Continuous Bot Raids Spell Trouble For the Army of Club Penguin

BREEZE, ACP Capitol – After only recently finding themselves back in the Top 3, the Army of Club Penguin falls victim to rampant bot raids.

Due to computer issues hindering one of the ACP leaders, Bam, the ACP struggled to capture a place in the Top 3 for well over a month. However, that all changed in our most recent Top Ten edition where the Army of Club Penguin skyrocketed 7 places, and found themselves in the #2 position.

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 7.18.16 PM

Following their sudden rise to power, the Army of Club Penguin was met with a peculiar fate. Bots from an unknown source began raiding nearly every ACP event following their rise to #2nd place. Below are pictures of typical ACP events since this week began.



Trader, ACP leader, released his frustrations regarding the bot raids in a post titled “Bot Raid Are Back”. In the post, he announces the bot raids, and subtly points a finger at figures in the Night Warriors. He states that this is their way of preventing the ACP from overtaking them in the Top Ten. You can read an excerpt from the post below, or find the full post on the ACP site here. 

When somebody challenges your position on CPAC, the only way to defend it is by bot raiding.

Good Job

– Trader, ACP leader

As of the publication of this report, the Night Warriors haven’t responded to this accusation.

A new chapter of this story arose when Trader, ACP leader, received a cryptic Kik message from someone anonymously taking credit for the raids. You can read the Kik message, given to us by Trader, below.


Although we cannot vouch for the safety of the site, we can give you an excerpt of one of the posts on the site titled “Negotiations (hopefully soon met)”. The contents of the post can be seen below.

If these negotiations are not met I will:

  • Non-stop bot raid your events
  • Send malicious/ip grabber links to your troops.  (Also encrypted ip grabbers on “safe” sites.) — I just need a few more ips till I have them all LOL. 
  • Chat raid your headquarters on and on (over 50,000 free proxies active, aka 50,000 accounts.. that’s going to take a lot of banning) Even if Xat patched my xat raid after the databreach, I’ll just fix it.. lol? (over 75 premium proxies active)
  • I have the IP addresses to almost every one of your troops. I will leak them. Too bad I dont know how to entirely dox but HEY it will be nice for others to know your ip address and approximate location as well as your email address.
  • Spam your email address
  • DDoS

Read on to read what I’m expecting


My offers (mandatory)

  1. Money transferred via paypal (I will give you my paypal later onward when we decide the amount)
  2. I will also accept xats equivalent to the money we decided on. (x . 3.5)

– Unknown person responsible for ACP attacks


Following this, the ACP put out a public statement acknowledging the extortionist, although didn’t offer any insight on how they intended to handle the situation. You can view an excerpt from the ACP post below.

Warning to everybody in the Army Of Club Penguin. We’ve recently been targeted and are under attack by malicious people. All we can do right is say


I do not care who links you it. DO NOT CLICK IT.

They can’t hurt us if we don’t let them.

– Trader, ACP leader, regarding the bot attacks


I caught an interview with Bam, ACP leader, to try and get a better understanding of the ACP reaction to these attacks.

Gob: Who do you think is responsible for these attacks?

Bam: I believe its the lad named “Flen” as his IP matched the original sites adress

Gob: Why do you think the extortionist chose ACP to be the victims of his attacks?

Bam: the person has either been payed off, holds a grudge or is just a complete f*****

Gob: How does ACP intend to deal with these attacks? Will you give in to the demands?

Bam: Absolutely not- ACP doesnt negotiate with wanna be hackers/dumb ass kids who bot

Gob: Anything else you’d like to add?

Bam: My fire bending skills are once again perfected – but my computer is still needing work. Also flen – threatinng to bot raid isnt going to pay your mommys rent, go beg for more money or get a job for once

We want to know what YOU think! Who do YOU think is behind these attacks? Is it Becky with the good hair? Find out on the next episode of Dragon Ball Z!





13 Responses

  1. hahahahahha acp got bot raid.

  2. Ok this confused me. Did Bam write it, as it says on top, or Goblin, as he signed? I assume that Bam wrote it but because he didn’t want to seem biased for posting about his army, like trader, he signed as goblin and put that name in the interview. Lmfao.

    • Though some words in the post are used by Bam, the end bold message is Goblinish. Ffs, you guys exploded my head.

      • Goblin wrote the post, Bam117 added the interview.

  3. You forget that NW was also subject to these raids as mentioned in various posts on our sites. I don’t understand the jabs towards NW?

    • Army of Club Penguin is the main focus of these attacks, Night Warriors has been attacked 3 times? ACP has been getting attacked all week. Also, the person doing it is in your army now, so I don’t think you’ll see them much longer.

    • stay tuned for my next post!

  4. Ok

  5. Lol I love how these imbeciles think it’s Flen. My English improved so quickly even I’m surprised.
    See you at your next event
    Best regards
    (WHO KNOWS LOL) or.. (flen lol?)

  6. What I Love about this is that innocent people are taking the blame LOL

  7. lol who said these are bots? its dcp.. oh wait dcp IS bots.
    damn my roast game stronk

    • DCP got raided too so i suggest you shut your ass before I make you. Get the facts and stop being dumb ass jokes that are meaningless

      • raided? you mean you had a typical event on your capital and got confused and thought your own troops were bots!

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