Night Warriors Wage War Against Army Republic

Little Rock, Arkansas, AR Territory – In what has seemed like weeks since the last war among any major armies took place, the #1 ranked Night Warriors will face off against the #3 Army Republic.

Over the past few weeks, the formidable Night Warriors have seen very little action since their conflict with the now deceased Light Troops. Regardless, they’ve been able to maintain their respective #1 spot on the top ten for the past couple of weeks, and are currently the only army who are able to consistently achieve 30 or more troops online at events.


NW performing a “?” tactic at their most recent event with sizes of 30-35.

The Army Republic, who have not seen war in what seems like ages, have most recently achieved the #3 spot this week, after sticking around the middle of CPAC’s top ten for the past couple of weeks. Although they’ve reached the top three, they still barely sustain sizes over 20 in recent events, which could mean trouble when facing the Night Warriors.


AR with sizes of around 15-17 in Ice Rink.

Although these two armies have never formally clashed before, tensions already exist between the leaders of each army, with both sides releasing their statements on the war. Here is what NW leader, Drake, had to say in NW’s official declaration of war on the Army Republic:

“I congratulate you, AR. You have ticked off the Night Warriors to the point that we have decided to finally make the move to exterminate you. You probably don’t know that your very own leader “Ace” sneaks into our chat PCing us about every routine and method we do to manage our army. It was not expected that he would implement every single word and literally copy everything we did. We brushed it off annoyed, but realized that this has gone on far enough and that  Ace was becoming an NW wanna-be/fanboy. He even went on to put “Immortal” in his name, a title commonly known to be used by NW Commander Toy.”

“Now, NW. We wage a war that we’ve craved and wanted, but had to put aside. Bring up your arms once again as we face our enemy and wipe the smug idiotic grins off their faces.  We’ve crushed them before, and will devastate them even further this week.”

Drake goes on to explain how AR has forced NW’s hand with recent conflict having to do with AR leader, Ace, who was apparently reiterating methods to the Night Warriors along with copying their ways. This is what the Light Troops had accused NW of doing during their war not too long ago. He also claims Ace was starting to look like an “NW wannabe” and that he had copied Toysoldier’s slogan describing himself as immortal. This isn’t exactly what you would expect to trigger a declaration of war, but hey, its CP armies, anything can happen. Here is Ace’s response to NW’s declaration of war:

“The day has come my fellow soldiers. This war was inevitable; it was going to come sooner or later but I’m glad it finally did. Drake and Toy think they are the shit, they think they are all high and mighty because they got 1st on a list. Nobody but the Light Troops has had the balls to declare war on them, until now. Just for the lol’s I’d like to point out how hypocritical NW is, saying that we copy everything they do, when in all honesty they did the same thing with the Light Troops not too long ago lmao. Also nice threats drake! A few clicks and we are gone 😦 Wait, weren’t you just talking about how bad hacking and cheating is in the community?? Aw man, I actually thought you were a good person, oh well. This will probably be the last war of my army career, and best believe it will be the biggest. So get ready for the biggest war of 2016 AR and CPA, shit’s about to go down.”

Ace first goes on to explain how war was already brewing and that he is finally relieved its going to happen. He then proceeded to mock Toy and Drake, degrading their position on CPAC, pleading that being ranked 1st on a list does not prove anything, along with pointing out that Drake allegedly threatened AR in terms of hacking. Ace finished off with saying this will probably be it for him in terms of leading, and that he feels this will be the biggest war of 2016.

I managed to grab an interview with AR leader, Trader, to see what his thoughts are on NW’s declaration of war.

Interview With Trader

What are your thoughts on NW’s declaration of war?

Trader: I think the Night Warriors are honestly the superior army in this situation but little do they know that we have the Elf Army led by Burr and his “wrestling” team (Debunked to be the nickname for his gay sex ring). So, most likely the Army of the Republic will take this one home.

How do you plan to beat the Night Warriors?

Trader: We won’t be able to win in size, because that’s something not even our legends have. Our plan for the war is to release our “recruiting script” and have every single Night Warriors troop download it. Once this is completed we will force them to attend our events.

Do you actually think this so-called army of elves will be able to take on the might of the night?

Trader: The army of elves gets bullied every so often for their small size when they are singled out, but when you put them all together in one army, it’s really hard to attack them because of how small they are. I believe this army is what got Burr CPA legend.

Any last thoughts or have I annoyed you too much about club penguin already?


 photo THEREALARCAR_zpsjlrslhta.png


Well there you have it. Trader seems awfully confident that Burr and his army of elves will prevail against the Night Warriors in this war.

What do you think about NW’s declaration of war on AR? Do you think AR’s army of elves will be able to take on the world power Night Warriors head to head, and who do you feel has the advantage coming in to this war? Let me here YOUR thoughts, and thanks for reading.


IMAF Revolutionary


28 Responses

  1. Is this supposed to be satire or is it one of the most biased posts in cpac history

  2. Worst post ever.

  3. niggaaaaaaa

  4. LOL

    • Displaying weakness early on. Don’t underestimate.

      • I wouldn’t underestimate our capabilities as well, Kevin.

        • I haven’t underestimated your capabilities. A good leader like you shouldn’t be lol’ing at AR as a pushover.

          • Its called being “greedy” and taking so “seriously” Kevin. Don’t worriy.

          • I’m simply preserving the uniqueness of my army by challenging an army who has been leeching off us for the past month. Just take a look at their ranks page. What AR leaders consider to be effort is borderline copy and paste.

      • I’m sure you would do the same if someone went ahead and created “Nachoz”, copying your every event and routine.

  5. Why interview Trader?

    • trader is god thats why lol

  6. Badboy proving, yet again, that he has the mental capacity of a goldfish with down syndrome.

    As for the war? Hopefully its fought hard and clean. Been a while since two armies have really contested a good war in this community. The leaders at NW are experienced and have proven success, but the young bloods at AR got some spunk in them as well. Not sure why it has to instantly become all about flaming and destroying the enemy…

    • lets hope that we dont see the person you claim you “recruited” into armies kill your army 😛 see u around burrito

      • I think you definitely missed the point of this comment… The current AR leaders (which I am not apart of) embarked on this war based on their own ambition. Not mine. They wanted to take the Night Warriors on as they felt they were the most worthy opponents. Is that not what warfare and this community is about?

        Yet despite this, the cyberspace thugs and gangsters within your army have decided to take it upon themselves to first threaten with hacking and then making it a mission ultimately to kill the army all because supposedly, Ace left a little stain on their over inflated egos. I think my friend Vinny said it best, grow the fuck up.

        Also, if you seriously think that any of NW’s recent success can be credited to yourself, then you’re more delusional than I thought. Peace Psp68.

    • Literally minutes after we posted our invasions, Ace copies and pastes them replacing “invasion” with defense.

      We have to eliminate leechers from the community.

      • i can see you being upset about ace doing stuff like copying like the immortal title, which i also agree is pretty dumb.

        but when it comes to shit like posting defenses, who gives a shit if they copied and pasted it. Not like it would be much different if they typed it out.

    • Burr proving, yet again, he still gets anal over me trolling him and his frail army even at age 19. its time to get a life my friend

  7. So, AR, can i help you?
    If yes, like this comment.

  8. Nice.

  9. I do understand the use of satire in the interview section but the indirect bias you used was extremely unnecessary. One of the many examples would be “Do you think AR’s army of elves will be able to take on the world power Night Warriors HEAD TO HEAD?” Implying that the Army Republic uses allies during wars a lot and couldn’t be able to take the Night Warriors on alone.

    • Maybe because AR is known for using allies during war. They and the nachos constantly help each other, how do you think the nachos beat NW in the champions cup? AR literally turned orange after they knew they didnt have a chance, and i won’t be surprised if they get help again. and i interviewed trader for the lols no need to get scratched over it

      • You’re right, we should practice the more justified method of mass multilogging since you proved how righteous and effective that was.

        • For the current state AR is in, thats probably not the worst idea

  10. the post is cancer. the poster is cancer. i have cancer.

  11. ok all jokes aside why hasn’t the cpac administration deleted this post and removed badboy from the site. i thought lorenzo bean would at least try and salvage this shipwreck of an organisation.

    • Because its funny and gets cpac more views

  12. AR has been in big (not as much as NW) numbers so far. They have reached 15 to 20. NW has been bigger than AR of course. They have reached 25+. I am not sue how this is. However i think that AR is more strict than NW. They say things like “LOG ON OR DEMOTION” and they make posts to do the active check. They even close it like minutes after they post it. And if people don’t move quick enough to comment they either get a huge demotion or they get kicked out if your rank is low enough. People can get mad at this and they will look for other armies. They will usually look on CPAC to see what army is the best. Currently this will be NW. People will join NW while AR finds out and gets mad. They will attack. Then NW attacks. Then NW nearly destroys AR leaving one server left. This comment shows how AR will loose in this battle but they already lost.

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