Top Ten Armies: 5/8/2016


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1. Night Warriors [+0][73.00]

2. Nachos [+3][64.50]

3. Rebel Penguin Federation [+1][60.00]

4. Army Republic [-1][59.00]

5T. Marines [-3][54.75]

5T. Wild Ninjas [+5][54.75]

7. Smart Penguins [+2][54.53]

8. Silver Surfers [-2][48.84]

9. Army of Club Penguin [-2][45.50]

10. Night Rebels [-2][43.50]

El Fullo Statso.


1. Night Warriors: Night Warriors blasted off their week with a invasion of AR’s capital hitting sizes of 25. Later on they held an invasion of Toboggan along with a quick invasion of the server Berg both hitting sizes of near 30. To end their week they invaded several more servers during this war with sizes ranging from 17 to nearly 30 along with a surrender by the Army Republic.

2. NachosThe Nachos of Club Penguin began their week with a Card Jitsu tournament in which they maxed 20. They then held a recruiting and training session with sizes up to 18. Shortly after, they hit 15 in a PB vs RPF and had 20+ in a mining expedition.

3. Rebel Penguin Federation: RPF started the week by facing the Marines during their cleanse of Tuxedo, reaching 25 online. Then, they maxed 13 at a battle against AR. They had a training session when the Nachos didn’t show up for their practice battle, getting a top size of 20. To end the week, they had a practice battle with the Night Rebels and maxed 29.

4. Army Republic: AR began the week with a couple of training sessions, maxing 12 and 17. Later that same day, their training session was raided by the Night Warriors, and they reached 20 online. After declaring war on NW, AR had a practice battle with RPF, topping off at 16. Then they invaded Yukon with 16, and Slushy with 8. Next, AR invaded Arctic with a top size of 15. The following day, they trained with 19, and also had a recruiting session where they hit 17.

5T. Marines: The Marines kicked things off by overthrowing Epic Master, then defending Tuxedo from RPF with 23. The next day, they held a recruiting session with a top size of 30. Then, their AUSIA division had a practice battle with the Smart Penguins, at which they maxed 15.

5T. Wild Ninjas: Wild Ninjas had a total of 4 events this week. To start off their week WN held a training session maxing sizes of 15. Later they held another intense training session with sizes of 20. To end their week they held two more training sessions with average sizes of 15 and 10 as well as a declaration of war against “Colors Army”.

7. Smart Penguins: The Smart Penguins’ first event this week was an unscheduled UK training session, where they reached 15 online. They hit 15 again at another training session the next day. SP then maxed 10 and 14, and 12 at their AUSIA training sessions. Their UK division trained again, reaching a top size of 20. Next, they faced the Marines in an AUSIA practice battle and maxed 10. Finally, SP had another unscheduled UK and reached 12 troops online.

8. Silver Surfers: The Silver Surfers’ week was brief; they maxed 10 at an AUSIA training to start off with. Then, they had a US training session with a top size of 15. SS closed out the week with an AUSIA training with 7.

9. Army of Club Penguin: The Army of Club Penguin had a very short week with a total of 3 events. They started their week off with UK tactical training session hitting sizes of 11. Later they held another late night training session hitting similar sizes. To end their week they held a cleansing of their capital Breeze with sizes of 12.

10. Night Rebels: The Night Rebels cleansed Altitude with their UK division, maxing 20 in the process. Then, they hit 11 while cleansing Arctic. NR faced RPF in a practice battle and reached 10 troops online. The Green Mercenaries merged into them this week. 





CPAC Vice President

Lorenzo Bean



26 Responses

  1. Soo damn close to 5th but whatever, good job SP!

    • Awesome job 😀

  2. Great job, Nachos! Let’s aim for first next week!

    • Remind me how you will take first with NW around.

      • At least we will try; fairly..

  3. Good job AR! Even better job Nachos!

  4. GG NW, GG Nachos, GG RPF and GG Marines

  5. Go Wild Ninjas! We will sn get to the Top!

  6. mite of the nite

  7. ACP will rise this week we had a very bad week but we will be back

    • hear, hear

      • bunch of sand niggers disliking my comments

  8. nachos get 2nd and max 15…. armies are truly dead

    • 15? Err, excuse me sir but we maxed 20, 25 and 30.

      • thats a first

      • lol wait they added the descriptions, you didnt get over 20 once stop exaggerating please

        • Damn, I can now see why all the community is against you.

    • You lack good judgement, the ability to count, the ability to read, and the ability to shut your big goddamn mouth.

      • you lack the ability to look normal my man
        Gobs Edit: You’ve spammed my PC about this exact thing happening to you. You’re honestly going to do the same thing? Seriously?

        I’ve said it before and I’ll say it as many times as I need to, CPAC is NOT a platform to share personal information to ridicule someone. We encourage free speech, we encourage free thought, but as soon as you take that outside the limitations of this game, you’re going to get IP blocked. Plain and simple. Consider this Badboys last comment on this site.

        • It’s a sad day when I have to IP block my own staff.

  9. Nice job Nachos

  10. Do you guys purposely exclude some events from the description? Anyways, good work NW.

  11. Super Job RPF, and happy 9th years once again!
    PS. @Drake, check your e-mail. Important.

  12. Good job to all the armies.

  13. Goteem

  14. Reblogged this on Club Penguin Silver Surfers Army.

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