Top Ten Armies: 5/1/16

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – This week, an army makes a big return, placing higher than they ever have before.

1. Night Warriors [+0][78.50]

2. Marines [NEW!][64.50]

3. Army Republic [+1][62.00]

4. Rebel Penguin Federation [-1][58.04]

5. Nachos [+0][58.00]

6. Silver Surfers [+2][54.00]

7. Army of CP [-1][51.97]

8. Night Rebels [NEW!][50.50]

9. Smart Penguins [NEW!][49.90]

10. Wild Ninjas [-3][48.00]

Full stats.


*The sizes in the descriptions may not reflect the data used for the Top Ten.

1. Night Warriors: The Night Warriors blasted off their week starting with a miner raid of Ice Berg where they maxed sizes of 45+. Later they held a U-Lead and a recruiting session on Ice Berg where they hit sizes of 20 and 34. To end their week NW announced the formation of a official CSGO team and held another recruiting session with sizes of 40.


2. Marines: The Marines made a very successful return to the army world this week, hitting 20 at their return event. After that, they liberated Ice Box with a max of 25. Then, they reached 26 online while invading Tuxedo, and 24 at their invasion of Tundra. At the Marines’ next training session, they topped off at 25. Then their UK division invaded Tuxedo again, maxing 31. To end the their return week, the Marines re-invaded Ice Box with 23 troops.

3. Army Republic: Army Republic had a total of 13 events this week starting with a practice battle against RPF along with another practice battle against Nachos both hitting sizes of 10+ and 15+. Later they held several more training sessions maxing sizes of 15 all around. To end their week they held another PB with Nachos along with 4 more training sessions hitting sizes of 12 – 20.


4. Rebel Penguin Federation: The Rebel Penguin Federation had a lot of events this week, beginning with an invasion of Tuxedo where they maxed 16. The following day, they faced Army Republic in a practice battle with 20 troops. They attempted to defend Ice Berg from the invading Marines, but lost the effort with 12 online. Next, RPF had a practice battle with the Nachos, peaking at 17. Their AUSIA division did an unscheduled training session and claimed to reach 15. RPF then invaded Sleet with a top size of 18, and with their AUSIA division, invaded Ice Box and Tuxedo, maxing 10 and 11. They reached 14 at another unscheduled training, then 16 while defending Tuxedo from some red bots. RPF maxed 15 at their next training session, and finally, carried out Operation: Commando with a top size of 19.

5. Nachos: The Nachos had a total of 7 events this week starting with a Streaking session hitting sizes of 20+. Later they held a practice battle with AR along with a U-lead on Fjord maxing sizes of 13+ and 15. To end their week they held a practice battle with RPF along with a igloo raid and another practice battle against AR all hitting sizes of 10+.

6. Silver Surfers: The Silver Surfers were busy with a war against the Ice Hounds, as well as attacking the Smart Penguins’ nation. Their first event was a battle for North Pole during UK times, where they maxed 11. The next day, they invaded Snowy River with 9. Their UK division invaded Ice Pack next, but only reached 6 troops online. SS successfully defended North Pole from the Ice Hounds with 11 online. After that, IH surrendered the war, and SS threw a victory party, maxing 7. Then, they formed the Order 2 alliance with the Night Rebels and trained with a top size of 15. The following day, they marched onto Smart Penguins territory, capturing Glacier with 16. 

7. Army of CP: The Army Of Club Penguin had a busy week this week. Starting off the week, they had an AUSIA recruiting session, maxing 10 and a UK training session, maxing 17. The ACP also had a few Mining Expeditions, reaching sizes of 20 and 25 at both. ACP had a busy AUSIA this week, with 2 AUSIA events, one being a recruiting session in which they maxed 14 and another being a training session, maxing 11. Ending the week, the Army of Club Penguin held a training session on Breeze, they reached sizes of 21+.

8. Night Rebels: The Night Rebels re-opened this week and had a few events. During their reopening event they reached sizes of 20, a few days later the Night Rebels teamed up with the Silver Surfers for a defense of North Pole, they were able to reach sizes of 15. Heading towards the end of the week, the Night Rebels had a USA training session, maxing 15 and an invasion of Glacier, they maxed 16. The Night Rebels finished the week with a cleansing of Antarctic, maxing 10.

9. Smart Penguins: SP started their week with a training event maxing and averaging 11. Then they held an AUSIA event maxing 10 and averaging 9. After this, SP held an AUSIA unscheduled event maxing 13 while averaging 12. Following an unscheduled event maxing sizes of 10 soldiers online. Then Smart Penguins had a scheduled training session maxing 10 online. After that, SP held another training event maxing 10 while averaging 9. This was followed by another training event maxing 11 online. After this event, the AUSIA division of the Smart Penguins logged on once again for a training session maxing 11 troops on and one day later another training maxing 15. To end their week, SP held a training session maxing 11 and invaded North Pole with 6 troops online.

10. Wild Ninjas: The Wild Ninjas began their week by maxing 17 at a training session. Next, they claimed a top size of 23 at another training, and 13 following that. At their next event, WN topped off at 12. Their week ended with two events on Saturday, maxing 12 and 13.

What do you think of this week’s Top Ten? Let us know in the comments below!

Lorenzo Bean

CPA Central CEO


CPA Central Vice President


CPA Central Editor-in-chief



27 Responses

  1. GO SS

  2. Good job this week Nachos!

  3. CPAC, Nachos held 7 events from 23rd till 30th. You wronged the score . Please fix it; thanks.

    • Events are counted from SUNDAY THROUGH SATURDAY (23rd of April is Saturday) besides that the Descriptions do NOT entirely reflect the calculations

  4. Good Job all armies. Marines 2nd. Amazing. Good top 10 too, I see CPAC is slowly changing.

    • gay.

  5. Nachos held 7 events this week not 6, the post is here:
    Please fix it ❤

  6. Lets go SS!

  7. Worst picture to choose for our feature pic, but great work Night Warriors.

    • My bad fam, start sending me the picture you prefer or post it on the main site so i know which to pick

  8. Reblogged this on Night Warriors || Official NW Of Club Penguin and commented:
    We hold down the fort at first place! GJ NW.

  9. Great job AR! Good job to Jack too.

  10. Congrats Marines. Welcome back, Night Rebels. Keep working hard and you’ll be back at the top.

  11. It urges me to fix the description for RPF. We didn’t have a “lot of unscheduled events”, only 2. Where are the rest of our events? Where are the AUSIAs? I want to know what you counted for the Top Ten. Please fix it and don’t make a description like this next time. Thank you.

  12. keep going acp, we can only get better from here

  13. Acp will be top 3 next week, bam is back.

  14. Great job Night Rebels! We are back! Lets try and prove ourselves even better! Keep up the good work!

    • I was suppose to put this and reblogged but oh well. I failed.

  15. Reblogged this on CP Night Rebellion and commented:
    Great job Night Rebels! We are back! Lets try and prove ourselves even better! Keep up the good work!

  16. tfw only one army gets over 30

  17. NW:CS 🙂


  19. its called the bend and snap

  20. Fascinating

  21. Good Job RPF and welcome back NR (hug)

  22. bounced on my boys cock to this for HOURS. but do you know the only thing that makes me harder than watching naked black penguins make e+h with me? transsexual furry wgfv fantasies. anyways lets cut to the chase boi. ill pay u 100,000 (10 million for those who are inable to count) vietnamese DONG(₫) to include my army, the transsexual homophobic anal cock whores. we are an army that maxes 45 on club penguin. our national browser is opera. please include us and add us at first. thank you!

    Gobs Edit: No.

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