Top Ten Armies Of April 2016

KLONDIKE, CP Army Central Headquarters – Today we once again see the greatest feature in CPAC history – the infamous monthly Top Ten. Together we all get to see which armies truly shined over others by measuring the size and consistency of armies over a longer period of time than our weekly Top Tens.

1. Light Troops – 19.5 [79]

2. Night Warriors – 19.25 [77]

3. Rebel Penguin Federation – 17.5 [70]

4. Nachos 16.25 – [65]

 5. Army of Club Penguin – 15.25 [61]

6. Army Republic – 15 [60]

7. Wild ninjas – 12.75 [51]

8. Water Vikings – 12.25 [49]

9. Green Mercenaries – 6.25 [25]

10. Ice Hounds – 6.00 [24]

If you don’t know the formula used [based on Zing Kings original formula] click here . But while this may be late I hope this is a eye opener to some of you, nearly half way in the top ten it starts to dip down further and further until little to no consistent armies are holding on. This is sad and perfectly describes the situation we as a community are in.

**Note** Ice Hounds were moved up from SMAC due to nearly all other armies not coming close to its consistency and efforts. It’s not just about landing a high ranking position a week or two, its about actually keeping the boat floating, Overall we can tell which armies actually kept their heads up.





8 Responses

  1. omg worst reporter EVER


  3. Bias!!!

  4. Nice list

  5. Sup List. I like.

  6. LT sucks.

    • Light Poops* xd
      By @Asriel Dreemur

  7. why isn’t acp first smh hate this reporter.. so biased

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