Smart Penguins Enter Lockdown until June

GLACIER, Former SP Capital — Yesterday, on May 17th, 2016, the fifth biggest army in the Club Penguin community decided to shut their doors until June 15th, 2016. How will this impact the rest of May?

One of the current leaders of the Smart Penguins, Superhero132, released in a post earlier yesterday explaining that the army would be under a temporary lockdown until summer. Two days earlier, the AUSIA-based army reached fifth in the Top Ten. Their highest achievement in the coveted Top Ten since their creation, and a goal they’ve been wanting to reach for a while now. The week before when they received seventh, they were already counting down the days before they’d eventually reach fifth.

Here is what Superhero132 had to say in regards to the lockdown,

Hello SP. I have some bad news to tell you. Because of my exams I wont be able to hold the army. Astro also has a busy schedule. This means that we will temp lockdown until 15th, when my exams will be over. Please note that this isn’t the end of this generation.

Astro75114, the other Smart Penguins’ leader, apparently has a busy schedule and with AUSIA finals around the corner, neither leader had time to lead. Instead of temporarily promoting one of the three second in commands (or for that fact, any owner willing), they decided to put a hold to the very successful generation for the time being. AUSIA finals have been rather a big gossip recently as all armies are seeing a severe lack of soldiers from this area. SP was one of the few armies left in the community to consistently provide events around the AUSIA time frame.

The red army at their last event, performing a E+G tactic in a backwards L.

For the most part, this army has been more on the quiet side of impacting the community. Earlier in May, they went to war against the Night Rebels in which they won. This war was never posted on Club Penguin Army Central, whether or not that’s because the laziness of our reporters or for the fact there was only one battle for the server North Pole is unknown to me. At the time of the war, SP was ranked at 9th while NR were one spot ahead of them at 8th.

The army also faced a multilogging scandal from a now retired owner named Wenny. Superhero132 commented on this, foreboding a message to all armies, “As an army we are against to any form of cheating. By the way if someone who reads this post multilogs I advise you to stop. Its harming our slowly dying community“.

I think what I will miss for the next twenty-eight days until June 15th is Superhero132 constantly asking me to help his army. Serious dedication there! Unfortunately, since the lockdown of their army, Smart Penguins’ chat has been a lot less active– even during their prized AUSIA times. Therefore, I was not able to get an immediate interview with any of the remaining soldiers from the Smart Penguin army.

So, what do YOU think? Did you expect the Smart Penguins to shut down all of a sudden? Do YOU believe the Smart Penguins’ return will make an impact?

Here at Club Penguin Army Central, we value your opinion(s). Comment it/them below!


13 Responses

  1. hey sorry for bothering you but sp are in lockdown

  2. beast

  3. who is sp?

    • Other Army ;-;

  4. I do not heard about Smart Penguins very well… But rip.

  5. Kyle, I must say your grammar eludes me in many wondrous ways.

    • Are you a idiot? Do you see a typo word l that typed in? It was sent from my phone. Retard.

      • LOL somebody is mad for no reason

        • you’re a idiot, I do not heard of a idiot like you. There are no typo words in that he typed in. Retard.

          • LOL, btw Gob I posted on cpac, check it out

      • Don’t worry Kyle, I type no grammar when I type too. I’m type from computer.

  6. Great post. We will be back.
    ~Superhero123, SP Leader and Legend

  7. This is literally a joke. I roasted super in the CPAC Top Ten comments and now this kid is bringing SP back because he wants to prove that SP can do better than NR. Look who’s mad now. 😀

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