Army of Club Penguin and Nachos War Ends

Fjord, Nachos Capital – After a few of fighting and constant attack of servers, the Nachos have announced that the war between the Army of Club Penguin is over.

The Nachos recently have been under fire from the Army of Club Penguin and the Night Warriors, both fairly large armies in size and servers. After a few weeks of attacking the Army of Club Penguin’s servers, the Nachos started to target the Night Warriors. The Nachos leader, Dan101, saw that the Night Warriors were far larger than the Nachos. The Nachos usually maxing around 20, compared to the Night Warriors, 50. Dan101 then proceeded to sign a treaty that gave the Night Warriors all of their servers from the district 2, which is around 20 servers.

The Nachos give the NW Every district 2 server they own (as of 4/9/16) with the exception of Aurora. This treaty initiates a ceasefire between the two until 5/9/16 [Changed to 6/9/16 at Dan’s request]. No army in this treaty may deliberately participate in war events such as invasions or defenses against the other, even if it is another army perpetrating the attacks.

  • – The Nachos, Night Warriors treaty.

Dan101 signing the treaty caused a lot of drama, he went on to say that the treaty doesn’t count because all of the Nachos leaders were not there for the signing. You can read more about the war between the Night Warriors and Nachos HERE. As for the war with the Army of Club Penguin, when the Nachos first declared war on the ACP they had the advantage of attacking early. The ACP fired back with lots of invasions, tying up the war. After a few weeks of being in war, the Nachos and the Army of Club Penguin were in a stalemate, both armies got tired of the war and ended up signing a treaty that can be seen below. (The post written by Stone523 can also be seen HERE)

After over a month of battles with the ACP, the war has finally come to an end. The war began on March 16 when we invaded ACP’s co-capital server Snow Fort, and since then there has been a total of 42 battles on 29 different servers, plenty of invasions and defences from both sides. The reality is that this war started getting boring this past couple of weeks, it felt like we were just dragging it on. So we have decided to end the war in mutual agreement, all captured servers returned. Here is the treaty:


Bam117 signing the treaty that the Nachos proposed.

In the above excerpt from the post released by Stone523, Nachos Leader, it seems like there won’t be any issues between the Army of Club Penguin and Nachos in the near future, both armies realized that it was a pointless and boring war. But it was interesting for both armies, they got to see how good their defenses were, where their army was currently in size and if they could take a war. The Nachos and Army of Club Penguin both did great in the army, the lack of interesting events ended the war, it seems. For more information about where ACP stands, we went to the ACP Leader, Trader.

Interview with Trader, ACP Leader

Trader(CPAC): “Why did the Army of Club Penguin decide to end the war?”

Trader(ACP): “The Nachos came to the Army of Club Penguin asking to end the war, I think I can speak for ACP as well Nachos when I say that the war was very boring and not going anywhere. It’s better for us to focus on the army and rising.”

Trader(CPAC): “Does the Army of Club Penguin plan to go to war anytime soon?”

Trader(ACP): “Not at the moment, we’re focusing on rising our army in size and making sure we’re set to go into war. But that doesn’t mean we aren’t ready for war, if anyone does decide to attack the army, we aren’t afraid to attack back, and harder.”

Trader(CPAC): “Do you agree with ending the war?”

Trader(ACP): “Yes, I agree that it was better to end the war. I’m glad that Stone523 and the other Nachos Leader didn’t make a big deal about it, and handled it like professionals. I respect them for that. It was an interesting war.”

Trader(CPAC): “Why did the Army of Club Penguin and Nachos go to war in the first place?”

Trader(ACP): “We went to war when it all began because of small trash talks between the Nachos Leaders and Army of Club Penguin Leaders. But as you know, most fights on this game end quickly and then it just becomes boring, basically describing this war.”

Trader(CPAC): “Any last comments?”

Trader(ACP):  “ACP Trader > CPAC Trader”

From the interview with Trader, ACP Leader, he explains to us that the war was boring and not much was gained out of it. But he also says that the war was good for both sides and it was interesting. The final thing that Trader says is that the ACP doesn’t plan to go to war anytime soon, but they are prepared for one.

Will Nachos and ACP go back to war? Who do you think won the war? Did Trader interview himself because nobody likes him?

Comment what you think below!


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      • What? What did I do?

  1. Bias

  2. “Did Trader interview himself because nobody likes him?”yes yes he did

    • Ikr! Trader only posts things about Nachos-bias!

    • Trader is cool.
      Fuck off hissssss

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  4. All that effort and yet you get nothing in return. Isn’t cp armies great!

    • Nice way to ice them there true

  5. Did anyone else notice the picture? “Trader is the best”

    • Lmfao why would he even

  6. bias bias bias bias bias evict fire him now for biasness hes so bias bias cant define him anymore

  7. Interviewing yourself? Well thats new, lol.

  8. Glad the war is over. Great effort to all armies. (thumbs up)

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