Epic Master Usurped By Current Marines Leadership

The marines startled the community by going over the limit and achieving second place on this week’s Top Ten after only a few days of resurrection. Unfortunately, as of late, they have been experiencing dilemma within their upper ranks.

It was May 1st when it was publicly announced that Epic Master was stripped off his power and had to depart from the Marines. This announcement shocked many, as no one foresaw a leadership with such chemistry falling apart so easily, especially within only a week. You may see an excerpt of the post entitled ” Leader Update: Epic Master, Marines god, is overthrown” regarding the coup ‘d’etat of Epic Master below. 

“In a series of fortunate events, Marines lord, savior and second coming of Jesus Christ, Epic Master, has been removed from office by the General’s council and I. This decision was preceded by Epic Master’s ingenious attempts to fake events.”

-Sidie, Marine’s advisor

In the excerpt above, Sidie, current Marines advisor states that the reason Epic Master was usurped by the Marines leadership was chiefly because he attempted to fake events, most probably for a higher Top Ten position. As you read through the post itself, Sidie also provides picture evidence of Epic Master attempting to steal one of their moderators to join the Light Workers. You may see the picture evidence below:


I managed to grab a very brief interview with current Marine’s leader, Revan, to get a better understanding about the coup ‘d’etat of Epic Master. Although I was present during the conflict at their headquarters, I was rather vague to have a say at it myself.

Chip = Red

Revan = Blue

Chip: What was the primary reason to the coup ‘d’etat of Epic Master?

Revan: He was caught attempting to cheat by faking events and when confronted, he was discovered trying to create a new army with two of our mods, which later failed.


Chip: How exactly did he fake events?

Epic: He tried to turn the invasion of Tuxedo into three different events by posting different rooms in separate posts claiming it to be an entirely different event.


Chip: Do you have any comments to add?

Revan: No.

To let you guys in on both sides of the story, I interviewed Epic Master about what he had to say about the situation. However, unfortunately, I lost his exact words because notepad didn’t save properly, but he mentioned a few things that I do remember.

  • He did not get removed as leader – he left.
  • The reason he left was because he was trying to fix the event schedule and Revan did not agree with his ways.
  • He stated that the Marines gave out fake membership codes, more specifically – used codes from the Light Troops. He also gave me picture evidence of this, and it was indeed true.

I questioned the Marines whether they truly faked memberships or not and they responded: “Epic Master did the faking, and when he left, he blamed the rest of the Marines.” Revan had also previously mentioned that Epic Master attempted to fake events, not attempted to ‘fix the event schedule.’ It is quite unclear who is really telling the truth. I guess only time will tell.

So, what do YOU think? Do YOU think Epic Master is telling the truth about the fake membership codes? Did Epic Master really fake events? Will the collision cause the Marines to fall in size?

Here at CP Army Central, we want your opinion(s)! Comment it/them below!


CP Army Central Reporter

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12 Responses

  1. Apologies for the rather short post this time; there wasn’t much information provided by Marine’s website for me to write about.

  2. Expected this to happen.

  3. Hopefully Epic knows better when hes leading the NR right now. If not, then this might happen the same, or he might be.

    • Hopefully you’ll learn not to send nudes to people on xat. 🙂

      • this community is hitting all new types of weird

  4. They’re my children from LT. Problem?

    • you take it so seriously, but guess what? you are couped from the night rebels because you did not keep up with the army very well, you were so inactive and you did not attend the events that much. sorry epic

      • He probably doesn’t care.

      • I don’t really care. NR maxes 10 anyway :S

        • So you’re saying NR “only” maxed 10. It’s a shame when you really think that we only maxed 10. Have you seen that we maxed more than 10 many times? NR is a major army, and its called being patience instead of rushing.



    Just pointing it out.

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