Top Ten Armies: 4/24/16

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – This week, every returning army dipped in performance, but the top army has finally changed, and a couple of new armies worked their way into the bottom of the list. 

1. Night Warriors [+1][77.00]

2. Light Troops [-1] [70.00]

3. Rebel Penguin Federation [+0][67.47]

4. Army Republic [+2][56.50]

5. Nachos of CP [+0][55.50]

6. Army of Club Penguin [+1][52.93]

7. Wild Ninjas [+1][51.50]

8. Silver Surfers [NEW!][42.21]

9. Hairy Bears [NEW!][40.42]

10. Robo Horns [NEW!][39.27]

Full stats.


*The sizes in the descriptions may not reflect the data used for the Top Ten.

1. Night Warriors: The Night Warriors blasted off this week with a total of 6 events starting with a battle against Light Troops and a mining expedition event hitting sizes of 25 and 40+. Soon after NW defended the server Fog with sizes of 30+. To end their week they held 2 quick training sessions and a battle against the Army Republic- all hitting sizes of 30.

2. Light Troops: The Light Troops had a total of 4 events this week starting with a pre-battle training where they saw sizes of 40+. Soon after they held a battle against Night Warriors hitting sizes of 32+. To end their week they held an invasion of Fog along with a “Final Event” both hitting sizes of 30 and 40+ shutting down shortly afterwards.

3. Rebel Penguin Federation: RPF began the week with an invasion of Ice Rink, maxing 20. Then, they invaded Crunch and topped off at 12 troops. RPF’s AUSIA division logged on to invade Sardine, maxing 11. With a top size of 23, they invaded Mammoth, then maxed 17 at an AUSIA invasion of Tea. Next, RPF invaded Hockey and peaked at 14. Their next AUSIA event was an invasion of Polar Bear, during which they reached 16 online. Finally, they maxed 18 while invading Tuxedo.

4. Army Republic: AR’s first event this week was for Posywillos’ retirement, where they maxed 9. Next, they got 8 and 12 at two training sessions. AR then faced the Night Warriors in an impromptu practice battle, reaching 15 troops online. At a UK training session, they managed to hit 18. AR closed out the week by maxing 16 at another training session.

5. Nachos: The Nacho Army’s first action this week was cleansing Fjord, during which they maxed 14. They followed up by cleansing Yeti with a top size of 17. Then, they did a recruiting session and topped off at 13. They ended up having some troops banned from Club Penguin after this event. The Nachos ended their war with ACP, then did a U-Lead with a max of 13. They ended the week with a training session, claiming a top size of 25+.

6. Army of CP: ACP kicked off the week with a U-Lead, maxing 24. The next day, their UK division cleansed Bobsled with 15 troops. Later on, ACP maxed 17 during their UK cleansing of North Pole. Their AUSIA saw some activity this week, recruiting with a max of 11. Their most recent event was a UK training session where they peaked at 13.

7. Wild Ninjas: The Wild Ninjas plodded on this week with several training sessions, occupying rooms not normally used by armies, such as the Pizza Parlor and Puffle Park. They reached sizes of anywhere from 9-18 at their events.

8. Silver Surfers: Following their return this week, SS started operations with their AUSIA opening event maxing and averaging 8. Then they held a training session maxing and averaging 9. After this, Silver Surfers successfully invaded Hockey with sizes of 6 and on the same day the army secured the mentioned server maxing 11 and averaging 10 troops online.

9. Hairy Bears: The Hairy Bears started off their week with an AUSIA raid of Big Surf while maxing and averaging 8, then they held a US raid of Ice Hounds army’s capital in which they maxed and averaged 7. The Hairy Bears maxed and averaged 9 at a US training session, then ended the week with a UK raid of Hockey while maxing and averaging 11.

10. Robo Horns: The Robo Horns held their first event of the week in which they maxed and averaged a whopping size of 1 troop at an AUSIA training session, then the Robo Horns held a UK training session where they maxed and averaged 2. The Robo Horns held a US training session where they maxed and averaged 3, then they maxed and averaged 3 at a US recruiting session. At a UK training session, the aforementioned army had maxed and averaged 2, then they maxed and averaged 2 at an unscheduled US training session. The Robo Horns then held a US joint event with the Cobras wherein they maxed and averaged 8, then held an AUSIA training session wherein they maxed and averaged 4. The Robo Horns continue their busy week with another UK training session in which they maxed 10 and averaged 8, then held a US training session where they maxed and averaged 2. The Robo Horns then had a UK training session and maxed 6, then maxed 4 at a US recruiting session. They maxed 3 at a US training, then maxed 4 at an unscheduled US event. The Robo Horns held an AUSIA training session and maxed 3, then maxed 4 at a UK event, then held another UK event and maxed 2, then maxed 2 at another US training event, then maxed 2 at another US training session to finally end their very busy week.


Lorenzo Bean

CPA Central CEO


CPA Central Philosopher


CPA Central Editor-in-chief



24 Responses

  1. Good job Silver Surfers and Hairy Bears!

  2. Well what do you know, NW survives.

    • *Fake NW dear Drake. FAKE NW. (Armies killers….you and Toy….)

      • Who are you to call anything fake? I have direct contact with Tomb nor were you even in NW at any point. How about you talk to me face to face?

        • YES, please! (But… you banned me, because i’m only talking with you. #nwlogic #brain_exploded )

  3. rip robo horns with 2+ get top ten

    • Well, they did max 6 once… 😂

  4. NW DA BEST!!!

  5. Where are Smart Penguins?

    • Fuck off with that army lol.

    • They dumbed down to SMAP loljk haaha

  6. Where’s WW?

    • WW is back?

      • WW is back?

    • sorry about the inconvenience!

  7. You should probably think about posting about WV’s shut down/lockdown.

  8. You used the same picture for hairy bears and silver surfers

    • No, they’re different…

  9. OMFG.
    Armies lockdowns+shut downs = CPAC = SMAC v.2 :O
    Good Job RPF!

    • Rektum

  10. Whoah now that changed quick

  11. Lmaooooo at the names of 9 and 10 though cute too wary

  12. I owe an apology to the Nachos they will be fine

  13. Where is UMA

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