Legends Satire Poem Contest 2016

KLONDIKE, CPA Central HQ – Fresh off the heels of the recent Legends Inductions, there’s no better time to revive the Legends Satire Poem Contest. Read on for more information regarding examples, guidelines, judging, and prizes.

In recent months, the presence of satire has dwindled greatly on CPAC. Who better to bring it back to the spotlight than you, the viewer?

During this contest, participants will select a legend from our legends page to write a poem centered in satire about. You can view the contestants of last years contest here, and the winners of last years contest here.


Below is the template form for your submissions. Fill this out in the comments down below in order to be entered in the contest.




Below is an example of a correctly filled template form.

Name: 1goblinguy

Legend: Daniel/Eyes521

Poem: His name is Daniel

Though they also call him Eyes

Because he sees clear*

*Note: Submissions do not need to be in a Haiku format.


In an effort to avoid stumping creativity, there are only two rules for the contest. The first, keep entries of PG-13(-ish) nature. The second, have fun and make it funny!

Each participant is limited to two entries, though they can only claim one prize.


The role of judging will be taken up by me, CSY, and Atticus. Participants will be judged on a 3-category system. Those categories are: originality, comedic value, and structure. Structure includes things like, spelling, grammar, and rhyme scheme.

Each judge will judge each entry on a 1-5 basis based on those categories, the entry with the most points after adding all of the judges scoring will win the prize.


1st place: 500 xats + 3 months adspace on CPAC

2nd place: 250 xats + 2 months adspace on CPAC

3rd place: A firm handshake + a specially designed participation trophy

Get those creative juices flowing, and honor our legends in style! Good luck to all participants!





105 Responses

  1. That’s not what I meant by “priorities”, Goblin; lol.

    • 0/5, terrible entry.

      • Lmao bro. XD

  2. Name: Epickitty271

    Legend: Puckley

    Puckley likes lemons

    Please do not take his lemons

    Or you might die, sir.

    • noice haiku

      • Thanks m8

      • haiku: a Japanese poem of seventeen syllables, in three lines of five, seven, and five, traditionally evoking images of the natural world. Words that correspond to seasons are usually inserted in haikus.


        • I see you’ve been to good job sir Flipmoo.

          • Yes, because a common definition is much more reliable than one created on the spot by an unspecialized individual.

  3. Name: Fluffy 9404
    Legend: Every single one
    Poem: Why waste your mother-
    fucking time to get legend
    Are you autistic

    • That isnt funny

  4. Name: Charice
    Legend: Wii Mountain
    Poem: mountain views steal me

    and i am glad to let it

    make a difference

  5. Name: Possum
    Legend: The 11th Doctor
    Something Old
    Something New
    Something Borrowed
    Something Blue

  6. Name: Soph
    Legend: WweBestFan
    Poem: Wwe liked doritos, especially the ones that were on mexican bikini’s. He loved soggy doritos as much as Tostitos but Doritos were better than all those Rustritos. The years went by and he left doritos, and he had a crush on many Tostitos.
    *This is not meant to be taken offensively*

  7. Name: Charice
    Legend: Wii Mountain
    Poem: mountain views steal me
    and i am glad to let it
    make a difference

  8. Does a Haiku count?

    • yes

  9. Name: Rocks

    Legend: Waterkid

    (Haiku by Rocks)

    Waterkid can lead!

    He led LT to a rise!

    He can save us all!

  10. Name: aquabluejet

    Legend: iceyfeet1234


    roses are red
    violets are blue
    iceyfeet is twenty
    no wait twenty two
    he created the ice warriors army
    like fifty years ago
    what is iceyfeet’s age you ask
    nobody will ever know
    he was iw leader forever
    something i could never achieve
    because icey saw nothing in me
    that he could believe
    but thats ok i guess
    cuz im cool and stuff
    just look at me, i mean seriously
    im really tight and buff
    but seriously, this is about icey
    and not about me
    he holds the legend status
    on the big CPAC
    even though iw’s dead
    and it says that its not
    icey is still great
    (even though he let sprite bot)
    im writing this poem now
    and sure as hell it better win
    because everyone knows
    i am the #1 poem penguin


    • i refurbished the poem since u nerds want it to be grammatically correct

      Roses are red,
      Violets are blue
      Iceyfeet is twenty-
      No wait twenty two,
      He created the Ice Warriors Army,
      Like fifty years ago;
      What is Iceyfeet’s age you ask?
      Nobody will ever know…
      He was IW leader forever,
      Something i could never achieve,
      Because Icey saw nothing in me
      That he could believe.
      But that’s ok I guess,
      Cuz im cool and stuff,
      Just look at me, I mean seriously,
      I’m really tight and buff.
      But seriously, this is about Icey,
      And not about me,
      He holds the legend status,
      On the big CPAC.
      Even though IW’s dead,
      And it says that it’s not,
      Icey is still great,
      (Even though he let sprite bot.)
      I’m writing this poem now,
      And sure as hell it better win,
      Because everyone knows,
      I am the #1 poem penguin.

    • love this poem ❤

  11. Trader is the best
    He’s better than the rest

    He’s a leader
    He also might touch your weiner

    If you pay
    He’ll go all the way

    Half these guys have bad intentions
    Why are they even legends

    Try to flex on me
    I’ll make fun of your homosexuality

    Can’t make a cpac comment without making fun of phins lifestyle
    Think she can hack computer files
    But she can’t even run a square mile.

    I got bars
    Phin the size of mars

    Her pictures took up the whole computer screen
    Surprised she’s a teen
    That can fit in jeans

    I’m not one to talk though
    My girlfriend’s a big hoe

    Sucking off every guy
    My whole high school football team is dry

    I’m probably the biggest cuck in the community
    It’s like for pussy I have an immunity
    I miss every opportunity

    This is getting a bit off track
    Let’s talk about zak

    Why is he even on the legends list
    He can’t even lift

    I better win this shit
    Or I quit
    After I make your mom spit

    Spit out my cum
    Playing her tits like drums
    You scum
    Fingering your mom’s bum
    With my thumb

    • I’m sorry, the poems are supposed to be about legends, not pole climbers.

      • Lolk


    • I fucking died reading this

  12. Bam

    Shaboomboom is a sad clown
    Whenever i make a joke about multilogging he frowns
    I bet he wishs boomer would give his ass a pound
    Errror : no multilogs found

    Over the age of 20
    But he still finds very little funny
    Hes also really bad at giving advise
    He secretly wants me to lead ACP for life

    He is also a major ass
    For not voting for me in the past
    I hope he gets hit by a bus then ends up in a full body cast.
    Fuck you Shab

  13. I will send you nudes if you write a poem about me

  14. Bam

    He spends his nights recruiting with his autotyping tools
    He spends his days shooting up schools

    Hes the only kind of fool
    That thinks 24/7 autotyping is cool

    His RPF sheets are riddled in skeet
    But at least he’s not Iceyfeet

    When he dies he wont go towards the light
    He will forever continue fighting the good fight

    Praise elmikey the true savior
    He’s CPA’s best innovator

    No but really fuck you and your troops
    Once of these days you wont get any more recruits



    Not sure how you got legend you clown
    But the thought of it makes orphans kill themselves around town

    Not sure why you made Water Vikings bro
    You should honestly kill urself on the low

    Thanks for making that cancer with ur buddy Jed
    Too bad all your past leaders were sped

    Sorry you couldn’t hit me with that multilogging scandal
    Hopefully your dad beats the gay out of you, with a sandle

    But seriously why the fuck are you even considered one
    I tried to find ur accomplishments but couldnt find one

    Its retarded how you got legend, what a pity
    Must be nice when you’re entire CPAC staff is on the “legends committee”
    CPAC2015 AF

  15. Name: Kyle103
    Legend: SaW
    The buzz saw snarled and rattled in the yard
    And made dust and dropped stove-length sticks of wood,
    Sweet-scented stuff when the breeze drew across it.
    And from there those that lifted eyes could count.
    Its what he saw some pretty girls, he said. He saw what they look like and it made his day. He turned into a killer after he got angry when the Dark Warriors suddently struggle to fall. The people must complete his perverse puzzle to live, flashbacks relate the fates of his previous victims.

  16. Name: Ask you’r mom. (Flen I am :))
    Poem: Unknown is the name,
    goes awol like a nightingale,
    leaves toy admin on dw site,
    and thinks he can take dw to a new hieghts?
    Everyone tries to contact Unk,
    but due to no having his number, I try to hack like my hale(thatmade no sense..)

  17. Name: Vijay
    Legend: Woton
    Hickory Dickory Dock
    Woton Went Up the Clock
    The Clock Struck One
    Woton Was Done
    Hickory Dickory Dock

    • my favourite poem xD

      • thanks

  18. Name: Albaro Lord
    Legend: Mchappy
    You would think that he’d be happy,
    But in fact he’s kinda sappy.
    Sitting on ACP chat dissing everyone,
    When you’re all dried up, you gotta have fun.
    Yes, this is a diss track,
    Don’t try and clap back.
    Come on bro, you already know,
    All Hell unleashed when ACP warlords give it a go.
    But you’re a little too old and a little too slow,
    Now you’re all coked up and ready to blow.
    At this point I got more respect for Waterkid and Commando.
    Not sorry for that combo,
    Gotta make a gay joke, break a rainbow,
    Go hump a rhino,
    If you’re gonna coup Trader you gotta tiptoe on turbo.
    Come on, even Gordan Ramsay didn’t like your risotto.
    If this was a rap it’d make it on the radio.
    You get the memo?
    Haha I’m just kidding bro,
    It’s all for show,
    I love you though, no homo.

  19. Name: Zoomey
    Legend: Oagalthorp

    Sitting by a computer,
    Playing club penguin,
    When suddenly he realized,
    His mini game was ending.

    Oh no one this is sad,
    He called out so loud,
    Come on Oagal,
    Make us proud.

    Then suddenly he died,
    He let out a roar,
    And then he realized,
    his back was soar.

    He stood from his chair,
    Something I never do,
    Then he went to the bathroom,
    He took a big poo.

    He then came back,
    He sat on his chair,
    He also had food this time,
    He had a pair.

    I personally hate pairs,
    I only want you single,
    Come over here my dear,
    I’m ready to mingle.

    Here is the good big,
    The part where he is smart,
    Changes the game forever,
    The idea was a work of art.

    Maybe I will make armies,
    He shouted out with glee,
    Wait, I will be right back,
    I need to take a pee.

    He done it so well,
    Making armies for all,
    No more boring mini games,
    No more being stuck in the mall.

    The armies grew bigger then ever,
    Even now they are huge,
    Over 100 people in here,
    I have a lot of pupes.

    We continue to be in armies,
    All thanks to one man,
    Thank you very much Oagalthorp,
    You did us a good thing fam!

  20. Name: It says it in case you can’t read.
    Title: Kyle

    Please leave the community.

    Everyone knows you’re a 17 yr old pedo.

    Don’t you think it’s sad to play CP at 17?

    Oh, you don’t seem to have a life.

    Please explain to me why you don’t have common sense.

    Help, I looked at your Facebook and my phone screen cracked.

    I think you’re the reason armies are dying.

    Learn some proper grammar please. You’re just as bad as Flen if not worse.

    Excuse me for spilling the truth about a child molester, Kyle103.

    • BTW Kyle is a legend for being a pedo. 🙂

      • He isn’t a legend “for” being a pedo.

    • Title: Phin

      Names is phinny whore
      work is to give the good nudes like a hole.

      never licks my dick
      but acts like shes is a bitch.

      she got big tits,
      but I like the hole a bit more big

      she wants to kiss my buts
      but forgets that she don’t have the guts 😀

    • pretty sure this isnt satire

    • Not to mention, this isn’t a poem at all. It hasn’t got any structure or poetic techniques. This is just a salty rage post about Kyle

      • It’s an acrostic poem. Haven’t you ever heard of one?

        • It’s not funny, you’re just trying to attack someone to be ‘cool’
          no comedic value what so ever

          • I really don’t give a bloody fu*k about your opinions. Like come on. Nobody cares. It’s a poem, deal with it.

            • You’ve taken advantage of this contest to attack someone. Your “poem” and many others like it aren’t satire. What happened to respect in this damn community.

        • Acrostic poetry? That’s the level of poetry I’d expect from a 5 year old. Other than your poem spelling the word “PEDOPHILE”, your poem really has no substance. It’s just a poorly-written attack on Kyle, and you didn’t even do it right.

          • “Poorly written” I’d like to see you do better kiddo.

            • You don’t even have a better comeback, Phin. That’s the only word you’re saying to me, which IS a poorly-written attack[as what maxy said]. If you can do something better than that, then reply to this comment, or you are just a idiotic whale flapping around the ocean that nobody gives a fuck about.

              • I agree. Phin has based her entire poem on the claim that you’re a pedophile, and she hasn’t even made it funny. If I could summarise Phin’s poem in one sentence, it would be this:

                “DURR HURR KYLE IS A PEDO XDDdddD”

              • I’m not a whale first off. Second, you’re just mad I rekt you on kik and released your dox, revealing your hideous face to the public. Do me a favour, just qui xat, quit armies. Just take a knife and slit your throat. Learn some grammar while you’re at it. Cheers mate.

                • “released your dox”
                  “take a knife and slit your throat”

                  You immature, contemptible prat.

                  • Shes releasing my dox, because l am telling the truth to her on here, lmao. The comment that l told her, is the truth. All she does is just mailed me on xat with a salty rage one, and doxed me – as well as Ryan, Superhero and Samsungy by Phin. [I dont even know 2/3 of that people, except Ryan.]

                    • Phin if you think that running your mouth helps your case then you’re mistaken. Get owned you sperm bank.


            • Firstly, you’re calling me a “kiddo” when you’re the one who writes acrostic poetry. I was taught about acrostics in, what, Year 1? You’re in no position to talk in such a condescending way.

              And yes, I could do better. Your poem only uses one technique, an acrostic, and it is very poorly structured and written. It’s really not difficult to write a poem that’s better than yours.

              • I’m not a poetry writer either. I learned that in Year 1 as well. I could care less. It’s Club Penguin.

                • “I’m not a poetry writer” Firstly, the better word would be “poet”, and you really didn’t need to tell me that. I already could see that.

                  “It’s Club Penguin”- yeah, because that’s an excuse to write poorly structured personal attacks on individuals!

  21. Name: drake8893
    Legend: waterkid (idk most these fags on the legends page)
    yo waddup
    its me waterkid, hoe
    why my name still be on cpac doe
    i guess im still relevant yo
    o wait i remember i blow
    hey kid want a cp membership
    come download this rat and suck mah tip
    make a report, i dont give a flip
    now ima go on another vaca trip
    been abused since birth amirite
    dad an indian my mom white
    glory to the motha flippin light
    rlly tho, click this link i dont bite
    lynch them jews yay
    gotta build dis wall and make em pay
    reading cpac turned me gay
    pirate leedur b4 i cast away
    o sht troops, its NW. hit the hay!
    gonna put gettin my arse pounded on mah resume
    now get with the flow
    im waterkid fo sho
    started from the bottom yo
    from hobo to potato

    • “but im not a rapper” OOOOO

    • 10/10
      Clap, Clap, Clap… #TRUE_STORY

  22. Name: Superhero123
    Legend: Elmikey
    you aren’t ok
    you are an adult
    and its your fault
    that cp’s filters
    are stricter than your teachers
    get a life
    go outside
    im not rude
    its for your own good

  23. Name: Alien
    Legend: Trickster
    Poem: Trickster Shall be a comedian


    Trickster, is kinda hipster,
    Hes called a mister, but hes my sister

    Trickster is called a hopper,
    Although the only thing he does is to ride his chopper

    Ill better go and check the IMDb
    Cause I think that Trickster stars on a comedee

    I know that my rap is awesome,
    but that Trickster is just a grossome.

    I am going to finish,
    And then i’ll donate to Trickster some penis.

    • your poem is convoluted and hard to read, you get no marks for SPAG

      “although the only thing he does is to ride his chopper” “hes my sister”

      this doesnt make any sense

  24. Name: Maciek888pl
    Legend: Vendetta
    I hate sun, I hate light
    Always in dark, shadows and night!

    Because my old Night Warriors dead
    I just goes to moon – yep!
    I see you so don’t worry my friend.
    I will help you if you will be beat!

    I’m stupid, because i’m late
    I don’t save my army before death.

    Meh 😦

    I destroyed ACP
    I been on Top 10
    This is life! – You can say.

    But I’m really sad
    Because my old Night Warriors dead.
    Oh man!

    But now is better, because Toy and Drake
    Revive my friends, yes!
    They are still first on TOP 10
    I want to back – so get ready, my friend! 😀

    • “I destroyed ACP”


      • NW have had a war with ACP

        • And ACP won… lol

  25. Name: Skins
    Legend: Waterkid
    Poem: Roses are red,
    water is a cunt,
    literally kill yourself
    u fuck

  26. Name: Change
    Legend: Funks

    Funks walks in beauty, like the night
    Of cloudless climes and starry skies;
    And all that’s best of dark and bright
    Meet in Funks’ aspect and his eyes;
    Thus mellowed to that tender light
    Which heaven to gaudy day denies.
    ❤ xx

    • *ejaculates*

  27. Name: Fluffyboy3
    Legend: Waterkid

    Waterkid’s face is what represents a horse
    and we know he multilogs of course
    but when he’s with jessie
    things get messy
    and his troops get nothing but remorse.

    • re entry:
      Name: Fluffyboy3
      Legend: Waterkid

      Waterkid’s face is what represents a horse
      and we know he multilogs of course
      but when he’s with jessie
      things get messy
      and his troops have nothing but remorse

    • That was beautiful.

  28. Name: Verum
    Legend: Elmikey
    Big Elmikey needs to lay off that LSD
    Far from the “King”, I’m from the army of Vince, Tomb and don’t forget big V
    You’ll never be a real legend like Mrtchy
    You’re a fucking joke
    You’re still playing cp and you’re 23
    Kids laugh at you like hehehe
    In reality you’re as relevant as that chaos kid Sapper
    Wolves on your back you’re really a crap rapper
    see your mom nw gangbanged her
    that lil bitch brooke told me why she was missing ur calls
    she said ur dick was so lil u piss on ur balls
    mikey think it all good cause biggie made juicy
    he should listen to who shot ya nw bangs jewboys
    your bot shit is basic u still using ruby
    you think ur hard now cause u listen to rick ross
    if u were fighting NW you’d come out with a loss
    my dick like a python that script pull recruits making me look like a boss
    difference between acp and night warriors
    we’d rather die with a victory than live with a loss
    -drops mic-

    • Well then..

    • This isn’t much of satire, you’re just beaking on elmikey..

  29. Name: Redstone1228

    Legend: Tom Wolf

    Poem: Tom Wolf made the nachos, no not the food, and he was really a really awesome dude. If you ever met him, tell me right away, because I have to say, “dude if you’ve met Tom Wolf, your cool”, now sorry I have to go, and splash in my condo’s pool

  30. Waterkid the legend,
    how may this be,
    he sits at his computer desk,
    jacking off to auto typing,
    i’ll never understand him, nobody will,
    had if he ever had kids,
    they would be mentally ill.

    waterkid the legend,
    what are the odds,
    keep this up cpac
    and you’ll be inducting moostapha.

    waterkid oh waterkid where ever you may be,
    i hope you read this and your anal cavity bleeds.

    as i conclude this poem i would just like to say,
    waterkid has no place in being legend so just boot him away.

    – mc j money


      • legend*….

  31. Name: Shiny
    Legend: Me (RPF Legend :D)
    I go wack,
    I go smack,
    I go, wheres the spring smack down times?


  32. Name: Alien
    Legend: Trickster

    x wont trickster to ya
    it wont trickster to ya
    cause trickster is a holly
    yeah a holly molly
    so he will hop ur army
    yeah he will hop ur army
    coz I know I’m the best
    surely I stay on a nest


    Trickster is a hopper
    hopping all the time
    I know this aint serious
    but I don’t give a lime
    surely he drops down everything he finds
    but I know that I am the only thing he minds


    by MC ALIEN

    • That was fucking beautiful.

      biiltsak has PERFECTLY crafted his poem using a variety of linguistic devices. For example, the author uses the repetition of the dynamic verb “hop” to subtly emphasise the internal conflicts that Trickster is having when it comes to deciding the army he will join.

      The author capitalises the phrase “NOW IM SERIOUS” to emphasise anger and fury- the author is using this poem to connote deep feelings of anger about Trickster.

      I’d talk more but I can’t be arsed, so bravo chap, for your poem is a masterpiece.

  33. Name: djkb1
    Legend: zak
    nah but srs tho admit it you were shit

  34. I miss the old Club Penguin, shit from the gold Club Penguin
    Talking ’bout the soul Club Penguin , set all its goals Club Penguin
    I hate the new Club Penguin, the bad mood Club Penguin
    The always lame Club Penguin, spaz on youtube Club Penguin
    I miss the sweet Club Penguin, chop up the beats Club Penguin
    I’d like to say at that time I’d like to play Club Penguin
    See I invented Club Penguin, there wasn’t any Club Penguins
    And now I look and look around and there’s so many Club Penguins
    I used to love Club Penguin
    I even had the pink polo, I thought I was Polo Field
    What if Club Penguin made a song about Club Penguin
    Called “I miss the old Club Penguin”
    Man that would be so Club Penguin, that’s all it was Club Penguin
    We still love Club Penguin and I love you like Club Penguin loves Club Penguin


  35. Name: Happy77

    Legend: All of Club Penguin

    I miss the old Club Penguin, shit from the gold Club Penguin
    Talking ’bout the soul Club Penguin , set all its goals Club Penguin
    I hate the new Club Penguin, the bad mood Club Penguin
    The always lame Club Penguin, spaz on youtube Club Penguin
    I miss the sweet Club Penguin, chop up the beats Club Penguin
    I’d like to say at that time I’d like to play Club Penguin
    See I invented Club Penguin, there wasn’t any Club Penguins
    And now I look and look around and there’s so many Club Penguins
    I used to love Club Penguin
    I even had the pink polo, I thought I was Polo Field
    What if Club Penguin made a song about Club Penguin
    Called “I miss the old Club Penguin”
    Man that would be so Club Penguin, that’s all it was Club Penguin
    We still love Club Penguin and I love you like Club Penguin loves Club Penguin


  36. Name: Sonic
    Legend: Pink Mafias
    What a shame that Pink Mafias is my topic
    Although a hero he was
    Aaron lies all alone now
    Because he realizes that
    Sonic has won the Pink Mafias poem yet again

  37. Name: Zottffss
    Legend: Elmikey
    He came a long way
    But aims to FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT
    This is Elmikey!

  38. Name: Charcoal me
    Legend: zakster
    sadness flies around
    sadness is everywhere
    in trenches deep to mountains high
    sadness has no words
    talking with only eyes
    as if mute
    sadness takes place in the heart and brain
    it can happen anytime in the sunshine or the moonlight

    • very accurate portrayal of zakster’s accomplishments

  39. Name: Vendetta

    Legend: Vendetta


    I have a version of vehemence, vigor, villainy, and vindication; of vexation, vanquishment, violation, venture, volition, and vendetta; of violent vitality verging on vim that I wish to vociferate. The vested verdict of which has vanquished and been vanished from my very soul. Must I add, Verum is a vexed vagina.

    • LOL

  40. that’s retarded

  41. Name: Doctor Mine Turtle
    Legend: Elmikey
    Elmikey fight me
    no dont bite me Elmikey
    thats not the good fight

  42. Name: superoo
    Legend: Elmikey

    State your name cuz!
    Elmikey init.
    What we doing today?
    Autotyping init
    Yeah, fucking autotyping,
    Yeah fire in the park, let’s go!

    Man try say he’s better than me
    Tell my man shut up
    Mention my name on CPAC
    Oi rude boy, shut up
    Better than me?
    Shut up
    Best on CP?
    Tell my man

    Couple man called me a multilogger
    Onstage at the Legends Cup, I’m a multilogger
    If that makes me a multilogger
    The man in your vids, multilogger
    The man in your pics, multilogger
    Man wanna chat about multilogger
    Big c*nt like me with a diaper
    I’m a big c*nt, how the fuck can I-?

    Army comes everywhere I go
    I can’t run when my enemies show
    Walk in the club with all of my tugs
    Battle’s done, everybody go home
    Apart from the children, you lot stay
    Walk in the club, all the kids say hey
    Tell a kid like they can play
    There’s no children, we don’t rave

    *drops mic*

  43. Name: Maid
    Legend: Icey
    Icey actually pced me
    it said
    “Can you multilog for me?”

  44. Name: Maid
    Legend: Icey
    Icey actually pced me
    it said
    “Can you multilog for me?”

  45. Name: Maid
    Legend: Icey
    Icey actually pced me
    it said
    “Can you multilog for me?”

  46. Name: Maid
    Legend: Icey
    Icey actually pced me
    it said
    “Can you multilog for me?”

    • Okay, I think we get it….

  47. Name: Shady/Jonochrome

    Legend: Watex

    Poem: There was once a time,

    When armies were at their prime,

    And the person responsible for this regime,

    Was a blogger whose success was flying,

    In his army’s sizes he broke many records combined,

    His name was Watex… and he was greater than Optimus Prime.

    Nothing could break his Warriors, who were then sublime,

    They were all his fans, in number a thousand and ninety-nine.

  48. 100th nigger

  49. 101st 😀

  50. This section might be titled: “CPAC grows up.” Oh dear, where has the innocence gone? Some of these entries… heh.

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