Top Ten Armies: 5/29/16

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Top Ten

1. Night Rebels [+5][62.46]

2. Nachos [+8][61.00]

3. Night Warriors [-1][57.50]

4. Rebel Penguin Federation [-3][56.72]

5. Army Republic [-1][56.00]

6. Silver Surfers [+1][55.00]

7. Army of CP [-4][52.63]

8. DJ Army [+0][51.58]

9. Hairy Bears [NEW!][46.50]

10. Wild Ninjas [NEW!][46.19]

Hey man, these state are full AF.


1. Night Rebels: Night Rebels blasted their week off with an ausia practice battle against AR where they hit sizes of 15. Later in the week NR held several more training sessions along with another practice battle all with sizes ranging from 13 – 21. To end their week they held several more big events hitting sizes of up to 22.


2. Nachos: The Nacho Army started things off this week with their march on White House where they maxed 12. Then, they recruited on Blizzard with a top size of about 15. They held a parade on the same server with their US troops, maxing 15 again. The Nachos did three more recruiting sessions, hitting sizes of 13, 10, and 10. Then they had a practice battle against AR with a max of 8. They logged on for a mining expedition and topped off at 25. The Nachos maxed 17 at their next UK training, then 17 again during their practice battle against the Silver Surfers.

3. Night Warriors: Night Warriors began their week with a training session hitting sizes of 20+. Later they held a recruiting session hitting sizes of 30+ along with a training session hitting sizes of 12. To end their week they held 2 cleansing session hitting sizes of around 13.


4. Rebel Penguin Federation: RPF began their busy week with a ausia raid hitting sizes of 10 along with a war training hitting similar sizes. Later on in the week they held a quick training session, a recruiting session along with a practice battle where they hit sizes of 10 – 15. To end their week they held several more training sessions throughout the rest of the week maxing sizes of 10 – 15.

5. Army Republic: AR had a busy week, kicking things off with a UK training where they reached 23 online. Later, they had an unscheduled recruiting session with 12+. Then, AR faced the Silver Surfers in a practice battle, maxing 14. Next, they hit 14 again during their cleanse of Cloudy, and 14 yet again for their UK training. Then, AR had a practice battle with RPF and maxed 13. At a UK practice battle against the Nachos, they topped off at 12. Their next event was a cleanse of Oyster, during which they maxed 15. They had another practice battle against SS, peaking at 10. AR’s week concluded with another practice battle against RPF where they only maxed 5.

6. Silver Surfers: The Silver Surfers began the week with a practice battle against the Night Rebels, maxing 15 during the event. Then, they invaded Hibernate with a top size of 13. The next day, they faced AR in a practice battle and reached 12 online. They also had an unscheduled recruiting session with a max of 10. Next, SS honored their leader Coqui with a recruiting session where they maxed 12. Former leader Cena came out of retirement to lead, and had the army train with another top size of 12. Then, they had an unscheduled event and maxed 10. At an unscheduled training session, the Silver Surfers topped off at 12. They had an unscheduled practice battle against AR and reached 11. They ended the week with their strongest event, hitting 17 in a practice battle against the Nachos.

7. Army of CP: The Army of Club Penguin started their week off with an ausia recruiting session and a normal recruiting session both of which were raided by bots and hit sizes of 10 – 15. Later in the week they held a U-lead along with a recruiting session both hitting similar sizes of 15. To end their week leaders Bam & Trader held their final retirement event hitting sizes of around 25 – which was also bot raided.


8. DJ Army: The DJ Army had a lot of events. They had good sizes at the events and did many good tactics. hery msn no way

9. Hairy Bears: The Hairy Bears have returned to our Top Ten this week, commencing with an unscheduled Practice Battle versus the Night Rebels. In this, the army maxed sizes of 8, averaging 7. They continued their week to hold a US training event, which once again maxed sizes of 8. The army’s next event was a joint UK training event with the Silver Surfers and Chaos. In this, the Hairy Bears attained their best ever sizes of 13. They continued on to hold a joint training with the Dark Knight Empire, maxing sizes of 9. The Hairy Bears finished their week with a joint tactic with the Silver Surfers during a Practice Battle with the Nachos. In this, the Hairy Bears maxed sizes of 12+.

10. Wild Ninjas: The Wild Ninjas begin the week with a US training session wherein they maxed 4 and averaged 2, then held another US training session wherein they maxed 21 and averaged 18. The army held an AUSIA training session and maxed 9, averaged 8, then held a US training session where they maxed and averaged 9 and 7, respectively. The army had an AUSIA training session and maxed 10, averaged 9, then maxed 10, averaged 8 at another US training session. The Wild Ninjas held an AUSIA training event and maxed 7, averaged 5, then maxed 4, averaged 2 at another US training session. T0 finish off the week, the Wild Ninjas maxed 7 and averaged 5 at a US training session.

Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 11.13.51 PM




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CPAC Reporter




43 Responses

  1. 1st

  2. Excellent job this week Night Rebels, we have reached the ultimate goal and will continue to strive! 😉

  3. NR NR NR

  4. Reblogged this on CP Night Rebellion and commented:
    Night Rebels, we have finally reached our goal, first on CPAC, but this isn’t where we stop. We will continue to strive in this community effortlessly as we have been for this past week. Great job this week.

  5. With our new leaders ACP will recover and surge right to the top-ish.

  6. Nice work this week, Night Rebels. To be frankly honest, I had expected this 😉

  7. Shortest description ever :/
    And congratulations Night Rebels

  8. Rip hiroshima

  9. We did an awesome job this week NR and we finally got 1st! I hope we can keep this up. Good job to the other armies too.

  10. Congrats NR! lets do this IW

  11. GG NW (haha jk)

  12. HAIRY BEARS x1440

    • what the actual fuck

      • Type hairy bears into google, you wont be disappointed

        • But goby isn’t into p0rn, is he..

    • Fucking spamer

    • whats it like to be the result of a torn condom

      • Pretty shit tbh

        • sounds like a fun story tho

    • fag

      • And proud

    • sage

  13. next week we retain our rightful position rpf, ftgf

  14. NR ! NR NR!

  15. Yayyy, NR we are first!!! ;D

  16. are hairy bears like the pedo bear army

    • Nope. Hairy Bear porn is an entirely different sector of the internet. :p

  17. Good comeback Nachos!

  18. First army having best event maxing 22. What CPA has come to.

    • Well this is proof that NR would do better than SP.

    • #AtLeastYouTried

      • Lmao SP are at lockdown because of our leadership’s busy schedules else we would most probably be first. Besides to say which army is better both armies must be active silmutaneously. 2 weeks left we will see who is better then.

        • Super, I hate to break it to you as you are a good friend of mine but just stop trying to compare NR and SP. I don’t want to say anything lol.

          • I accept critism from you not from Carlos. So go ahead say whatever you want I respect your opinion.

        • I’m literally laughing right now. 15 on CP and no US division will never get you first on CPAC. But it’s good that you dream big, so at least you have something to hold onto when everyone roasts your ass.

  19. Good job this week, SS!

  20. “I heard, that NR will be first” – Tirodoragon, yesterday.
    WOW, is true :O

  21. Reblogged this on Club Penguin Silver Surfers Army.

  22. nic job nachos

  23. good job nacho fgts ❤

  24. lol fck off nachos.

    • nah m9

  25. Well done Chip & NR

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