Chip Appointed Temporary Leader of Night Rebels

NORTH POLE, Night Rebels Capital – Recently with Night Rebels so far steady top 10 placement along with a few internal conflicts. NR have pronounced longtime Water Vikings figure, Chip, as the new temporary leader in hopes of seeing a sharp and stable rise.

Since moving back up to 6th place this past week in the Top Ten, Night Rebels have been gradually trying to restrengthen themselves as one of the top armies. Now with the appointment of Chip, a long time Water Vikings figure, they are hoping to see similar rises compared to that of WV earlier this year.

NR’s most recent TT placement

With many goals intact and ground rules set openly in the air, Chip announced his own appointment May 23rd. He began first by announcing his official return to armies in a post alongside a quick background of his accolades in other armies this past year. He promises to bring that same type of leadership acumen into the Night Rebels. Here is a quick excerpt  from his introduction post.

As the title states, I will be leading the Night Rebels. However, unfortunately, I will only be leading until the Water Vikings return. More specifically, I will be departing from the army on June 18th. Although the time may be short, we can and will get lots of work done. I expect all the owners and leaders to assist me as I have little motivation.

As you are all aware, I am a real leader. Unlike many other leaders, I do not condone nor multilog myself. I’ve been accused by very few people and those who have accused me have not brung up a spec of evidence to back up their pathetic accusations. With that being said, if I suspect anyone multilogging in the Night Rebels, they will be fired on sight. I will also stand true to my word and lead legitimately.

From what I can see, the Night Rebels are maxing a somewhat stable size of 15 throughout all divisions which is considered borderline great. I could rise the Night Rebels to a size of 25+ within a week but the army will not prosper with stability. Anyone can rise an army but very few can stabilize an army. The quickest rise always has the quickest fall.


Night Rebel Commander

During his introduction post Chip goes on to address the current state of the Night Rebels as a whole – along with his plans to help rise it. He also goes on to clearly state he will only be leading until his home army, the Water Vikings, officially make their return on June 18th. He then goes on to push his firm views against any kind of multilogging situation, stating anyone found doing so will be fired immediately. Standing true to what he says, he then pushes on to compare to the current state of NR and the results he wants to see out of it by the next 2 weeks.


An example of a Water Vikings event under the leadership of Chip

With their most recent event transpiring nearly a day after his appointment, the Night Rebels already seem to be hitting sizes of up to 20+ in a short period of time. Below is a picture taken from NR’s most recent event.


A post from NR’s recent UK cleansing

CPAC went to Chip earlier today for a quick interview to gain just a little bit more insight into what he plans for the future of the Night Rebels.

==== ||| — ||| INTERVIEW WITH CHIP ||| –||| ====

Bam = Black

Chip = Blue

Bam: So Chip may I ask why you decided to temporarily lead Night Rebels out of all the other armies right now?

Chip: I decided to join the Night rebels out of any other army because I saw a great amount of potential in the them. Unfortunately, that potential is going to waste far too often – I plan to change that.

Bam: Do you have any big plans for WV after you get done here at Night Rebels?

Chip: We’ll have to see.

Bam: Lastly with the community the way it is now, Do you have anything you’d like to push or big plans you may be scheming up for the community? 

Chip: Well, i have said it over and over again. From the day I joined the community my goal was to stop or well, slow down multilogging. Its a major reason why we have crossed such a horrible state in the armies right now. Sizes may descrease drastically, but wars and other different events will take place more often, giving the average person to motive to keep working towards imrpoving his or her own army.

Bam: Thanks for your time!


With Night Rebels already on the rise it seems, we can expect to hear much more of them later these next couple of weeks. I believe we’ll see some more stablie sizes from NR and hopefully this community as a whole – with leadership changes and the upcoming meeting soon- things are bound to get even more interesting. I can’t wait to see how all this will turn out.

Stay tuned at CPAC for more headlines and exclusives



CP Army Central Vice President

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  2. Damn El Chipone, I really like you as a person and friend, but you seem to army hop often.. (wary) :/

    • >hop a lot
      >been in two armies in my entire career

      • hmmm.. WV, NR, something else I don’t remember and maybe some more I don’t even know. I might be wrong though.

        • WV and NR. It wouldn’t make sense for you to call me a hopper if you don’t know what armies I’ve been and not have been in.

          • Meh, sorry then; I thought I remembered you in many armies.

            • And RPF.

              • Yeah, my bad. I just remembered I’ve been in RPF too.

                • DCP.

                • I remember you in GT in 2014

                  • Never been in GT nor DCP. I was mod in GT for selling pokecash and DCP was a joke, I thought we all knew that. lol

                    • no ur a joke

                    • yo lowkey hmu with some pokecash

  3. Congrats Chip (clap)

  4. Well, we did well before Chip joined the Night Rebels.

    • I didn’t say you guys were doing bad i just said we may see some improvements even more so

    • lol no u werent. nr was dying until chip came around

      • no, nr wasn’t dying lol aren’t you stupid or something?

  5. Good luck Chip knock them out da park
    Js bam that chip was never WV Leader

  6. Well, rip NW. Good luck recovering from the trauma. Cheers mate.

    • “I stopped playing CPA” yet you’re here commenting still. A biggest whore you are.

      • Damn kyle just owned you rip

      • Commenting makes me a whore? Kyle, please. You have no life. I wouldn’t be talking if I were you. You call me a whore, yet what you did was probably the most hideous thing we’ve ever set eyes on. I have stopped playing CP because I’m 15 and have a life. Once you actually grow up and get a life, holla at me. Cheers mate. (Paedo)

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          • Ok first off, why would you SAVE something like that? Are you that mentally retarded? The f*ck is wrong with you kid. The fact that you have them SAVED TO YOUR COMPUTER makes you a paedo. Even if they were mine, I wouldn’t want an ugly f*ck like you looking at them.

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              At what point did Goblin say that he looked at your pictures? He may just be taking words from somebody else.

              Look, you have my sympathies for what happened to you. I can’t imagine how horrible it must be for you to have people threaten to leak nudes of you all the time,for example. I know I certainly wouldn’t be able to handle something like that.

              However, the fact that you continually insult and disrespect everyone and everything in CPA is not helping you. Yeah, people might be commenting bad stuff about you, but you’re only making it worse on yourself with the way you behave in the CPAC comment section.

        • oh phin still commenting eh?

  7. Can’t sense anyone but you who’s in a trauma

  8. “giving the average person to motive to keep working towards imrpoving his or her own army.” made a typo in improving and its giving the average person MORE OF A motive, not to motive. silly bam!

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