Ice Warriors Announce War Against Night Rebels

Husky, Ice Warriors Capitol- After recently returning from the multitude of dead armies, the Ice Warriors of Club Penguin have returned under a brand new leadership in their attempts to regain their position of the #1 army in the CP community.

On May 28th, 2016, Andrew24 announced the return of the once dominant, Ice Warriors of Club Penguin. In his post,  the former leader and legend, informed that the new generation would be led by none other than Bam, Trader, and Bad. Most recently, Bam and Trader led the Army of Club Penguin until they announced their retirement. Shown below is an excerpt of Andrew’s post.

The Ice Warriors are back..

and we will stay.

After months of death and despair we have finally found a set of leaders that are willing and able to lead an army back to its former greatness. We believe they can achieve great heights during this summer and possibly even take home a tournament win. Ghost and I will be helping as much as we can, but we do not intend to get into the leaderships way.

Trader, Bam, and Badboy have agreed to the terms Icey, Ghost and myself laid out.

They’ll be officially leading the Ice Warriors.

Another post will be added most likely later tonight or tomorrow.

Best of luck to Bam, Trader and Bad.

Following the inauguration of the three leaders, they quickly got straight to work and held an event in which they maxed a size of 26. Following this, they continued with another event in which they claimed sizes of up to 40 on Club Penguin. Certainly, a very fast growth of an army in such short of a time. However, the Ice Warriors have encountered a few issues. All of their events have been raided by an unknown bot group. The IW leaders have managed to get in contact with him and which they have learned he spends the majority of his day waiting for notifications to pop up on his email of when IW logs on. Obviously, he must have nothing better to do with his time.

As this issue continues to evolve around the Ice Warriors, the Ice Warriors announced the declaration of war against the Night Rebels on May 30th, 2016. To gain more info on Trader’s motives for declaring war, I have conducted an interview with him in which can be read later in the post. Trader’s declaration of war can be viewed here


Interview with Ice Warriors Leader, Trader

CPAC- With the Ice Warriors only returning just recently, are you surprised of your recent success? 

Trader- No, I’m not really surprised with the recent success of the army. I knew retirees would come back and we would reach the sizes we’re currently getting. Though keeping these sizes constant is a challenge; however, we will still try.

CPAC- As bots continue to raid your events, do you have any solutions to this problem?

Trader- As major solution of ours is to switch to a CPPS which we have currently set up, waiting for CPAC’s okay. But for right now the bot raider has offered to stop, so we’re going to try a few more events till we switch fully. 

CPAC- As for the war with the Night Rebels, what led you to declare war on them?

Trader- Tired of Chip’s big mouth. Once the server map comes back, the Night Rebels will have 0 servers on the map. 

CPAC- Any last comments?

Trader- Don’t freeze up.

CPAC- Thank you for your time. 


As the Ice Warriors continue to become a superpower in the community, it will be interesting to see how the Ice Warriors deal with the constant bot raids against them while fighting against the Night Rebels.  As the Ice Warriors certainly seem to be staying on the correct path to success, I look forward to seeing what interesting twists and turns await the army in their current war.

Comment YOUR opinion on the Ice Warriors against the Night Rebels? What side will win? Share they thoughts YOU have below!


CPA Central Executive Producer 


15 Responses

  1. Read my post on NR site. Everyone knows that I ignore multilogging armies simply because I don’t like battling 10 people disguised as 40. I made this war an exception. I was tired of Trader and Badboy getting the same credit as me and every other legitimate leader. I try hard to rise my army legitimately and these people come out of the blue and multilogging their way out effortlessly. I was going to go schedule invasions but there were literally no servers they had that were theirs. Now I’m aware lots of armies claim this server to be theirs and all that but all of these servers got invaded by armies in the time that the Ice Warriors were shut down. Hell, we even cleansed your capital, Sub Zero, last week. I’m pretty sure a serverless army can’t declare war on another army. Your leadership is a meme. It consists of exposed multiloggers, former DCP and one of the most idiotic people in the community. I have the slightest respect for Bam but Trader and Badboy? Lol. I was at your event the other day and the evidence I collected was rather surprising. I thought you guys would actually try and hide it. Have fun invading our servers because in 11 days, every army’s empire gets reset by CPA and the entire war would be pointless :).
    TLDR; I don’t like battling multiloggers, but this time I will, but I can’t.

    • lol

  2. Ice Warriors declare their own declaration of war invalid. Thanks for your time!

    • ^^^


  3. This is one of the biggest hilarious post l ever seen. Night Rebels will still be having servers when the server map are back.

    • Hey kyle,
      I just don’t feel like talking a twat like you but ok. << please read. Servers were not transferred to NR r any bullshit like that.

      Night Rebels is server less at the moment. I've gone through the Jan 2015 posts of DW, NW, NR & IW; Results came out that NR is serverless.

      • Every army claims a server is theirs, Flen. That’s basically what a server draft is for and a server map to keep it running. The thing is, all those servers NR claims are WV servers that were invaded from DCP back in the 2015 war. Sure, NW declared war but they only took around 5 servers. What about the other 25 or so? Fix your nation first, and we will fix ours. You can’t call out another army for having an outdated empire’s page when every single army does too.

        • Actually, whatever. Let’s deal with all this until Commando is done with the server map. 🙂

          • are you paying commando to make nr serverless

          • Still being dumb huh?

      • NR isnt serverless lmao, 1)Amb transferred Nr servers when dw died i got proof 2)fog and some other servers were won in a war with AR if i may remind you dw lost the war during crazy186 era and it lost fog and third 2-3 smap armies transferred me their nation including jalpenos and md so before u go claiming anything just see the proofs

        • p.s drake transferred me northpole so ask him

  4. IW is number 1 pussies

    • I see NR and number one in the top ten. where ur eyes at bro:O! Ye, IW will be #1 on next top 10 but for now let nr enjoy there first/last #1 in top then LMFAO!

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