What’s the Point of the Community? Pt. 2

Part one can be found here

KLONDIKE, CP Army Central Philosophy Desk – The Club Penguin army community has been through so much, from scandals to large competitions. The Club Penguin army community has become something it was not meant to be, and that is a community that everyone destroys each other over a list!

“Are you referring to the top ten? You work on those all the time, why are you complaining?” Don’t judge so quickly, not once was it said that I dislike the top ten, but changes have to be made. I want us all to take a step back and look at the community.

Why do we fight other armies? Why do you want to destroy another army? Why do you want to ally against another army? To most of us, the answer is “we want to be first in the top ten every week”.

If the community is just going to fight over a weekly ranking list, then what’s the point? What would the point be to most people if the top ten list suddenly disappeared?

“Chris, the top ten was made for an excuse to destroy any armies the bigger armies see!” Well, although that is an elaborate incentive, there’s really no point. Think about it, wars have been sparked over a weekly list, even if an army retains first place for several weeks, what rewards is the placeholder receiving other than just a placement?

So, let’s think about the pros and cons of a top ten.



Competition is something we need nowadays, competition keeps something alive, without competition things just get boring after a while. Competition is very important in a community, and without it being in the Club Penguin army community, then why should armies be around? Sometimes, competition can be exciting; however, competition can sometimes lead to wars that would literally destroy another army. They have also lead to alliance wars in the past.

Grading Scale

Any armies, whether they’re big or just starting out, would always love seeing where they stand. The weekly top ten acts as a grading scale for armies, and depending on the placement, the army may give up or keep trying strategies to rise to higher ranks. If it’s not about actual placement, then it’s about where they stand.

There are army leaders that have a mindset in which if they’re in a lower spot, the future looks bleak for the army, so what does the army leader do? Give up, or does that leader keep going and become a much bigger army? If the army’s in a bigger spot, the mindset is generally that of saying that the army can’t do anything more to improve, so it’s a “world power”.

While there aren’t a lot of benefits here, they’re truly useful and this is how a majority of army leaders think (well.. giving up may apply for the smaller armies of the community).  Now, let’s look at the negative side of the top ten.

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 6.46.57 AM


While the top ten may have its benefits, there have been conflicts that have arose from this complex grading system. Of course, the Club Penguin army community has run on war, competition, etc. for all of its life, without a bit of conflict, this wouldn’t be the Club Penguin army community.

A major downside of the top ten is the fact that the community no longer focuses on having fun anymore, all it is now is imperialism, nationalism, militarism, etc. and people have taken the community seriously, and there are even cases where community members have put armies as a higher priority than their lives.

Armies that were once best allies have become fierce enemies, people have put their real lives behind their army lives, top ten ranks have controlled army leaders in the past.

And if we’re not careful, we’ll-

“Chris, settle down. You’re not allowed to say anything, you contribute to SMAC’s top ten bios each week”

What can I say? I do SMAC’s descriptions each week because I absolutely love seeing armies grow to full potential.

The only reason that the top ten isn’t as bad as I’ve said is because once again, armies can use it as a grading scale to assess their progress, and watching armies grow to their full potential really tells a lot about said armies, the progress is recorded each week and the amount of events and the amount of troops in each army’s description really says a ton of things.

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 3.56.29 PM

“Chris, their would still be problems without a top ten, right? There’d still be some issues, but we’d actually have a purpose”

That’s true, the only real thing that would change would be the absence of the top ten each week, but people would actually think that without a top ten, there’s no motivation. That’s not true.

I want you all to think about this.

Imagine that there aren’t any top tens that existed, and while imagining that, think about what you, the army leader(s) is/are doing right now. Are you Recruiting? Engaged in a war? Becoming enemies/allies with another army?

Now ask yourselves this: without the top ten, what real reason are you doing this for?

Some would say for fun, some would say because of a top ten listing.

And some say that its what makes the Club Penguin army community.. a community.

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 4.02.07 PM

Even without a top ten, every army.. every person.. every idea is different, but we comprise of a bigger structure. We are more than just one side of Club Penguin. Together, we are a strong community. 


Top tens are neither good or bad once thoroughly analyzed. They can be used to track progress, or be the very motivation to engage in a war with someone. In the end, world power doesn’t get anyone a significant reward, but the biggest reward of all has to be even being in the community.

With or without a top ten, we have wars and other conflicts, we still try to get higher than each other, but in the end, we form a strong community.

May this community last for years ahead. 

We want YOUR opinions! Please leave your thoughts in the comments below! 


CP Army Central Philosopher and Historian 



4 Responses

  1. Pretty informative and defiantly encourages people to think, though I prefer part 1 as it covers a more serious issue. Over all good post.

  2. Very good post, very interesting, lots of good important things that we used in CPA. Good job Christ! 🙂

    • CHRIS***********************

  3. Great Philosophy, Chris!

    This sort-of directs us back in to summer of 2014. When Club Penguin Armies were known and not hated.

    In today’s time, lot of strange incidents have been going on, from bot recruiting, to bot raiding. Everyone has started to miss you their powers.

    A leit change is needed for this community, we shall remove all biased troops/staff and cheaters.

    I won’t say I am not one of those, I am one. However, I don’t look forward for booting anymore.

    “Be the change you want to see n the world” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

    One person changing is equal to a 100 people changing.

    Good day,

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