Trader and Bam Resign from the ACP

BREEZE, ACP Capital – After two undulate-like weeks of constant bot raiding, Trader and Bam have decided to resign from the Army of Club Penguin. With that being said, the army’s future is now completely vague.

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A few weeks ago, the Army of Club Penguin fell into a protracted period of inactivity upon the mysterious absence of Bam, and because this, they sunk to the lower standings on the top ten. Struggling to keep in the Top Ten, Bam rapidly announced his return midweek. Nearing the end of the week, Bam and Trader quickly improvised and rose the Army of Club Penguin from seventh place to second place. Everything was going as planned until Trader and Bam finally decided that it is time to move along.

May 25th saw a post on ACP’s website informing everyone that Trader and Bam’s final event would be taking place on May the 28th. This of course did not shock many people in the army as the owners of the ACP had been planning to overthrow Trader and Bam for a while and had expected Trader to eventually give his leadership up. As stated by Trader, part of the reason he is retiring is because he was tired of the constant overthrow attempts.

Bam and Trader’s final event eventually took place, hitting up to nearly 40 users on chat, gathering around 25 ACP soldiers at the town and forming a neat circle. Unfortunately, the bot raider showed no leniency and once again, bot raided the ACP. You may see a picture of the event below,


Following their final event, below is a very short excerpt of what Trader had to say in his retirement post,

“I, Trader will be retiring from the Army of Club Penguin. I’m glad to have served 2 leadership terms with the army and it’s been grand.

I love this army, it’s like my home, this army itself means so much to me for many reasons I can’t explain or words don’t match up the way I really feel. I spend so much time on here working to make sure the army gets to where it needs to be. I haven’t achieved everything I’ve wanted to achieve, but eh, that’s life. Everything I did in the army wasn’t for personal gain, but for the army itself to rise and get back to its once former glory. Having to leave wasn’t my choice at all. I wanted to be in this army for years, I thought of this army as my family, but nobody else saw me as family, they saw me as the enemy. It’s not the first army that I thought as my home and family that rejected me, so I wasn’t affected so much this time.”

-Trader, then ACP leader

A few hours later, Bam, then ACP leader also published his retirement post. In this retirement post, Bam mentions that Trader and Boomer have agreed on promoting King Mondo and Super Edwin to the rank of commander.

You may see an excerpt of Bam’s post below,

“Soon here I’ll be taking a trip back to the Islands to visit one of my closest friends for his graduation and moving on! I’ve got a big trip planned and I’ve got to ensure the best possible outcome for ACP. After extensive testing and calculations I’ve decided clear victors and successors to nearly each branch. As such I [with the approval of Trader & Boomer] Will hereby be promoting Edwin & Mondo to the Official Rank of Leader. As well as promoting Djk to the current rank of 2nd in command.”

-Bam, then ACP leader

Ultimately, the ACP lost both of their leaders but have now started fresh by promoting two long-serving soldiers. As long as the two newly promoted leaders have a motive to keep pushing to their full potential and achieve the light at the end of the tunnel, we are safe to say that the Army of Club Penguin will not be too negatively impacted at the time.

So, what DO you think? Do YOU think the ACP will fall? Do YOU think Mondo and Edwin were the ones that deserved leader? What army will Trader and Bam join next? Can YOU predict ACP’S next top ten placing?

Here at CP Army Central, we value your opinion(s)! Comment them/it below!


CP Army Central Associate Producer


13 Responses

  1. 1st

    Also Trader, Bam & Badboy are now Ice Warriors leader 🙂

    Goblins Edit: Hey man, if you really wanted to advertise on CPAC, we have a sidebar for that dawg. Comments section is not the ads section.

  2. Gj

  3. First army/armies never die(s)!

  4. still not leader

  5. This post is so biased against the ACP. If you are going make a post about ANYONE retiring then give them some dignity, don’t passive aggressively portray them as bad guys.

    • Lol are you stupid? Please quote a line of bias. Not once did I bash them.

      • Well it is not exactly biased the whole post still has a “ACP will fail” feeling to it. No you didn’t bash them but I still sends some passive aggressiveness.

        • What’s going to float your boat? I’m confused. First you say I’m bias to the retired leaders then you say I’m bias to ACP. Please quote a line where I implied or said that the ACP will fall or if I implied or said that Trader and Bam were doing a bad job as leaders.

          • Sorry. I’m just on edge right now. First our leaders retire, then Flipmoo made a post basically saying they were cheaters (BS), and then in that poll most people have said we are going to fail. I unfairly attacked you. I just get a feeling of general hate for the ACP leadership, not from you but from a lot of other people especially the POG.

  6. Great post Chip.

  7. Lol l was joking about saying coup, just to fk around with.

  8. ACP is finally purified of all cheaters! Huzzah!!!

  9. You do realize dat the cheaters moved to IW which means the ice has been cut.

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