Bmx48 Joins Night Warrior’s Leadership

FOG, Night Warriors Capital – Earlier this week we saw the Night Warriors army promote a second in command, by the name of SH, to the rank of leader. Joining alongside SH will be BMX48, a long-serving soldier of the Night Warriors. Will this impact the army?

Edit 1: You may see Chip flexing his muscles at the bottom of the post.

It was June the 1st when we saw SH announcing his promotion. (You may read the post regarding this matter by clicking HERE) Before SH solo-led an event of his, two days later, Drake, Night Warriors legend announced that BMX48 will be joining SH’s side in the leadership.

You may read the post by peeking below,

“BMX has been a right hand man to the NW leadership for a long time. I am entrusting leadership over to him as we wait for summer.

Leaders if you wish to keep this army performing, I suggest you do this.

– Grab a recruiting script from us

-Keep the site active with properly formatted posts

-Posts must contain content and not one liners. Add a pic, make it look nice.

-You’ve seen how we lead. We’ve set a routine and format. Follow that.

-Test recruiting phrases on club penguin to see what shows to others and what doesn’t

-Don’t stress if we’re not performing. This is your first experience leading. You’ve been given the reigns of the army when all leaders bailed. That makes you mature. You will grow with this experience. Remind yourself that we’ve been in a position like this before. And we always come back twice as strong.”

-Drake, Night Warriors Legend

As you can see from the post above, Drake gives advice to the leaders, stating that they should keep the site active and that they should start bot-recruiting soon.

Following BMX48’s promotion, the Night Warriors have had two events. In their first event, entitled “Training on Cabin”, they averaged a rather feeble size (in comparison to their previous events) of nine. In their second event, named “Practice Battle on fog”, the Night Warriors, as the title states, clashed against the Army of Club Penguin. Both armies had very akin sizes, although the Night Warriors had a small edge in terms of tactic consistency. In this event, the Night Warriors accumulated approximately 11 soldiers to form an L formation at the Ice Berg.

You may see a picture of their training session below,

Capture GOOD 5

Since very little was posted on Night Warrior’s website explaining who BMX is and what he plans on doing, I decided to grab a brief interview so we could all get a better understand of him and what his intentions are.

Me = Blue

BMX48 = Red

Chip: Will you be staying Night Warrior’s commander when Drake and Toy come back to lead the army? In other words, will Drake and Toy be comfortable with four leaders?

Bmx: Yes, I will be. We have had five leader so four shouldn’t be a problem

Chip: Now that you’re leader, what are your plans for the Night Warriors?

Bmx48: I will learn to lead better over time and I want this army to grow again and become as strong as it used to be.

Chip: With the server draft coming out very soon, there will obviously be more wars taking place in the community. What army do the Night Warriors plan on targeting?

Bmx48: I think we will be taking on the Nachos and the Army Republic when the draft comes out.

Chip: When did you join the CPA community? Did the Night Warriors recruit you?

Bmx48: The Night Warriors recruited me around February.

Chip: Thank you for the interview. Do you have anything to add?

Bmx48: We will come back twice as strong!

As you can see from the interview above, BMX48 states that he will try and revert the Night Warriors back to the strong force they used to be. Similar to SH, Bmx48 also mentions that he was recruited off Club Penguin by the Night Warriors.

Sol, what do YOU think? Will the Night Warriors become stronger? Will they see no changes until Drake and Toy return to the army? Will BMX48 truly keep his leader position? Who will win the possible upcoming war? Nachos, the Army Republic, or the Night Warriors?

Here at CP Army Central, we value YOUR opinion(s)! Comment them/it below!


CP Army Central Associate Producer


9 Responses

  1. hey…thats pretty good

  2. I must admit.. I have one heck of a bulky crotch.

    • olol

  3. Did anyone notice his hands?

  4. Did anyone notice his hands O_O

    • LOL

  5. I think that was a bad idea with toy coming back. He will make no difference what so ever to the army. BMX can try to keep his position but him being new to CP armys it will be hard for him. The DW can win the war with toy and drake we are UNSTOPPABLE!!!!!

    • But, BMX should stay and the other guy should leave. Who ever that guy is.

  6. I really like this move, great job Drake! (:

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