Btw… there’s a typo in the IW bio. “trainingg” should be training. Nice job anyway.

  22. rip nw

  23. Reblogged this on CP Night Rebellion.

  24. Grow up plebs and go play Runescape.

    • Says the 11 year old.

      • I’m not 11 years old. According to your logic if I use the screen name “Zach 11” it means I am always 11 years old. I’m 16 years old Trader.

  25. Awesome

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