King Mondo and Super Edwin Inaugurated as Leaders of ACP

BREEZE, ACP Capital – Following the shock retirement of Bam117 and Lord Trader, the Army of Club Penguin have finally announced and presented King Mondo and Super Edwin as the brand new leaders of the army. What does this mean for the ACP?

May 28th, 2016, was a day of great change for the Army of Club Penguin. The longest-living army was saddened to see the departure of the controversial duo, Bam117 and Lord Trader. However, spirits were lifted when two long-time serving owners, King Mondo and Super Edwin were inaugurated as leaders of the ACP.

For the past few months Bam and Trader have battled external conflicts in the form of the Nachos while also dealing with internal issues involving the infamous Panel of Guardians. Throughout their illustrious reign, Bam and Trader were always at the centre of attention, preforming well in the CP Army Central Top Ten securing the first place on various occasions. The 28th of May, marked their last event as leaders of ACP. Maxing 25 and being raided by bots, this event summed up their leadership; successful and eventful.

Screenshot_82Bam’s and Trader’s last event.

On the very same day, Mondo, newly crowned leader of ACP published a post concerning his and Edwin’s inauguration as leaders of the army. In this post, both leaders take the opportunity to address their army, talking about their past experiences and history in ACP.

A Message from King Mondo

It’s been almost 4 years that I have been in this wonderful army. In that time, I’ve learned a great deal of things and met a great deal of people, many of which are still my friends to this day. It brings me great happiness to reach this point in my Club Penguin Army career, after so long. I thank all of those who have stood by me until this point-it means a great deal to me. I look forward to working with all of my soldiers, as well as the CP Army Community to strive for a better future for us all. 

In the extract of the post above, Mondo speaks about his last four years in his beloved army. He states that he has learned and experienced a lot while making a great deal of friends. He thanks those who have stood with him until this point, and looks forward to working with the army as well as the Club Penguin Army Community.

A Message from Super Edwin

Firstly, it is an incredible honour to be named ACP leader ; I can remember when I first got moderator in 2012 and how amazing of an achievement I believed that to be –  nevermind actually getting leader . My aims as leader are to, along with Mondo, improve ACP with integrity, and make ACP a place where troops mean more than just a number.

As you can see in the extract from Edwin’s post above, he relishes through his past memories of being involved with ACP, recalling becoming moderator in 2012. He makes it clear that his main ambitions in ACP are to improve the army and make ACP “a place where troops mean more than just a number”.

Both newly appointed leaders seem confident and ambitious in their aims. Today marks a new chapter in the history of ACP, the coming weeks will be Edwin’s and Mondo’s first test as leaders of ACP.


I caught an interview with Super Edwin, newly-crowned Army of Club Penguin Leader, to help get a better understanding of his appointment and his future plans for the ACP.

Interview with Super Edwin, Army of Club Penguin Leader

CPAC: After the recent shock retirement of Bam and Trader, do you think you can keep ACP at the same position as it was with the duo?

Edwin: I believe that Mondo and I have the ability to keep ACP stable and overtime rise it.

CPAC: What are you future plans and hopes for the ACP?

Edwin: My plans as ACP leader are to improve ACP with integrity and create a better environment for ACP troops.

CPAC: Bam and Trader struggled to keep relations high with the PoG. Do you think this is a problem that your leadership will face?

Edwin: Mondo and I have a huge amount of respect for PoG and the advice that they give. I don’t think keeping good relations when them will be that much of an issue.

CPAC: Any plans for wars?

Edwin: At the moment there’s no plans for war as the main focus is on improving ACP.

CPAC: Any final comments?

Edwin:  CPAC interviews are scary.

As you can see in the interview above, Super Edwin is confident in his and King Mondo’s ability that they will perform well as the newly appointed leaders. He states that his ambition as leader of ACP is to improve the army with integrity and to create a better environment for his soldiers. He mentions that himself and Mondo both have repect for the PoG and do expect any sort of conflict with them.

So, what do YOU think? Do YOU think the Army of Club Penguin will be as strong under this new leadership? Will ACP ever reclaim their top spot?

Here at CPAC, we value YOUR opinions! Please comment them below!


CP Army Central Reporter


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  1. Welcome to New Leadership mondo and edwin

  2. Great post.

  3. Lol true Edwin.

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