Night Warriors Enter State of Hibernation

FOG, Night Warriors Capital – After dominating the Club Penguin Army Community for months, the Night Warriors have officially entered a state of hibernation.

EDIT 1: The Night Warriors have ultimately reversed Sprite’s decision about hibernation and have claimed Taco and Verum will lead regardless of results.

The past couple of days have been eventful and distasteful for the Night Warriors, losing their three main leaders and now entering hibernation. The pillars began to fall when Toysoldier and Drake announced their temporary resignation from the army on the 15th of May, resulting in Taco and Verum being inaugurated as leaders of the army. Things turned south yet again, when Verum was forced to leave his beloved army due to family related problems, leaving Taco leading alone.

I’ve made the decision to pull my brakes for the time being. Drake and I require a long needed break after our five month return to armies. I’m running low on motivation, and Drake has an upcoming surgery. During the Summer, however, there will be much more to do. We will be ready, and we will be fueled for anything. We will be out to win it all.

We will return, do not forget this. Stay in NW. Keep it great. I, along with Drake, have been playing this for too long. This may be our final push.

Above is an extract of Toysoldier’s and Drake’s official resignation. As you can see, both planned and hoped to return to the Night Warriors. A few days later, Verum was forced to resign.

Taco’s reign as solo leader of the Night Warriors lasted less than ten days. Managing to max 35 and juggling both a US Division and an AUSIA Division.

A US event under Taco’s leadership

Further unpleasantness were encountered by the Night Warriors when the Army of Club Penguin officially announced that they were “cutting ties with NW”. ACP has been a long time ally of NW, and the two armies always helped to aide each other in times of need.

“The Night Warriors have hired a cheater into their army. We do not want to be involved with what they are doing. So we are no longer allies with the Night Warriors.

Flen has been exposed for hacking, ddosing and bot raiding multiple army events.

Until he is fired the ACP will not acknowledge anything that the Night Warriors do, they are not even considered an army with cheaters like him.

Any former ACP who are in the Night Warriors will lose their rank on the ACP chat until they retire from the Night warriors.”

So, what do YOU think? Do YOU think the Night Warriors will return? Was Sprite right in announcing the hibernation? If so, what will happen when the former leaders return? Will the Night Warriors ever been seen again?

Here at CPAC, we value YOUR opinions! Please comment them below!


CP Army Central Reporter


52 Responses

  1. Good post 😉

  2. Lol yo, no army is that dependent on two leaders unless toy and drake = 40 troops. If you know what I mean 😉

  3. Great post Anna. 😉

  4. so when toysoldier and drake leave everyone else suddenly decides to leave too?

    right lol

  5. 1) CPAC goes god speed in getting a post out when they hear about NW hibernating. They’re weeks late on other posts.
    2) Hibernation was not up for Sprite to decide by himself. It was already agreed that Taco and Verum would lead until summer regardless of the results.
    3) Apparently half our mods owners left when the hibernation was announced. They’re already coming back because the hibernation was unauthorized, Funks.
    4) Toy and Drake were the primary recruiters of the army. Even without these recruiters, the army managed to stay above 35+. I wouldn’t expect a person who has no experience at leading/recruiting to care, Chip.

    Overall, it amuses me when former enemies lunge at the opportunity to degrade NW whether they’re obnoxiously subtle about it or not. Then again, their armies consists of their friends list/helpers with little to no recruits. It’s obvious when they complain about the success of others while sitting on their asses hoping their armies will grow on its own. #fearthewave2k16

  6. Nice job liking your own comments, Drake. You’re already turning into a miniature version of Mustapha. The thing is Drake, Sprite bot recruits a lot, just as much as you and Toy did, but he still doesn’t see the same outcome you guys did, I wonder why? What you cannot hide is the fact that around 25-30 troops of yours disappeared upon your departure from the army. Please don’t make me compare penguins that attended NW events during the previous regime to the current. You know you take this game too seriously and doubt your potential too much when you have to load up various Club Penguin tabs just to stand out as a ‘good leader’. You can’t hide the truth from yourself drake. Hit me up with your proxy dislikes bro

    • In the middle of reading your comment, you got 2 more likes. I don’t know why you’re so obsessive over the like/dislike ratio on a comment since it’s clear they don’t mean anything when people like you upvote their comment minutes after posting it. (that right there makes you look stupid)

      Sprite hasn’t been bot recruiting a lot. He puts bots up whenever he’s online and he hasn’t been for the past few days. Get your facts straight. You aren’t even in the army so the credibility of your accusations are redundant. You don’t even know who’s active or recruiting/attending events.

      And once again, you’re pulling things from your ass, lol. Upon our departure, Taco has held events ranging from sizes of 30-50. Keep worrying about the things that matter, like when my comments get upvoted or not. 😉

      • Stop pulling my leg, Drake. Many people are following CPAC which means as soon as a CPAC comment gets posted, they’ll be notified, just like you were. They will then (obviously) read the comment and judge it, either disliking it or liking it. In this case, two people liked my comment. Now may you please elaborate how I upvoted my comment twice?

        • That’s not at all how I found your comment. I clicked on the post rather than paying close attention to the sidebar. I find it hard to discern how your comment is instantly voted the moment after you post it. I just proved that I don’t like my own comments which proves you’re as good as making baseless accusations as Trader. How about you elaborate how I upvoted my comment when it’s evident that there are people who agree with me?

          • >”I find it hard to discern how your comment is instantly voted the moment after you post it”
            >”Many people are following CPAC which means as soon as a CPAC comment gets posted, they’ll be notified, just like you were. They will then (obviously) read the comment and judge it, either disliking it or liking it”
            I’m done with the comment fight lol, keep multilogging -I’m not losing anything.

            • >the moment after you posted it. I dont think people on cpac instantly upvotes comments seconds after seeing it. My comments certainly arent. It was also mentioned that your comment was getting voted up in THE MIDDLE OF IT BEING READ lol

              • I’m pretty sure you have to refresh your page to see the votes updated. “i dont think people on cpac instaly upvotes comments seconds after seeing it” bro it takes lie 1-5 seconds to read a comment? do they put together a meeting to decide wether to like or dislike it.

    • Also, keep typing up those passive aggressive CPAC posts against NW. It’s clear NW is the topic to write about to gain views while keeping the site from being dead. (y)

      • New to CPAC so I don’t really speak for them as a whole but in no way was I trying to make this post “passive aggressive against NW.” A news topic happened to emerge about NW, CPAC (me) posted it, that’s usually what we try to do. Not everyone is against you.

        • I was referring to Chip and his most recent posts. You can see from his onslaught of derogatory comments what his intentions truly are.

  7. Approve my comment.

  8. When an armies primary multiloggers leave, fall is bound to happen. Night warriors prime example, a normal army would have been able to uphold their size even a little bit. But sadly we are faced with NW spamming 5 bars, maxing 5 on chat and maxing 40 (somehow) and etc. Welcome to cpa, we are great.

    • When an army doesn’t recruit and their leaders are lazy, they don’t tend to rise either. But of course you’re pretty clean yourself, right?

      • Considering ive recruited as much as you and have little success while you claim 3k plus views per day and tons of troops is bullshit. Keep playing as you do.

        • That’s a complete joke. I hardly see ACP recruiters on any server when I recruit. I know this because unlike you, I check consistently to see whether my bots are banned or not. I’m guessing with all the vacations you’ve taken so far, that you’ve recruited nearly half as much as either Toy or I have. Yeah, you don’t even come close. I’m guessing all that time in DCP and SWAT was also done “recruiting”? Do you want to compare join applications? I’ll be happy to do so.

          • Your army is a joke and so are you

            • u mad

              • Toy has been cheating as long as he’s been leading armies. Not surprised if you followed in his footsteps. I saw what happened in ice warriors

                • I’m pretty sure his past doesn’t amount to yours. Don’t pretend to be the bringer of justice that hates rule-breaking as much as the next kid. A hypocrite’s argument will always collapse on itself.

                  • I’m not the one who has an army full of cheaters and hackers am i ? Sprite – proven ddoser and ratter. Toy – ddos rat deface multilogging. Flen – hack ddos multilog rat

                  • Also not to mention he is botting armies

                    • And none of your armies had the same type of people? Give yourself a pat on the back. You played yourself.

                    • Sad you aren’t doing anything about it. I left those armies and pursued bigger things.

                    • But we did. Toy’s admitting to it in a post, etc. I’ve yet to receive substantial evidence that Flen is the one currently botting armies. We’re being raided as much as your army is. The only difference is that we don’t whine about it as much.

                    • You don’t have to worry about bots when all you do is sit on crowded 5 bar servers, right drake?

                    • You’re sadly mistaken if half of your troops can’t even get inside the room in the first place. You haven’t been reading our event posts lately have you? I would expect much. You claim to care about this community but you only care about your own army.

                    • I have been paying attention. What do you mean troops? Watched a NW event the other day, 20 on chat 50 on cp. Yeah ALL THOSE LOCKOUTS.

                    • You really like to exaggerate. Based on your logic, our chat is as low as 5 whenever you feel like it. The last time I was at an NW event, we had approximately 41 on chat and any surplus amount of penguins on CP would be there to be recruited.

                      And obviously, you didn’t pay attention to my last comment. I was talking about when your event is being raided way before any of your troops log on, they’re bound to be locked out. But I guess the Ice Berg is the main hub of club penguin and we don’t put any effort into getting people there.

                    • 41 on chat? Haha id like to see that considering your army is dead 90% of the day. Keep spamming 5 bars to make up for your shitty leadership

                    • It sure is dead when every army chat has 0 on chat during the night time, but NW still has people throughout the day consistently. I’ll use the same argument I used against Chip. You aren’t in the army nor do you spend time there 90% of the day. Therefore, you can’t even come close to claiming whether it’s “dead” or not.

                    • I see, is that why acp chat has 15 on right now and you have 6. Oh my bad your army is so great at night. Also you shouldn’t be spending 90% of your day there mr. Retiree, not healthy.

                    • This is on the account of my duration leading, not during retirement. Part of me assumes you keep making these baseless arguments to have the final say. You’re not getting it, son.

                    • Baseless arguments? It’s not a baseless argument that your army is fake and you shouldn’t be prancing around like your some type of gods. Obviously something is wrong when you almost have flen leader LOL.

                    • It is considered baseless when you resort to distasteful insults to compensate for your lack of analytical support. Recall that you made the first comment in a pathetic attempt to spite us. I can do the same thing.

                      Isn’t it way past your bedtime? Don’t you have school tomorrow? It isn’t healthy to substitute education for whining about others’ success, Mr. professional cp player.

                    • When did I personally insult anyone in your army. I am stating facts.

                    • I think you need to learn the denotation of fact. School’s there for a reason.

                    • Losing an argument so pulls out insults about my education.

                    • You’re now reiterating my point about substituting a valid argument for insults. I think we can come to a consensus that you’re the one losing when you have to resort to recycling my arguments.

                    • I’ve proven my point you sound stupid now. Goodbye

                    • Also I can go all night 🙂

                    • I’m glad you made that particular comment the same time I made mine. You played yourself again.

                    • Because the ice berg on crowded 5 bar servers are always filled, right Trader?

                    • Yup.

                  • You probably had me to write all of this and you replied back just to jump the comments to make it seem like your army is relevant. I guess it’s worth adding 30+ comments just to make you look dumb.

    • Lol m8.

  9. Sickening. Good post, but sickening feedback.
    I regret vowing to return to this community. I keep to my word, but I feel like I relied on blind luck for a majority of the last few weeks I had previously served in NW, which I shouldn’t have done.

    >> I have proof of NW getting over 100 join applications even after we left, they did not have a problem with recruiting. Armies are dying. If you don’t realize that, you’re a fool. For the past month, even during my reign, we have been using five bars to recruit and gather troops for events.<<

    Trader, you're a delusional kid and it's the sad truth. After providing evidence I don't cheat (my entire computer during events, website views, join apps, 1 bar events,) you all still don't understand that there are real legends left in the community. With uninformed people at the helm, like yourself, you prove to be nothing but a contribution to the downfall that we've all be worrying about for the past three years. There's a difference between being retarded and ignorant, and I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. When two legends leave an army, there's inevitably going to be a fall. See Vendetta's NW for an example of this.. boomer's ACP, Puckley's Nachos.

    You're so convinced that it's impossible to be legitimate that you're forgetting there's people with morales. The only side that 99.9% of this community knows me by is my trolling side, lol. Behind the scenes, we do a lot of work that we allow to go unnoticed.

    The current leadership of NW doesn't do a lot of things we did to keep NW up and running. Although they're doing just fine, it's not the same. It's their way. Stop blaming us for our differences.

    • Most of the community knows you for your hacking and ddosing side but ok sure..trolling

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