The Disco Ends || DJ Army Closes Down

Walrus, Former DJ Army Nation – Today, Aadarschourasia announced the closing of a short-lived generation of the DJ Army. The DJ Army recently reached eight  on last week’s Top Ten.

Update Will Be Added Later

The DJ Army were created in 2013. They were created by most known, Abhirocks3 and Astro75114. They originally were around in October 2013 but then died in November Then in 2014 they had 2 more generations but weren’t that successful. . Then earlier this month they had been revived for their second generation.

They had a very short 2nd generation. They had also a very successful  generation. They accomplished things like getting to 1st on SMAP. And they had also accomplished getting 7th on CPAC. Then suddenly, when the future looked bright for this army they had to shut it down. See the statement below.

Hey Everyone!

As all of you may have read the title , Generation 4 is coming to an end.This generation has undoubtedly been the most successful generation we have even had , and possibly our Golden Age.  Unfortunately , this generation is coming to an end since I cant lead this army for some time.I cant hand over the army to Abhirox because he can leave us any day , and he is a good leader when leading in a duo or trio. This generation saw many emerging leaders and legends , and this gen might be our best generation ever! I officially transfer our Servers to Smart Penguins who are coming back on 15th June!

Aadarshchourasia, former DJ army leader, posted the bulletin on their site today, stating that it was a tough decision, but the army had to end and would be merging into the Smart Penguins. He thanks the troops for their help with DJ army, and goes on to list some of this generation’s achievements. Despite DJ army’s short life this time around, they managed to make pretty good use of their time and were able to reach some milestones and entered their golden generation. He also states that he can’t hand it to Abhirox, a former leader because he might leave them any day.

DJ Army 7th On Cpac

Over the course of the time, the DJ army have been fortunate enough to get up to sizes of 15+  and enter the top 7 in CPAC for their first time. Thought not much news has been brought to them before there were some mutilogging accusations around them.

So will we see a fiery comeback from the DJ Army in the future? Will it be soon? Will it be never? Or will it be later on in 2017. The future is uncertain for the DJ army.

What do YOU think! Will the DJ Army return? Will they rise? YOU Decide! Comment YOUR Opinion


CP Army Central Brown Reporter


4 Responses

  1. Good post. I have no where to talk, but I think it’s a bit short and I found a few grammar issues. Well written though, and it’s always sad to see a CPAC army close down.

  2. Rip to the greatest army ever made

  3. DJ Army was the greatest, the best and the most inspirational army I’ve ever seen. They reached sizes that surpassed Boomer and inspired so much people. Rest In Peace DJ Army. This is a tragic day for all Club Penguin Armies.

  4. I think the DJ army will come back. They shut down because of some one could not lead. Then again, who would not want to lead an army. Any one would take aadarshchourasia place as leader. Especially people who were loyal. I don’t think they could get as good as they were but they will come back. Vinsin2 signing out.

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