Top Ten Armies: 4/17/16

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – My first Top Ten as CEO! My mother would be so proud… Anyhow, this week was rather slow for some armies, and a couple armies made their return to the community.

1. Light Troops [+0] [88.00]

2. Night Warriors [+0][79.50]

3. Rebel Penguin Federation [+0][69.50]

4. Water Vikings [+3][66.50]

5. Nachos of CP [+0][59.00]

6. Army Republic [-1][57.50]

7. Army of Club Penguin [-3][54.68]

8. Wild Ninjas [-1][54.50]

9. Special Weapons & Tactics [NEW!][49.50]

10. Nacho SS [NEW!][45.50]

Full stats.


Keep in mind, the descriptions may not reflect the data used to calculate the Top Ten.

1. Light Troops: The Light Troops started off the week with an unscheduled training session on their capital, reaching about 43 online. UK raid of Tuxedo in which they maxed 40+, later on that day the Light Troops held a raid on Cozy, averaging 40. Later on in the week, Light Troops took back their capital with a 25+ max. Light Troops invaded Tuxedo on the 14th with sizes of 30+, they also had an invasion of Mammoth where they got 40+ troops online. The Light Troops ended the week with an invasion of Crunch maxing 55+.

2. Night Warriors: NW started off the week with a recruiting session, maxing 30+, another recruiting session was held, Night Warriors got sizes of 50+. Night Warriors also held another recruiting event, they were able to reach sizes of 60+. Heading towards the end of the eventful week, Night Warriors had a training session on their capital, Fog, they reached 51.

3. Rebel Penguin Federation: The Rebel Penguin Federation kicked their week off with a training session turned raid defense against LT on Tuxedo where they meet with sizes of 15+. Later they held an invasion of Northern Lights hitting sizes of 35+. To end their week they held a invasion of Ice Box along with a defense of Ice Box hitting sizes of 30+ and 20+.

4. Water Vikings: The Water Vikings had a extremely short week with several contests and posts. They had one successful US/UK event which amassed sizes of nearly 30+. They posted a few more posts and details to end their week.


5. Nachos of CP: Nachos hit off the week with an invasion of Abominable, reaching sizes of 15+, the same day they faced the ACP on Crunch and maxed 6. Nachos had a recruiting session on Blizzard, reaching 10+. The Nachos held an invasion of Big Foot and Snow Drift, maxing 14 at both. Towards the end of the week, the Nachos defended Crunch from the Army of Club penguin, maxing 13. Nachos ended the week with a Practice Battle versus AR, they maxed 14.

6. Army Republic: Army Republic had a total of 5 events throughout the week, starting with a successful training and raid session hitting sizes of 20 and 23. Later on in the week they held an invasion of the server yeti averaging sizes of 20. To end their week they held 2 more training sessions hitting sizes of 15+ and 10+.


7. Army of CP: The Army of Club Penguin had a decent week with a total of 4 events. They started their week with a invasion of cozy where they saw sizes of 14. Later on in the week they held 2 AUSIA “cleansing” sessions where they amassed sizes of 15 and 20. To end their week they held a UK cleansing of the server Summit where they maxed sizes of 29.

8. Wild Ninjas: The Wild Ninjas’ first event this week was a training session where they maxed 11. They trained again the next day with a top size of 13. Then they reached 17 online for another training session. They got in a few more solo events this week, hitting sizes of 11-16.

9. Special Weapons & Tactics: SWAT makes yet another return, starting off their run with an unscheduled UK training session with a max of 17.

10. Nacho SS: The Nacho SS is another army to make their return to the community this week, and to set a stable foundation for this returning army, they held several US invasion of the Night Warriors army’s servers, all in one event. This US multi-invasion event of Fjord, Blizzard, Sleet, White House, Bajo Cero (foreign language server), Cloudy, Mountain, Parka, Fiesta, Crunch, Snow Days, Alaska, Snow Day, Brumby, ETC. has given the Nacho SS a stable foundation so far. The whole time, they maxed 7-8 and averaged 6.


Lorenzo Bean

CPA Central CEO


CPA Central Vice President


CPA Central Editor-in-chief


51 Responses

  1. IW had one event maxing 13 = 10TH on CPAC
    Smart Penguins had one event maxing 16 = 1ST on SMAC
    Logic please.

    • Who the fck is smart penguins.

      • Smart Penguins is the army that will fuck your mother

    • Both the IW and SP should be joint 1st on SMAC, with the Nacho Special Service taking the #10 spot on CPAC as they attained an overall score of 45.50.

      Once the CPAC Top Ten is updated to hold the Nacho SS’ rank, I will update SMAC’s to hold the Ice Warriors.

      • Lawls

    • Rektage

  2. dam how we keep going down

  3. Cool Top 10 🙂

    • Agreed

  4. WV ❤ and wb IW

  5. I was wondering why the TT was posted early, then I saw Lorenzo Bean’s name, not Gob’s.

    • phin let me cut your cake with my knife so you can stfu

      • You salty? Is someone mad that I rejected them?

        • LOL I would never ask you out not even if my life depended on it

          • Yet, you always annoy me in pc “Hey, you wanna make out?” gtfo

            • like I would clearly ever say a thing like that.

              • I have screenshots.

                • nice try linking me a virus

                  • “virus” lmao what? The only idiot dumb enough to click on a virus is Gordon Edwards lmfao.


    • Calm your muscles Bam.

  7. We got 10th without even trying

  8. *cringes*

  9. First Again? It’s becoming too easy. Shine With Victory.

  10. CPAC didn’t count our Training on Ice Box on the 10th.

    • Updated

  11. CPAC wrote Wild Ninjas had events between 11-16 and that’s false, we got at least 17 on all our last events of the week, please pay attention to that thing.

  12. when nachos ss replace iw…

    • ^ @Funks

      • Loools


  13. I knew it would happen

  14. Nachos in the top ten twice

  15. I got banned once for unintentionally saying retard when I was asked what a libtard was by Step since I called him one and I don’t even entirely hate liberals just the ones that are very arrogant and expressive about their views as one and rubbing it at the faces of the other party and ended up banned for absolutely nothing relevant on 4 damned chats wtf

    • Also screw you Step bitch

      • Cry me a river :’)

        • I have nothing to cry about because my life is great and I enjoy every moment of it especially because I do not have to put up with egotistic, judgemental, obnoxious, stubborn, attention centered, greedy, abusive, and prickish twats like you every single day you hellhound of an annoyance Kthanks

          • Chill lol

            • Trader is also a fag

          • You’re crying right now, and the only attention centered, “prickish” twat here is you

            • I really don’t care about what you have to say anymore because now you’re being ridiculously stupid and just let go of the fact that you know nothing about me in real life and have zero room to judge and I never cry because unlike you I am adult so good life to you sir whether you want to go the right way or wrong your choice 🙂

              • Your social life revolves around gaining attention from 12 year olds on Club Penguin since nobody gives it to you irl, are you sure about that bud?

                • Bro if you were as smart as you say you are I only visit CP chats once a month

                  • You were on yesterday lolll

                    • That was my one day

                    • And that was Monday lmao

                    • Goodbais

            • I don’t like seeking attention you sinful hellhound

        • You and Trader are douchebags

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