Nacho Troops Get Banned after Recruiting Event

BLIZZARD, Nacho Empire – It’s been several months since Club Penguin has taken significant action against armies, but in the last week, the Nacho Army has run into troubles with the game’s moderators. 

About a week ago, the Nachos, like many other larger armies, were using bots on busy servers to get recruits. They were one of the only major armies left that hadn’t had their name censored by Club Penguin. But, lo and behold, “Club Penguin Nachos” got censored, forcing them to use different phrasing, just as several other armies have done. Upon finding out their recruiting lines were blocked, the Nachos stopped bot recruiting. On Monday, April 18, they logged on to Ice Berg for a recruiting session, facing no issue during the event. However, the next day, several people who attended the recruiting session, including Dan101, Stone523, and Saltinee123, tried to log on and found that they had been banned for anywhere from 24-72 hours.

In an effort to take off some of the heat from the army, Dan101 announced that the Nachos would limit their events for awhile.

We are going to be limiting events, so instead of 12 events a week we might do 10 and owners will be recruiting/hyping for events. Recently we had a recruiting session  and a lot of our troops go banned on CP, they are starting to crack down on armies even if you don’t say “LOOK UP” you still get banned for saying the army name so I advice our troops not to recruit on CP for the time being.

By being on CP less, the Nachos hope to avoid any more trouble with the moderators.

Interview with Stone523, Nacho Leader

Lorenzo: Why do you think troops got banned after that specific recruiting session?

Stone: Because Aunt Arctic is an evil dictator, she must be overthrown. She is against freedom of speech. She must be eradicated!

Lorenzo: Do you think Club Penguin mods are actively looking for armies while they’re online?

Stone: They target those who bot recruit.

Lorenzo: Besides not using bots to recruit, how else could the community improve our relations with Club Penguin?

Stone: Shut down.

Recently, the most Club Penguin moderators have done to hinder armies is censor recruiting lines, but it’s been a while since troops have been banned during or right after an event. During the winter in 2014-15, several troops were getting banned for participating in armies. On a couple of occasions, Water Vikings and Golds troops were banned when a moderator showed up at their events, even though they took place on empty servers. A detailed post about these incidents can be found here.

As for my thoughts on this, it really is no surprise that Club Penguin is laying down the ban hammer on us again. My original ‘Lorenzo Bean’ penguin was banned in a very similar manner. I was on for a recruiting event, and never said anything along the lines of “look up”, only the army’s name, and got banned forever afterwards for advertising another site.


Today I logged on to Ice Berg and was greeted with several nameless bots spamming the usual recruiting phrases. Of course it’s been said over and over, but can they really be blamed when their most popular server’s are riddled with bot penguins trying to redirect their players to another site? Since 90% of our events are held on empty servers, the most Club Penguin moderators and players alike see of us are the recruiting bots. So of course they’re not going to favor armies.

What are your thoughts on this issue? Is this just the way things are for us now, or should we make an effort to repair our relationship with the Club Penguin mods? Comment below with your opinion!

Lorenzo Bean

CPA Central CEO


13 Responses

  1. I think it’s time we start looking in the mind of a recruit on this one. By now, most people on Club Penguin either know about us and dont care, or are part of the cpa community. My little sister resently complained to me about the amount of bots on club penguin and when I looked at her computer I saw 9+ bots on a 3 bar server! While I dont agree with club penguin banning our penguins, it goes to show the negative effects that this everlasting war will have.

    • Why don’t you agree with banning penguin for bot recruiting? CPA has ignored warnings from CP many times and we continue to ruin the game for others. So why can’t CP ban us?

      • Well I agree with the penguins that are used to bot recruit getting banned, but I dont agree with people who dont break any rules of cp getting banned just for being in a club penguin army

  2. Maybe you shouldn’t be on a fucking 5 bar on your main penguins.

  3. Club Penguin is really destroying bot recruiters. I used to bot recruit and Club Penguin banned me and banned my IP from logging in. To even log on for events I have to use a vpn, which messes up my xat account every time I log on, and it’s just annoying in general.

    I suggest we take these signs and stop bot recruiting all together. I understand assholes such as “Light Troops” won’t stop botting, but they’ll get what they deserve when the time comes. We don’t need to follow the Light Troops and get banned like them.

    (I bot recruited all the time and bot recruiting doesn’t do shit besides get Club Penguin pissed, I don’t care what Waterkid says, all of his sizes are fake and I hope he gets what he deserves)

    Main armies who have been bot recruiting are LT, ACP and Nachos. I find it amazingly surprising that ACP and Nachos haven’t rose in sizes, but LT has been able to reach 5x what Nachos and ACP get. Bunch of bullshit if you ask me, but who cares right? We’re slowly dying, why try to fix it now.

    I won’t be apart of our death.

    “I would prefer even to fail with honor than win by cheating”

    “One of the more challenging things in life is not being the guy who does the cheating, but not saying anything about it and going along with it.”

    And here’s one that people like Waterkid use:

    “I have no problem with cheating. Whatever you can get away with.”


    • Yess Trader preach

    • I find it amusing to whoever told the Club Penguin supporters first. Remember when Polo Field doesn’t care about how the Ice Warriors did back in the day when Frozen Party was happening? The IW did recruit but did not get banned until 24 hour notice. Same with Nachos for the Festival Party.
      When Polo Field leaves Club Penguin, all this is happening and it was something to blame on the new Club Penguin stuff, as well as those who reported it.

      • Obviously nobody reported it, Club Penguin isn’t blind to seeing our bots on every server. They know what’s going on, they know who we are.

  4. I think that all cp armies need to understand that we all need to align for one big recruiting session for several days. However, they should not recruit on cp. We have exhausted that option to death. It’s time to head to different chat rooms and websites centered for tweens and teens, and recruit there. It is the last chance I think we have.

  5. The fact that somebody is calling Aunt Arctic evil and as a reason for the bannings is silly and child’s play and I literally just laughed at that too omfg

  6. Good post Lorenzo.

  7. CP might not have hated us if we only recruited 2 out the 7 days a week, therefore we’re not constantly pissing off all the CP players who do not want to join. That’s a reason CP hates us and so is the fact we do it too often.

  8. I suggest that we get permission from some of the CP mods online before we recruit. I know this is weird that I’m from RPF, but this is what I believe. 😛

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