The Results Of The First Coalition Meeting

Club Penguin Army Central Main Chat – This past Saturday, leaders of the current Top Ten convened with CPAC officials to discuss the state of the community, and how to change it. Find out what was discussed, what was decided, and our plans for the future below.

Coalition Project General Assembly

The General Assembly acted as a public forum for the project. The idea was to gather all members of this community, no matter their rank, and allow them a chance to voice their questions on the how the project will operate, as well as the state of the community. The General Assembly started off very obstreperous, with many people talking over each other making it virtually impossible to field the onslaught of questions. However, a method of Ownering one person and giving them the floor to speak while the remainder of the chat was hushed proved far more effective at inciting a meaningful discussion. This will remain the protocol for future General Assemblies.

Many topics were discussed during the General Assembly, these things included:

  • Bot Recruiting
  • Adjusting the Top Ten Formula for the modern era
  • Bot Raiding
  • The Servers Map
  • Server Draft

Coalition Project Private Forum

After a little over an hour, the General Assembly ended. We began to Owner all the large army leaders to convene in the CPAC Owners Pool. This was the start of the Private Forum. We gathered together to find an ideal method to vote ideas and bills into law. The questions below were presented one by one to the Private Forum Voting Panel. Following heavy discussion, ideas were thrown around, and a consensus was found for each issue the question represented.

  • How many delegates should be allowed to represent each army?

 Consensus: 2 delegates should represent an army per meeting. 

  • Should each attending delegate get a vote, or should each army get a vote? –

Consensus: Each army gets a vote, making the final tally 10 votes. In the event of a 5-5 split, or if special circumstances arise, the vote can switch to a delegate vote. 

  • Should voting be limited to the delegates who attend the meeting where the issue was discussed in order to produce a faster, more simple vote tally; or should we host voting on a separate site for those who weren’t in attendance? 

Consensus: A voting should happen at each meeting. However, in the event that an army cannot send any delegates to represent them, they’ll be allowed a 48-hour grace period to cast their vote on a separate site.*

* More information to come on late vote casting during the next Coalition meeting.


We’d like to thank you all for your participation in making the first Coalition meeting such a success! We look forward to seeing you all at the future meetings. More information on the upcoming Coalition meeting will be posted here on the CPAC site soon, so make sure to check back in.





29 Responses

  1. Incredible

  2. That’s really good!

    Finally, after 2 years, it’s time for a change.

    CPA, since 2007, has been a great place to learn, play, live and last but not the least, for experience.

    I don’t know how you all take this community, but for me, I have learned a lot here. I’ve seen different kind of people in my 6 years for service to CPA.

    I met the good ones, the bad ones, the idiot ones and the jerk ones.

    Today, you might call be a bot-raider, multilogger, DDoS’er and what not? but, I am trying to change. I will earn my reputation back.

    These 5 years have been great for me, I’ll make the coming 5 years great for myself too.

    Good day,
    Flen, Dark Warriors Leader

    • Too bad to get so many dislikes for that.

      • >Goes to NW, promises reform
        >quits for dw
        >goes back to NW, this time promising absolute reform
        >goes to IW for mod cause SH wouldnt give him owner
        literally THE army hopper lol. And I thought he actually changed.

        • Well, you still can’t dislike an apology comment… Its unethical.

    • If you want to earn your respect, stay in an army maybe?

      • If you don’t want yourself to be called a failed leader, lead an army to 10+??




          • One event? LOL?

            • Go through all the other events? Last nights event, max 18, unsched. Have a look yourself.

              • 30+ in any??

  3. Sounds like a great plan.

  4. We’re all in this together!! High school musical, no?

    • stfu noob

      • Flexes big hard cock

  5. Great thing! This is getting excited for CPA and a better way for the army

  6. Respect for those who attended the meeting. We incited change. A thing that was also discussed was changing the way armies battle and turning this sandbox into an actual game with rules. Invading a certain room, invading a server before reaching the capital, a grace period after you captured a server, how many times can you invade per day, etc.

  7. “Coalition Project Private Forum
    After a little over an hour, the General Assembly ended. We began to Owner all the large army leaders to convene in the CPAC Owners Pool. This was the start of the Private Forum. We gathered together to find an ideal method to vote ideas and bills into law. ” Oh really? You fvcking made me owner but Trader accused me of not being a leader and membered me. I was a fvcking SMAC top 5 army leader, you little d1ck @$$h0le b@st@rds. CPAWM sucks now…

    • trader wasn’t a main owner which means he couldn’t have deownered you my good sir

      • Well, Trader ACCUSED me of not being an army leader and you membered me.

        • Since around zero SMAC leaders attended the meeting, we nearly forgot that SMAC army leaders had a part in this. People thought you were saying you were a Nacho leader, hence why you got membered.

          • Well, that’s NOT my problem.P.S.: I;ve been a Nacho 2ic since August 2015. I am the next leader of Nachos. I’m already a leader in some stuff.

  8. What a splendid idea!

  9. Goblin check email 😉

  10. #MakeCPAGreatAgain

  11. Great meeting, great ideas, and great, motivated people. I just hope no one slacks off in the future. After all, we’ve only just started.

  12. Also something I posted a while back that should also be included.

  13. #CPA will be better.

  14. I usually don’t come on this website anymore, the last time I visited was about a month ago to make a joke comment for some friends of mine to enjoy. However, I decided that it would be appropriate to write this comment and thus I shall. This is a message for the army leaders out there with thick skinned heads who continue to let this community decline. If you are serious about improving the shitty situation that I assume has gotten even worse since I’ve been gone, then I hope you all take this advice.

    Firstly, if any of you think this is a self betterment project, fuck off. It’s a collective, and should be treated as such. I don’t know all the circumstances but if Goblin isn’t the leader of this council, he should be, because he has no petty goal to gain from fixing all your bullshit for you. The CPAC CEO is a position only the most educated and not selfish people have ever obtained, and while I may have fallen behind because I stopped dedicating time, Goblin is in those shoes now and he’s more capable than any of you leaders.

    Secondly, if you want the committee to be effective in not scaring pussies off for losing a simple majority vote, there needs to be some sort of consequence and you all have to stop being such little bitches and act like men, because the majority of you are in fucking high school. If any army refuses to cooperate kick the fuckers out of being eligible for the next top ten. It’s not abuse, it’s called collective bargaining, because if everyone doesn’t stand together, one little pussy is going to collapse the whole council.

    Thirdly, I would like to throw in an “I told you so” to the leaders of the community. Once again you are back at square one, discussing bot recruiting, a new top ten formula, the server map, and the servers draft, just like we were almost exactly 1 year ago. Instead of listening to me back then, here you all are once again, needing cpac to fix your problems, because NEWSFLASH!, YOU ARE TOO INCOMPETENT TO DO IT ALONE.

    Lastly, just to finish off this comment because I couldn’t care less about what you guys do, I want to offer you all good luck, you’re going to need it, and I also hope fate is on Goblins side because if you don’t stick with him you’re genuinely fucked. There isn’t anyone else left in this community competent enough to do something besides him, because the rest of us have done what we needed, grown up, and moved past this shithole.

    Have a good one,

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