Drmatt Placed as Ice Warriors Leader

HUSKY, Ice Warriors Headquarters – While the Ice Warriors surge with high sizes, we see a new leader get inaugurated. Does this mean the Ice Warriors will rise even further?

It was the first day of June when we saw a post released on Ice Warrior’s site posted by Drmatt himself, explaining how he will be leading the Ice Warriors even after the summer and how he will attempt to bring fun into the army. He also lists his former army experience so his troops get a better understanding of him.

You may see the post below,

“Howdy Ice Warriors,

Some of you remember me, some of you may not. But I am DrMatt. I am most known for my work in armies such as the Light Troops, Water Vikings and Underground Mafias Army. I have led each army to great heights and I have led the Ice Warriors to great success before.

I am glad to announce that with the permission of Ghost, Andrew24, and the rest of the leadership that I am the newest leader of the Ice Warriors. I am excited for what I have in store for the army. I plan on staying  the whole entire summer. I also plan on rising the Ice Warriors with help from the other leaders.

PS. I will also bring a lot of fun into the army like memberships and contests.


-Matt, Ice Warriors leader

Since Drmatt’s hiring, the Ice Warriors have had one event. In this event, they assembled a near-perfect circle formation at the town, maxing around 30 soldiers, and executing rapid tactics.

You may see a screenshot of the event below,

I managed to get ahold of Drmatt to ask him a few questions

Me = Red

Drmatt = Blue

Chip: What are the leadership’s plans to make the army a stronger force?

Matt: Our plans are to maintain great sizes, to go to war soon (most likely after the server draft) and to just have fun! I plan on trying to get memberships for the troops, too!

Chip: Recently you were hired as Night Warriors leader? May you explain why you left and chose the Ice Warriors army instead?

Matt: I left because the Ice Warriors are my second home army. I felt uncomfortable in the Night warriors, especially with Tompenguin.

Chip: Do you plan on staying with the Ice Warriors for a long time or are you going to retire soon?

Matt: I plan on retiring from armies on 2017.

Chip: Do you have any war plans upcoming for the Ice Warriors? If so, what army do you plan on targeting?

Matt: Yes, we are considering declaring war on a foolish army. They dare think they can destroy the Ice Warriors but they are wrong.

Chip: Thank you for your time, Matt. Do you have any comments to add?

Matt: Join the Ice Warriors! And, no problem, Chip, I love you baby.

So what do YOU think? Will the Ice Warriors achieve bigger sizes now that Drmatt is leader? Will the Ice Warriors see no changes instead? What army do YOU think Drmatt was hinting to declare war on? Does Drmatt truly have a homosexual desire for Chip?

Here at CP Army Central, we value YOUR opinion(s)! Comment them/it below!


CP Army Central Associate Producer


3 Responses

  1. Great post and interview, enjoyed reading it. Gj Chip

    • Appreciate it, Pengton.

  2. Congratz Drmatt! (:

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