Army In Focus, The DJ Army

SNOW CONE, DJ Army capital- The DJ Army had returned to the S/M community on May 6th. On their second week they have pushed to the major top 10, creating history and forming their golden age.

The DJ Army’s held 9 events on their first week with medium sizes. They stressed how they were ambitious to rise after being appointed first in the s/m top 10. Ambitiously they pushed towards their goals to be positioned on the major top 10,after they held 14 events, with an increase in sizes.

CPAC managed to get an interview with Astro, current DJ Army leader, about his ambitions and hopes for the army.

Astro (Current DJ Army Leader);Red Security (Reporter);Blue

Security: What was your reaction, after securing a position in the major top 10?

Astro: I was really impressed! I thought we would get either bottom place or ninth, however for us to get seventh! 

Security: What are your aspirations for the future?

Astro: Our goal from now is to enter the top 5 positions.

Security: What sizes are you hoping to achieve in the future?

Astro: Our aim is to reach around 15 – 20.

Security: Final comments?


From this interview, the DJ Army are rapidly exceeding their goals as they hope to achieve further success in their 4th generation. It is clear that the DJ Army are using an aggressive technique to become a rising army. As we can see, their events increasing as well as their sizes at their events. 

img (1).png

DJ Army – Week One.


DJ Army – Week Two.

As we can see from both of these sources the DJ Army are respectively improving in size which supports their average in the top ten. 

Despite the army being regularly busy with unscheduled and scheduled events however they’re appearing aggressive after declaring war on the Chaos. They invaded over three servers and gave support to the Dark Knights Empire, whilst keeping peace with the community.

img (2).png

In my opinion the DJ Army are a potential world power, a threat and are going to rise due to there tactics, skills and techniques that they use to increase their performance and size. Also from the support of their allies as they are very friendly with them as shown above. 

What do YOU think?

Will the DJ Army rise in the future? Will they achieve their aspirations? Will they show a huge improvement as summer is on the way? Or will they perish?

Here at CPAC we value YOUR opinions! Comment below.


CP Army Reporter


2 Responses

  1. I think: that guys = 7 world war.
    In SMAC of course.

  2. Well written post. Your fifth paragraph is written in a confusing manner, though.

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