The Silverburg Theory

Mammoth, CPA Birth Server – The question that has been asked the most in the past few years undoubtedly is; “What happened to CP Armies?”. Everybody has their own opinions, but there isn’t really a legitimate answer to the question. The other question people have asked is; “How can CP Armies be saved?”. People have tried to answer this question as well, but most of the time they have not been able to really decipher it. However, when you have led thousands of battles and recruited thousands of troops, the fogged glass starts to clear a little. This post will show my answers to each of these two questions that seem to have no answer at all. 

Now, I’d like to go back to the year 2008. The ACP’s creator, Oagalthorp, as well as the RPF creator, Commando717, are set to retire. Both of them are unsure about the future of CP armies once they leave, and they think that once they leave, CP armies will die. These two were both the pioneers of early CP armies, and they started the first stages of CP army evolution. Oagalthorp created the idea of doing tactical warfare, while Commando717 formed the concept of nations. Problem is, these ideas were composed in 2008. It is currently the year 2016, and what has changed? Once Oagalthorp and Commando717 left the community, we stopped building more on CP warfare, we just kept things the same. The way we fight now is the same way we fought 7-8 years ago. This is where most of the problems we see today began to arise.

When we battle the same way for so many years, lots of flaws open up in the system. The concept of “biggest army wins” basically encourages multi-logging and bot recruiting. Both multi-logging and bot recruiting are, in fact, direct results of us not changing the way we fight. The fights became very repetitive and boring, making it so soldiers came to less and less battles, and recruits started coming in less and less. Through this, people had to find new ways of getting recruits. See, instead of focusing on changing warfare, we instead focused on trying to change the way we recruit. This is where we started to see armies using illegal programs like “Penguin Storm” in order to rise (Nachos from 2011-2013, Ice Warriors in 2011, Night Warriors in 2011). Eventually though, we found a new way of recruiting. We had chat recruiting, which was very handy. You had a direct link to the recruits you were trying to get, you could link them your website and your chat. However, this is what pushed armies away from Club Penguin. We stopped logging on to Club Penguin and started using xat and CPAC more. This is where Elmikey came along.

Elmikey is a 2007 veteran, he has led with Commando717 and was around when CP armies were at their best. He sees that Club Penguin Armies and Club Penguin have become separated, and he wants them to come together once more. First, Elmikey wanted to fix the style of warfare, but this is where he made his first mistake. He created something called “Operation: Restoration” with his fellow owners in an attempt to bring CP armies back to Mammoth. However, instead of reaching out to make this a CP-Army wide phenomenon, he made it RPF-exclusive. Due to this, the idea failed to get much ground, and it tanked rather quickly. Elmikey, instead of focusing on the way armies did warfare, turned to the way armies recruited. Once again, Elmikey made a mistake. He discovered the convenience of auto-typing, and he and the rest of RPF started using the tool in masses. He thought that forcing CP armies down the players’ throats would work, however it heavily backfired. In the recruiting lines, what was promised were “fun battles”. Elmikey tried to bring in 2007-style rules to tactical warfare, and this resulted in drawn-out, incredibly boring battles that would see 99.9% of the recruits leaving the RPF before they even finished their first battle.

Through this, something positive happened though. Elmikey was able to realize that the current style of warfare was killing armies. However, he took the wrong approach at trying to fix it, and instead of trying to work with the community to change the way we fought on CP, he started blaming CPAC for the problematic style of warfare, saying things like “CPAC style of warfare is the reason why armies don’t get 1000+ people joining a month.” Because he blamed CPAC for the way CP armies fought, CPAC and the mass majority of the community turned their heads away from Elmikey. This would’ve been the perfect time to implement a new style of warfare, and because of the miscommunication, CP armies started on it’s biggest downward spiral in history.

Autotyping became huge, and every army started doing it. More people were joining CP armies, but a much greater number of people were leaving. Soon, even autotyping became ineffective because every new recruit who joined CP armies would attend a battle, get bored, then leave. Something that came along with autotyping was selfishness amongst CP army leaders.  They stopped caring about the platform that we played the game on and stopped caring about progressing the community as a whole. They only cared about making their army big. That led to leaders beginning to flood Club Penguin’s servers with bots and even promising to give new recruits memberships. It’s sickening to think that the way we fight is so boring that we have to promise recruits memberships in order to get them to join. Leaders stopped caring about the words “progression” and “community” and just went out on their own.

So the answers to the question “What Happened to CP Armies” are:

  1. We stopped growing CP warfare and didn’t change the way we fought.
  2. Instead of thinking the way we fought was the problem, we thought the way we recruited was the problem, and we made changes that only put us deeper into a hole.
  3. Leaders became selfish and stopped caring about the CPA community.

Now we must answer the second question; “How can CP armies be saved?”, and believe it or not, the answers are simpler than you may think!


In order to change the way we fight on Club Penguin, we’re going to need to know how we’re going to do it, and we’ll also need to make sure everybody is on board with it. We must stop breaking away from each other, and as a community we must come together to find a solution. Not even I know how we should progress, but everybody has their own ideas of how they want to fix warfare. Through this I’m sure we can find a solution together!


In order to help progress the community, as well as Club Penguin itself. We all need to stop autotyping/botting on Club Penguin.No amount of bot recruiting is going to make your army strong if the way CP armies battle is so boring. The temporary success that you get from bot recruiting is not worth it. Putting a script on for hours straight, recruiting hundreds of people only for all of them to leave, and you having to go through the same process over and over again. It’s not fun. Recruiting isn’t fun, battles aren’t fun, but what if both could be fun? We must innovate.


When Commando717 told me that story about when him and Oagalthorp retired, and how they both thought that CP armies were going to die in their absence, at first I didn’t really think much of it. Of course CP armies survived, even RPF and ACP have been around since then! But were their worries possibly correct? Were CP armies’ fates sealed at that point? After they both retired, progress in the community slowly but surely stopped. Most of us don’t have the minds or creative power that Commando717 and Oagalthorp had, but if we work together, we can achieve anything for this community. We must march on.

Hope you enjoyed. 



46 Responses

  1. People don’t bother and multilog because of the same formula, they do it because of the top 10 system. It’s pretty easy to assemble a bunch of troops and perform tactics with a massive multilogging army of your computer is potent enough.

    • The top ten system is branched out of the style of warfare we currently have in place. Multilogging is done to make your army seem bigger, but if having a big size on CP wasn’t what determined the victor in a battle or what determined a high score on CPAC, there wouldn’t be multilogging.

  2. I agree 100% with you Silv. I’ve always been in favor of making battles more fun. Making war servers more fun. Maybe taking 1 step back and 2 steps forward (returning to a 2007 style of battle/creating war servers) and developing safer, and better ways of recruiting and adapting that 2007 style would make armies better.

  3. kys

  4. I agree that botting is an issue and in a perfect world, perhaps we would all come together and address the dangers of this excessive recruiting towards our future, however this isn’t a perfect world.

    Simply telling people we need to innovate beyond bot recruit will not work. You know as well as I, if there is so much as one person desperate enough to bot for sizes, we will all do it. If you want change, a more extensive approach will have to be taken. Personally, I have no doubt how you’d go about it.

    I will have to disagree on your claim that armies have remained stagnant since 2008 due to the departure of Oagal and Commando. While the relative backbone of armies has remained similar since our existence, our community has evolved in a variety of ways from 2009 to late 2013. Regardless of how our soldiers were recruited, whether it be through CP chats or recruiting sessions, this community has changed right before my very eyes while I’ve been involved.

    Personally speaking, I loved armies from the time I joined in 2010 to around early 2014. They were fun and success relied not on who had the best scripts, but who could just stand out as the best leaders with the best soldiers around them. Armies weren’t built in days through mass recruitment schemes, they were built over months, often times even years. But that’s the thing, back then, the process was the fun part. Not necessarily the success.

    Overall good post, but you’re going to have to remember, change starts with you. You were actively bot recruiting just a week or so ago with little to no evident regret. I’ve botted my fair share myself, but if you want to force change, just be prepared for the consequences that will come with it.

    • Great comment. Of course we’ve revolutionized since Oagal/Commando retired. What I’m saying, however, is that the way we’ve battled has remained stagnant. Instead of evolving the way we’ve battled since then, we’ve kept it the same. You and I are apart of the 0.1%. We actually found the battles fun and stuck around, unlike the other 99.9% who have joined this community and left automatically. Even after a while though, we started finding the battles boring. We became more attached to the chats rather to Club Penguin itself. Now is a time that we need to start getting more recruits off of Club Penguin. We’re getting older, our friends are all moving on from this and the chat’s are just getting more boring. The new recruits aren’t adapting well to this style of warfare, which is why we must change it.

      The change we want isn’t going to come with just this post, or just my opinion. We’re all going to have to start having meetings about this. We can’t keep being passive about the future, and we can’t just forgetting the consequences that come with actions like bot recruiting. Bot recruiting is basically screwing over the future of your army (by getting your army name censored) just for temporary success that can be wiped away in an instant. I did support it, but that’s only because I was like the other leaders in this community. I didn’t care about the consequences.

  5. I agree with most of what you said, apart from the recruits part. Most recruits that come from CP aren’t even interested in the membership. Sure, you have a few saying “Wheres my membership??!?!?!?!?”, but as a whole, troops are interested in the operation of CP armies.

    • Incorrect. Most people who join are convinced by the false promises of the autotypers/bots. They promise “free memberships” and “fun battles”, but get neither. Not only do we not have memberships, but the battles are insanely boring. As I said in the post, it’s pretty sad that we have to advertise memberships for recruits to join us. Just shows how far we’ve fallen.

      • I disagree. Out of the recruits that come to AR chat daily, I can honestly say around 3 out of around 20 ask for membership. The rest immediately want to join, and are intrigued as to how our armies work.

        To be honest, the whole membership scheme should be avoided. I realise battles arent as fun as say 2013, but I believe with tourneys from CPAC, the fun can be brought back once again.

        • So then, how many of these recruits stay after their first battle? If 17 troops are legitimately joining for battles, why isn’t AR getting 100+ everyday? Sure, they might be curious to find out what CP armies do, but once they actually find out all we do is have smiley-face danceoffs, they’ll just leave.

  6. I agree. We must come up with a new proposal for CPA warfare.

  7. One small thing, Nachos in 2011 did not use any forms of bot recruiting or penguin storm that I know of, atleast not mod ranks or owners. And to my memory, I don’t recall NW doing so in 2011 either, but I could be wrong on that.

    Otherwise, great post I agree 100% the war server idea has been around for years and even tossed into some posts through the years as well and I still today think it is something that could help, especially now. Having armies In a centralized place would draw the recruits to us out of their own interest rather than us shoving it down their throat like a bunch of Jehovah’s Witnesses(No offense to anybody).

    • Thank you! And these are only from resources due to the fact I wasn’t around in 2011. To my knowledge, the Night Warriors did indeed use Penguin Storm in 2011, and I know for a fact that the Nachos did use some kind of autotyper under Person, as well as Puckley.

      • Only Ven used Penguin Storm

        • But even then, it was like what Burr had mentioned. A slow process of building up before actually becoming a force to be reckoned with. And it wasn’t used excessively to the point where an army’s name had to be censored. There were people who roleplayed warrior cats, but due to the filters, roleplay in club penguin has become scarce.

  8. I must admit I agree with you 100% on this one. I have had a similar through process for months now but little to no way to express it. One thing that I feel will help with this is monthly meetings where everyone and anyone who wants to improve on the community and have their voice heard is invited.
    I may not be some CP Army vet, but I have my own ideas on how we can improve the community. Every journey starts with a single step and everyone has great ideas so what are we waiting for? Lets make it happen.

  9. Yes we need a council of some sort and the veterans such as me you and the other remaining people should lead it.

  10. we need to build a wall and make the cp team pay for it.JK, I do agree with the working together idea but stopping our recruiting would end badly. It is our only major source of new penguins into our community and without that, we’d die a lot sooner, however I do believe we shouldn’t bot recruit, autotyping is fine with me

    • No, autotyping won’t work. One of the things we’ll be trying to accomplish through this is an improved relationship with Club Penguin. Having bots or autotypers in the Town really makes no difference, they both scare away penguins on CP, and get armies more and more censored. The Nachos were banned the other day just for doing a recruiting session, and this is because they have been constantly using bots/autotypers on CP. Along with developing a new style of warfare, a new style of recruiting will accompany it. Remember, there was once a time that we didn’t have to flood CP with bots in order to get recruits, and it’s not as long a time ago as you think.

  11. uh silverburg shouting out bot recruit uh
    uh silverburg shouting out elmikey uh
    uh silverburg shouting out what RPF does uh

  12. “We must innovate.”
    But who will provide the innovation?

    When your normal penguin civilian notices another player blabbering his recruitment lines, and approaches him to enquire about what he speaks of, he fails to reply. To the civilian penguin’s chagrin, he realises it’s just a bot, or even worse, he presumes him as an unfriendly player who’s turning a blind eye to him He gets annoyed, develops a hatred for armies, and never will he bother to find out more about us.

    Autotyping and bot-recruiting is no tenable solution. But the idea of not recruiting from CP would be preposterous, as it is still a prerequisite for replenishing our community with a fresh batch of troops. Sure, recruiting off xat and maybe other sites may be an option, but how pragmatic would that be?

    Getting an army to manually recruit, and actually interacting with the CP community would be more effective, although less efficient than bot usage. But at the very least, it will not annoy CP players or escalate to extents that would irk the CP team such that they will have to take action. Of course, any recruitment on CP would violate their terms of use, but surely it wouldn’t be as piss-off worthy?

    And here’s another thing. The CP community must actually see armies battling. They are not interested in penguins or bots saying recruiting lines. It is a battle of two sides that intrigues them, that baits them into finding out more about our community. That is something not achieved by mere recruitment events on CP.
    And the community has failed to realise this.

    Stop having events only at one bar servers. We do that for the sake of “fairness”, for the sake of having no rogues and accuracy of sizes.

    But this has been more pernicious to us than not. Have them at servers where the CP community will actually see for themselves what we are about, and pique their curiosity.


    -Silverburg is right, auto-typing and bots won’t work out.
    -Have battles in more populated to evoke their curiosity and let them have a part to play, instead of just dishing out recruiting lines (be it manually or by bots) that only bores and irritates them.

    • Amazing comment! I agree 100%. When I say “we”, it means the entire community. Everybody in the community must come together to help innovate and progress this community. Everybody has their own unique ideas, and they will be attended to.

  13. Great post, I agree with you.
    In my opinion, we should continue Club Penguin recruiting until a viable alternative is found.
    But the main thing is, we need to reinvigorate battles. As you say they shouldn’t be limited to boring emote face-offs and we should bring back snowball fights, marches, parades, etc.

  14. Amazing post.

    I agree with everything that has been stated. On the recruiting side of this, maybe botting/auto typing should stay minimal? OR we find a complete differant way to recruit. The harder route is trying to possibly make some agreement with Club Penguin. Eg: All Club Penguin Armies’ recruiting stays minimal if cp mods leave us alone.

    Yes, I agree 100% that this CPA community needs to work togther. Maybe we could make a council? Possibly more expirenced leaders are in the higher ranks of the Council. This is just an idea.

    I feel we need to make a few changes to Club Penguin warfare. Maybe we keep the way of using tactics put more often Armies host 2007 style battles?

    Thanks for the great post Silv.

  15. Interesting post.

    I argue that there simply isn’t a solution: not only have we ruined our reputation by clogging up CP with multilogs, but there isn’t any other way to fight on Club Penguin. For some reason, we have refused to adapt and instead we continue to use a game that is not even designed for competition and battling. If somebody could offer an explanation as to why we insist on using Club Penguin as a warfare game, even when the game is no longer suitable for CP armies, then that would be great.

    For some unexplained reason, we have continually refused to adapt and we have refused to even acknowledge the possibility of moving to a new game or even a CPPS that modifies Club Penguin by adding PVP and skill. At this point, moving games is the only option. I would personally recommend Block N Load or TF2 since these are both free-to-play and skill-based games, but that is another matter entirely. My point is that we’ve already exhausted our options on Club Penguin, and I strongly believe that this community needs to find a new alternative to Club Penguin.
    The community is dying and it’d be a complete shame if we’re going to throw away everything we’ve built, and only because some people in this community are completely attached to Club Penguin.

    At this point, we need to consider other games to move from. Club Penguin is completely unsuitable at this point. If someone would like to offer an argument against this, then you’re welcome to post a reply.

    • We have been Club Penguin Armies for as long as anyone can remember. By changing our platforms, it will change everything we know, love, and hate, about the community. And any decision of that scale would take even more army wide couperation than changing our style of warfare would. I think that no decisions of that sort should be made until we at least try to save what we have on club penguin.

  16. Just remake the council and enforce some strict rules (Temporarily ban armies which bot recruit etc).

  17. kys

  18. We need to know who owns what server (no disputed servers). If that means a clearing then we need to do that and then someone who will keep track of who owns what servers (CPAC could do that with the battle reports they used to do).

    To avoid disputed servers we need judges for all battles (people will claim they are ‘bias’ and stuff, but isnt it better than just both armies saying they win?)

    • That happened not so long ago. It failed badly, though.

    • It is better, I think CPAC should have an army server page which gets updated frequently. Instead of each army having one. Only have to look at one page to determine who owns what. Seem good?

  19. I totally agree 100% on this. It really doesnt work when you autotype on club penguin, club penguin has blocked almost every words that we use on club penguin. Its not fun, l agree. Does the people really care if we do these types of things or anything that we recruit? Not really. But how are we getting troops? Look at what happen to UMA, does their new troops come when they are partner with CPPS? No, because they are partership with and thousands of them did not join, not even a single one. How many are they able to get? None, because the new troops just chat or doesnt know what they are doing to UMA, and just leave. We have to make something that is fun for CP Armies. You gotta know the feels.

    • can you speak english?

      • Kyle is just commenting his opinion, leave him alone. After all, it does say “What do YOU think? Comment your opinion!” below the post. Why can’t he comment his own opinion?

        • Pedophiles don’t deserve opinions centered towards the progression of a children’s game community

          • ^ LOL

          • I can sue you for calling me a pedophile over this cp army community. I am 17 years old, and l am not an adult yet. So therefor, l can sue you.

            • SUE ME PUSSY

  20. As I have stated to a couple army leaders before, we need to change the way we battle. I agree with Silverburg throughout, but the battles we had back then seem impossible to multilog in. Always moving around, throwing snowballs, it was a ton of fun. Nowadays we mainly focus on how our army looks, the formations, all of that is cool we could still do that, but we have to make the armies less robotic and less repetitive.

    I’ve heard there was a meeting soon to talk about this, and I hope we can bring our heads together and figure out a solution fast.

  21. Deep shit. Well thought out.

    • can u have my kids

  22. I agree Silverburg! *salute*

  23. I agree bot recruiting has severely crippled our community, armies can’t retain recruits and we’ve had trouble for quite some time now just getting the attention of the dwindling masses of Club Penguin players. However bot recruiting somewhat stemmed from the shrinking size of Club Penguin over these past few years, that and it was a significantly easier way to recruit.

    The change? In a perfect world we might be able to pull something off, rebuild, shift our focuses, and push forward. Perhaps we’re getting far too old for Club Penguin. All I know for sure is it doesn’t offer much in regard for simulating warfare and if you want to change the ways armies battle to create a new exciting experience you might have to find another place to battle than CP servers.

    This community is dying, regardless of where you think the actual problems stemmed from, its not going to improve rapidly, or by any large bounds regardless of any changes we make. Some people argue shifting to a new platform would be a beneficial way to take the remaining members of the community and enter a new game that we’d all enjoy playing. But I’m not so sure. Armies were born on Club Penguin. Armies were also founded and previously lead by younger players. Younger players, that which we have very few of now.

    The fun that came from this community came from all of us, collectively, much younger, playing a game we enjoyed to play actively. Its gotten to be a chore for me, and I’m sure for quite a few people they’d agree. I’m not sure where the future of CP armies lies, but I’m sure it won’t lie with Club Penguin forever if we choose to move forward, if we choose to keep the community alive. Club Penguin is rapidly shrinking in the number of players, our excessive bot recruiting ruined our relations with players and the Club Penguin company. So what now?

    Maybe, we all move. Then again – I’m not the majority, What I feel, I don’t expect everyone else who’s still passionate of this community to feel. I loved this place, it was a small part of my childhood, but it grew on me. The people who lead and the kind of people they are has changed in such a way, I’m not sure the Club Penguin armies we all knew, that we all talk about, and we all regarded as fun still exist.

    I realize this might come off bleak, in a matter of 7 minutes I wrote what looks like a decent size for a post. I just hope that whatever armies choose to do, its as a collective, with no hard feelings, in a mature way.

    It’s a game after all.

    • Oh yeah uh also great post Silv.

  24. ew. just read my old post on wv

  25. I agree.

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