Coalitions Project Launch

Well now, let’s see if we can’t usher in a new era, shall we?

The inauguration of Lorenzo Bean marked the beginning of a new project launched by him and myself called the Coalitions Project. As the ideas behind the project began to expand and evolve into a plan, we decided to expand the project to include more minds to assist us in our efforts. Mchappy, former ACP leader, King Funks, former CPAC CEO, and Atticus, SMAC CEO, were all silently recruiting to help with the planning of this project.

The ideas and goals of this project are simple in nature – to unify this community again. We want to get this community all on the same page by gathering all the prominent minds of this community under one roof and get the pipeline of discussion flowing in an official and meaningful way, a way that can incite true change. We’re a fairly large community that’s all held together by a diminishing thread of communication. In the past, all armies were their own separate entities that gathered together for things like tournaments, wars, and of course, the CPAC comments section. Those methods of interaction used to serve us well.

Since then, armies have decayed greatly. We’ve atrophied at a rapid pace. We lost our sense of morality, our sense of sportsmanship, we lost our integrity in how we interact with each other, and because of this, we lost our sense of direction. We remained as separate entities, but we lost our common ground, and have struggled since.

At first glance this project may seem reminiscent of the Council project spearheaded by many seminal figures of this community such as Boomer, and Shaboomboom. A Council which I’m sure many of you undoubtedly remember. Many of you undoubtedly remember its collapse as well. Many of you thought it to be no more than an attempted power grab by its pioneers. Many of you simply found no need for a Council. For whatever the reason, Boomers Council met its demise without ever reaching its full potential.

Keeping all this in mind, the Coalitions Project is not the Council. We’re not looking to the history books for directions for the future, we’re looking towards the present.

When we started this project, we had only one thing in mind – the modern era. This project is for the grinders who still log into Club Penguin and battle everyday. This is for those of use who still yearn for higher ranks in our armies, and those who lead them, This is for our daily viewers, the daily players, this is for the modern era. This project is for each and everyone of you to finally have a say in the direction of this community in a healthy, impactful manner.

All that being said, every aspect of how this project evolves from here will be voted on during community meetings. 

In an effort to exercise complete community-wide say on the direction of this project, we need to band together to decide how to successfully turn ideas into rules and law. Which is why the agenda of the first meeting is build around the voting process. The results of this meeting will lay the framework for the progression of this project.

Voting Agenda

  1. How many delegates should be allowed to represent each army?
  2. Should each attending delegate get a vote, or should each army get a vote?
  3. Should voting be limited to the delegates who attend the meeting where the issue was discussed in order to produce a faster, more simple vote tally; or should we host voting on a separate site for those who weren’t in attendance?


The General Assembly will serve as an open forum and is open to anyone who wishes to attend.

The Private Voting Panel is limited only the following will be permitted entrance:

  1. All leaders of the most recent CPAC Top Ten armies
  2. All leaders of the most recent SMAC Top Five armies
  3. CPAC, CPAWM, and SMAC representatives

Times, Dates, and Location

Coalitions Project General Assembly

Saturday, May 28th

CPAC chat

1 PM – 2 PM EST

12 PM – 1 PM CST

11 AM – 12 PM MST

10 AM – 11 AM PST

The General Assembly is open to the public to discuss their views and opinions on all topics. During the General Assembly, all those who were invited to the Private Voting Panel will be made an owner on CPAC chat. After the General Assembly is over, all the invitees will make their way into the owners pool to convene, discuss, and cast their votes.

Coalitions Project Private Voting Panel

Saturday, May 28th

CPAC chat





The Private Voting Panel will convene until the entire voting agenda has a clear and decisive decision regarding how the Coalitions Project should progress.
Thank you all for reading, we hope to hear from you soon.
Club Penguin Army Central Chief Executive Officer

27 Responses

  1. Finally, its about time we do something about the state were in – this has been a long time coming , As bad as I an I cant stand to see the community how it is now . ACP is in full support of this project.

  2. Might attend this one.

  3. Awesome. I look forward to seeing us United again.

  4. Finally something is done to fix this community, I don’t have much hope but we need to try

  5. Please back this people, it is the way forward.

  6. Epic idea 😀
    “Armies needs work together” 🙂

  7. We need this.

  8. I approve!

  9. This is exactly what we need. We need armies to work together to be the big, safe community we were in the old days. I am in total agreement with this.

  10. We need this. I will be happy to attend the main event and if I am invited the more private meeting as well.

    • I never deadbeat was invited at the time.*

  11. “O God, thy sea is so great and my boat is so small.”

    When doing my research on the history of Councils in armies while I was CPAC CEO, I was surprised to find out that the slump we were in at the time (2012) was far from the first time the community had experienced such an event. Boomer talked, vividly, about how in a previous slump where all of armies’ troops had consolidated in some of the world powers — namely ACP, the Night Warriors, and in some ways, the Nachos — an army-wide organization was created that transcended all defining barriers like pro- and anti-multilogging, White Alliance or Black Alliance, pro- or anti-ACP; its sole goal was to teach armies how to recruit. This temporary organization employed the methods that have worked for years, not the ones trumpeted by the false prophets of modern armies like Elmikey and Waterkid100, whose “innovative tools” have only destroyed the cooperation between Club Penguin and armies that allowed our past recruiting methods to flourish. Using these methods, the army-wide coalition was enormously successful in growing the total, gross sum population of CP Armies — and that didn’t in any way unseat the world powers from the places of dominance. Is the army community of 2016 steaming ahead into uncharted territory? For sure. But consider this: it’s always great to be number one on the Top Ten, but in what state of CP Armies? We need to transcend our divides in favor of strengthening armies as a whole once again, so that earning that top spot can once again mean being the best among many greats, and not the decent among the faltering. That is why I fully support this effort to reunite armies, and will be lending my support and voice in any way possible.

    • b1 for president

  12. my boys are coming

  13. Thank you very much individuals, for being able to replenish the overall “life” of this community – some people do exclaim about how it’s a “waste of time” and/or tell individuals separately or as a group to “get a life.”

    But honestly though, in my point of view, I find it all the exact opposite – or, is it the exact opposite? Eh, who cares. I assure you all, that I was benefited academically and educated so powerfully when I was introduced into this virtual community of so many different individuals who had their goals and thoughts and things like so.

    And now that I’m seeing so many individuals trying to recover and restore this great virtual community of fun and learning – I am glad to see that I support this…

  14. Great!
    Wild Ninjas Army, the only spanish army in Club Penguin Army community is attending to this.
    Wild Ninjas Army Creator

  15. The Night Rebels are indeed attending to this.

  16. The Watex Warriors will be there.

    • LOL? Watex Warriors live?

  17. hippos will be there

  18. ur mom will be in full attendance

  19. Smart Penguins (even though being in temp lockdow) will attend this.

  20. DJ’s will be there!

  21. Great post!

    Great post!
    I 100% agree to this. Our community has changed into a trash box. I know, it’s not only because of Waterkid and other people but, it’s because of me too.

    After reading this post, I went to the history page of CPAC and RPF, that reminded me of 2014. 2014 was a marked year in CP Army’s history. In 2014, most of the armies grew to world power, but, if we look now? Any army hardly max 20+.

    Mark my words, from today on words, I promise to all, I will never DDoS, Deface, Bot Raid, Hack or any 3rd party thing. Now it’s your wish if you want to trust or not. My 100% support in with CPAC, SMAC, CPAWM, CPA

    My 100% support in with CPAC, SMAC, CPAWM, CPA & every single person, who wants to make this community rise once again.


    Have a great day,
    Flen ~ 5 Year CPA Veteran

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  23. Reblogged this on CP Vikings.

  24. 1. How many delegates should be allowed to represent each army?
    I believe we should have 2 or 3, Three if preferable.

    2. Should each attending delegate get a vote, or should each army get a vote?
    If I had to choose, I believe that each attending delegate should get a vote.

    3. Should voting be limited to the delegates who attend the meeting where the issue was discussed in order to produce a faster, more simple vote tally; or should we host voting on a separate site for those who weren’t in attendance?
    Tough question. I think voting, however, should be hosted on a separate site for people who weren’t in attendance. That way, the votes can be more accurate and more clear.

    Hope this helps. And a message to all armies, especially my home army, RPF. “Don’t give up. We strive for what is right, and make it happen.” 🙂

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