Camper John Replaces Kevin as Nachos Leader

Fjord, Nachos Capitol- On April 16th, 2o16, the Nachos of CP withheld an adjustment within its authority due to the promotion of Camper John to Nachos leader and Kevin stepping down from the position.

Following the addition of another trophy to a very large case of trophies at Nacho HQ, the army has been a constant in the weekly CPA Central Top Ten. However, the Nacho army was soon plunged into a war between their bitter rivals, the Army of Club Penguin. Shortly after, the Nachos began another conflict with the Night Warriors. That war was put to an end on April 18th, 2016, which will be discussed an upcoming CP Army Central report.

After many weeks of fighting between the two parties, leadership issues soon emerged in the Nacho Army. Many army officials had been seen leaving the islands of Fjord looking for another army to call home. Some of the most notable absences among the army are former Nacho owners, Jt812, 95Dragons, Greendai.

As much as the loss of many owners may hurt, the recent retirement of Kevin may falter the army. Due to a lack of activity and motivation, Kevin decided it was best for the army and himself to step down from leadership. Kevin’s retirement post can be found below.


In order to stabilize the army once more, the rank of leader was then handed to the next individual in line, Camper John. With the recent addition of Camper John, the adjusted leadership now resides as Dan, Stone, and Camper John. With three different leaders, the Nachos should be expected to improve upon their current sizes.


Camper John’s Leadership Addition


Note- Due to the lack of leadership on Nachos chat, an interview will be added ASAP.

As the Nachos continue to rebuild the ownership in the army, I expect the army to be back in top form in the upcoming weeks. As an army largely known for it’s resilience, I don’t have any doubts on the Nachos abilities of building upon the current state of the army. With an already experienced group of leaders, Dan, Stone, and Camper John should be able to handle the duties of leading the Nacho army to success.

Comment YOUR opinion on Camper John’s promotion below. Will the Nachos return to 1st on CPAC? Share the thoughts YOU have below!


CPA Central Executive Producer



14 Responses

  1. first

  2. “Following the addition of another trophy to a very large case of trophies at Nacho HQ”; are you kidding me?? You guys didn’t even bother making a trophy. I request one as soon as possible.

  3. Goodl, Camper.

  4. Honestly if any armies are dying ish this army would be one of them based on recent sizes mainly

    • You’re borderline autistic. Every time you shit talk the Nachos we prove you wrong. Get a fucking job or find something normal to do rather than live in the comments section of CPAC. Holy shit, you’re one of the most annoying people of all time. You’re like 20 years old, and you follow this game like it’s the NBA.

      • Are you retarded I dont even comment every day and the fact is I am right in this case because if I cares so much then why have I kept my promise to only visit once a month at the most?

      • Maybe all of you should just stop trying to bitch at the retirees that are too old for this since they hardly visit but seem to comment some days a week and focus on the main task of your kiddy Club Penguin armies

      • I bet you never thought about that because youre so fixated ohh welcome to the burn unit bitch

      • First of all I dont hate any of the armies and I havent talked shit about the Nachos in over a year so stop basing your evidence off the past because guess what, I dont have anything against the Nachos and what I fucking meant was based on the sizes they had since they had at one point fallen completely out of the Top 10 so how does that make me wrong, ohh wait it does not thats right former Nachos leader and I said they were “one” of the armies not the only one you word changing and misintepreting douche

        • You just responded to my comment 4 fucking times. You’re 20 years old. Find something better to do. Seriously. In the recent comment section your name is always there.

          • Ignored and stop cussing too

            • Pussy

              • I am sorry but the fact is I stopped hating the Nachos and talking shit about them over a year ago and what you called “Shit” talk was actually analytical judgement based off how certain armies which include Ice Warriors, ACP, Dark Warriors, Nachos, and Golds have been doing over the past year or more so think about that before you accuse me of smacktalk

  5. WIth all due respect too

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