AR Website Defaced

Update: 6:54 PM – I got a hold of Toysoldier, NW Leader to get his share of the conflict

Update: 6:35 PM – Drake, NW Leader has confirmed Flen deleted 20 posts on AR website.

Click read more below for both updates

TOBOGGAN, Army Republic HQ – Approximately at 1:52 AM Tuesday a deface of the Army Republic site took place. The Army Republic currently remain 3rd on the Top Ten could this deface effect the army in coming weeks?

Updates are imminent. Stay tuned.


It’s a recurring issue in our community ‘hacking’ and in my opinion we’ll just see more and more of it..though not necessarily hacking but DDoS’ing..etc and it wasn’t too long ago Trader made an editorial maybe the 69,000th editorial on this situation and this post is no different.

Update #1 –


Update #2 –

Screenshot at May 04 18-57-49

Screenshot at May 04 18-58-16


Both sides of the story have now been covered and what we know is that the Army Republic purchased the script for 30$ and delivered through Team Viewer. However the Night Warriors stated that they have no affiliation with the deface. Also it has been stated that Yank, AR Leader has possesion of a booter and intends to use it said, Toy.


i will post the 3rd update when it has been released.

This concludes the post and as in every post on CPAC we want to know what you think down below.

I went first hand into the conflict and got Wheelo, AR Leaders’ side of the story and heres what he says to say

Jester: I’m aware that the Army Republic website has been compromised, can you tell me anything about? Who did it and why?

Wheelo: As most people know, Ar purchased a recruiting script from the Night Warriors. We were told not ot tell anyone who we bought it from. Eventually, somebody came on to chat and leaked who we bought it from. From then on, Drake started to accuse us of leaking the script.

In the past few days, it had become apparent that Toysoldier has a hidden RAT in the script. At 1:52 AM UK time, i recieved an email from wordpress saying ”Flen has accepted your invitation to contribute on Army Republic!”

I had then checked the site and multiple posts were gone from the site.

However, Flen left a post explaining how someone had invited him to the wordpress site, and that someone had the intention to deface.

It turns out, that Toysoldier logged on to my wordpress account overnight and at the time i was downloading a game onto my PC at the time he signed into my wordpress account and invited Flen to the site.

He then removed the ”Invited Users” history from the site admin panel so Flens invite doesn’t show up.

I had checked my browser history the next morning to see if he had definitely logged into my pc and it was clear he did

Jester: Can you show me a picture of the history?

Wheelo: It’s all gone.

We believe he sent the original invite from my account and later changed Flens role to admin on Ace’s account.

Jester: Anything else?

Wheelo: If you actually look on NW’s site you can see, Drake saying we will destroy you with just a ”few clicks” 

Jester: Thank you for your time

Right now the Army Republic website has been restored and fixed right back to normal but surely there is more work to be done between the two armies and considering situations like this tensions will only rise, The Night Warriors did issue a declaration of war to the Army Republic in this statement and CPAC will definitely be right on top of the coverage.

”Now, NW. We wage a war that we’ve craved and wanted, but had to put aside. Bring up your arms once again as we face our enemy and wipe the smug idiotic grins off their faces.  We’ve crushed them before, and will devastate them even further this week.”

My opinion:

Well it’s no secret there has been mutliple accusations against the Night Warriors in the past months specifically FlenToy, and now Yank. I’m not suprised anymore of this specific situation ‘hacking’ or even ‘DDoS’ing’ it’s not something new and it will only get worse and worse until the community actually does something to those held accountable I feel we shoud completely isolate and not administer any sort of credit to those who decide to get an edge by commiting malicious actions against their opponent i see that as the only solution to this problem either that or the future isn’t so bright (no pun intended). Keep in mind whenever this topic comes up my opinion will never change no matter the army or people involved it’s your doing that your own name pops up just so a select few don’t have a hissy fit (: .

Questions i’d love for you the viewers to answer:

In your opinion, whats the future going forward into these topics of RAT’ing, DDoS’ing ..etc and how will it effect the community long term?

What diciplinary action would you put on those held accountable to these actions?

Here at CPAC we’d love to know your own thoughts and opinions.. also cancer in the comment section below so please do share your mind on this situation!

Jester the jimmie rustler



32 Responses

  1. A few clicks are army tactics you idiots! (sighs) No one ever understands these things do they?

  2. Flen even admitted in his post that he purposely deleted the posts before stopping himself. Lol? This was not the act of NW. You’d think that if we were the ones behind this, the entire AR site would be gone rather than a petty attempt at deleting posts. If Flen was invited specifically, then what made him delete the posts in the first place?

    There isn’t even a RAT on our script. Stop assuming things when you haven’t a single clue what you’re talking about. If there was a RAT, then the entire Nachos leadership would be infected as well as DW’s since you went ahead and gave it out to them. We also sold it to Trader who was there step by step while receiving the script. The deal was that AR would buy this script for individual use and would not leak it to any other armies. Instead, Ace says he was “peer pressured” into giving it out. It took us a while to get him to admit it since Ace’s motto is “deny, deny, and swear on your mother’s life.”

    We’ve let his bullshit slide time and time again but he still had the audacity to come on our chat and ask us for everything we did before taking it to AR. This war is primarily on Ace. A compulsive liar, and an obsessive leech.

    • We are aware that flen deleted the posts. One of you logged on to my PC that night, and invited Flen. We know that you didnt delete the posts. You added Flen in the assumption that HE would delete the posts.

      Oh and Drake, I’m perfectly aware on whats going on in my computer. I found the rat and it was linked to teamviewer. I’m perfectly willing to put all this RAT, ddosing shit behind us. But dont even try and deny that one of you guys logged on to my computer that night and invited Flen.

      Competition has always been the central aspect of CPA, but at the end of the day, its Club Penguin. Now, let’s continue with a clean war, with no hacking of any sort. Our community is in a bad enough state already. People getting 20+ are coming 2nd… Fuck, in 2013 you’d be lucky to get in the top 5 with 20+.

      • You’re wrong. We had no affiliation with that defacing. And we did not even give you the script. We only gave it to Ace. I swear you guys are just coming up with excuses to not attend our invasions. (we logged off cause we were lagging. Lol? didn’t you say only ace was ddosed)We haven’t even done anything hacking related so far during the course of this war. You talk about the wellbeing of CPAC, but you accuse us with baseless accusations and you haven’t attended our invasions today either.

        • Firstly, I know that you did not give me the script, and that it was for Ace. Let’s think about it; you and Toy seem to possess quite an obvious distaste for Ace…. Now, if you were giving him the script, why not have your buddy Toy put a rat in it, just in case Ace became an enemy in the future? When you realized the script had been passed on from Ace to me, you saw it as a “bonus”, and therefore used your RAT on me as well. It’s very easy to say that you “had no affiliation” with the defacing. As I said, we KNOW you didn’t delete any posts from the site, you left that to Flen, so that you were not directly held responsible. However, you soon realized that Flen did not have the intention to deface AR again.

          Secondly, I am European so I have no control over what happens at US battles, only on weekends. But I do know for a fact that you did not even show up/attend our Euro invasion on Tuesday, where we invaded the server Yukon. You then updated your invasion schedule to “Invasion of Yukon, where you gave less than 24 hours notice, making it invalid. One of our mods said that we were logging off “because we were lagging”, not a leader OR an owner.

          Thirdly, claiming that you have not done any hacking in this war so far is complete bs. You, or Toy, were clearly DoSing Ace at the battle on Tuesday. The AR ownership, as well as some very distinguished legends of AR and other armies, recognize the fact that Toysoldier did in fact RAT the recruiting script.

          Based on Toy’s history with malicious activities, my understanding of the recent events is recognized as correct.

          • Well the only CP related thing I downloaded since I rejoined is the recruiting script, which Ace bought from toy.

  3. Good detective work.

  4. I also find it interesting that there’s no proof of us owning hack tools, yet there’s definitive proof of Yank owning a booter and his words on xat suggesting that he will use it. I would include that in your post rather than mentioning only Toy and Flen, Jester.

    • Toy said he isn’t releasing the evidence so i will when he does. And you’re right on the Yank part so i edited my take on it including Yank.

    • You did boot Badboy off when he led the Elites. Don’t deny it buddy, there are dozens of witnesses.

  5. Hahahhahahahha ar defaced

    • dude stop posting autistic comments on cpac

    • Your comment seems to be very popular.

  6. Wow, AR is just pointing fingers because they don’t want to admit that they had been duped. NW has nothing to do with it. Any one who thinks NW does, has to seriously think about one thing: Why would we have any reason to do such a thing? We have nothing against AR except a friendly rivalry, based only on CP armies. We have nothing to gain from defacing them, so why would anyone waste their time doing so? AR just wants to blame us so we look bad.

    • NW itself had a friendly rivalry with AR, yes indeed, I agree, and I really wish it could of stayed that way. Toy and Drake, however, have a very, let’s say, “negative” relationship with Ace. As your own leader said, this war is directed specifically at Ace. This is a war between Ace, Drake and Toy more than a war between AR and NW.

      Unfortunately, some leaders only care about their reputation, and will go to any lengths to better rivals.

  7. Rajab strikes again

  8. Defacing is still a thing? I thought Flen is better than this cause he apologize for doing it as a mistake. I saw his post the last time l see it anyways.

  9. Fuck that shit entirely mate

  10. andddd people still trust this kid LOL

  11. It doesnt matter whether NW and Flen get along or not, they weren’t teaming up. Flen didn’t even know it was from Toy, as it was sent from my WordPress account. They thought that Flen would get the job done, because he had done it before.

  12. Here are a few pro tips for the future:

    1) don’t ever purchase or download something from anyone you do not trust, because whether it was malicious or not, you are at fault for your own misjudgement

    2) for later in life, throwing accusations around based purely on past acts isn’t a viable or legitimate legal argument. you alleged that toy and drake ratted you because they’ve done it to other people, but in the real world you can’t accuse someone of a serious crime, because a counter suit could be filed for defamation

    3) there is never a need to fight fire with fire. in a situation like this, i strongly hope you don’t end up ddosing any of your enemies, because revenge for something so silly and pointless only perpetuates this cycle of “hackers,” because having actual opposition gives them a thrill

    4) make sure you have downloaded a good antivirus (it could be avast free or bitdefender pro), as well as ccleaner and malwarebytes anti malware, along with useful chrome or other safety and defense extensions

    • Remember back in 2014 when l download a xat generator but its a rat? This was by Jessie, and that she got on my account to delete posts, pages, and stuff like that.

      • yo can anyone translate this?

  13. jester smh at least crop out the ifunny watermark

    • imgur, actually

      • still should have cropped it in like paint or something. Doesn’t matter that much tho, just a personal thing

  14. You know you have no life when you buy scripts for a kid game called club penguin.

  15. I think it is my fault… I have left AR to join NW
    AR suddenly got mad at me. They were stalking on me on the chat and attacked many times.

    • Charcoal lmfao

  16. You think, “Defacing”, “Hacking”, “Ddosing” are cool, Look, I don’t want Conflict[I Do] But, Let’s stick to the Point, What will Our Parents, Say if they found out “Our Dark, Evil Side”? HUH?

    You know, I been in CP Armys Since 2011, And None of you done this Shit, What the Fuck, Happened? Flen, Your a Hindu Austisc, Spaz, Telll DW, They’re not Coming for Me, I AM COMING FOR THEM, I’ll Blow Every Single CP Army Captial, Land And Country, It’s All in the Name of Democracy, And Government, Also All the CP Armys Will be Crushed by Me, If not By Me, Then My Best Friend, Since I been In CP Armys, want Blood, Fear and Tears, And You All to be Abused, By Your Lord And Superior and Supreme, Me, My Name is Lord Ram, Given what I Vowed, War With Every Single CP Army, Till you all Die, I’ll Make sure None of your Ever Claim or Ask CPAC OR SMAC OR SMAP, To HELP YOU IN YOUR SHITTY WARS, If I Say Something and Vow to it, I Keep it, I’ll Make you all Cry, And Say Sorry to Your Supreme, Superior, And Saviour, And Lord, Yours Truly, Lord Ram, King of Darkness, And Master of Chaos.

    P.S: Also, Shall I Make a WordPress Account?

    • Kill yourself, also no save wordpress some hard drive.

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