The Tenth CEO: Inauguration of Lorenzo Bean

KLONDIKE, CP Army Central Headquarters – In a compelling turn of events, longtime Executive Producer Lorenzo Bean has been inaugurated as the tenth Chief Executive Officer of Club Penguin Army Central. 

Let me come clean right from the start: I did not want this job at all up until a few weeks ago. I had the opportunity to do this more than once, but I always refused because I was hesitant to accept the responsibility. But recently, my attitude has changed, and I find myself wanting to take the plunge, accept the challenges, and most importantly, use this position to the best of my ability to improve CPAC and the army community.

I have been involved in Club Penguin armies for almost nine years. So, I’ve basically seen it all. I’ve been a troop, a leader, an advisor, you name it. I’ve been on both sides of the coin, seen as an antagonist by the community as well as a proponent for progress and the preservation of army history. I first joined CPAC in November 2010, becoming the first army philosopher for the site. During my few months working here, I produced a couple episodes of a CPAC Podcast, and began writing the battle reports I became well-known for. Later on down the road, after about a year’s break from armies, I returned to the site at the tail end of the Bluesockwa Era in August 2014. I was quickly promoted to Executive Producer, the position I have held until now. I’ve worked under many CEOs and with tons of staff members, so I’ve learned a lot.

Here’s something you should know about me that sets me apart from so many other, and will be a key to how I approach this job: I still care about Club Penguin armies. Sure, many times I feel like there’s no point anymore, and the community is utter trash. But at the end of the day, I always have and still want to push armies forward, to make things more fun, and improve the overall quality of our community and the game we play.

Club Penguin armies have been stagnant for the last few years. Nothing revolutionary has happened, and so we are stuck in basically the same routine that we’ve been doing since 2011 or so. Many leaders seem to treat this as a chore, something that they do just to get it over with, and this hurts everyone, especially the troops, who just want to enjoy their time in armies. Ask yourself, are you satisfied with the state of Club Penguin armies today? I’ll bet almost none of you are.

Well, this begs the question: What can even be done at this point? The truth is, I’m not exactly sure. I have ideas, some sort of vision, but the only way things will get better is if we collaborate, and come up with solutions that benefit the majority, if not everyone. I’d like to state again that I’m referring to not just CPAC, but all of CP armies. I also want you all to know that I am very accessible, and that I want to hear your ideas and thoughts. I’m not on some pedestal, I’m not above everyone else just because I happen to be running this site. I never want to be viewed that way. So feel free to talk to me about whatever you want. But let there be no mistake; just because I’m listening, does not mean I will be anyone’s puppet. I am here to facilitate the growth and improvement of CPAC and the community, not just a select few. In the coming weeks, I hope to have lots of discussion with troops and leaders alike about the current state of CP armies. Perhaps I’ll even host a couple live blog debates.

I cannot promise that things will change, or even get better. I can’t read the future any more than you can. But what I can promise is that, as CP Army Central CEO, I will do my absolute best to serve this site and the community, and to push us all forward into a better era for Club Penguin armies.

Lorenzo Bean

CPA Central CEO


29 Responses

  1. Congratulations Lorenzo! I look forward to serving under you.

  2. This is some biased shit!

  3. Congratz!

  4. Congratulations, Lorenzo

  5. bias!!11!!!!!!!11!1

  6. Congratulations.

  7. Well done Lorenzo, I wish you well in what is a challenging but exciting role – Ignore the haters.

  8. Lorenzo > Goblin

    • ^^ Atlest CPAC won’t be bullshit anymore..

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    • ^^^^^^

  9. Best CEO in a long time, hope you do good.

  10. Lorenzo > Past CEO’s

  11. Congrats Lorenzo

  12. I told you that you’d be a great CEO.

  13. About time since he actually deserved this

  14. Congrats big boy. Save us all.

    • Save the CPA Community.

  15. Lorenzo, aren’t you like 20

  16. Grats bud.

    • hi skloopenis :mrgreen:

  17. lorenzo is trying to control armies AHHHH

    • but grats

  18. It’s been a long time in coming, but nobody deserves it more. Congrats, and I look forward to working with you even more indepth in the era to come.

  19. Congrats but fuck dude I just realized how long it’s been since the Bluesockwa era.

  20. Congratulations Lorenzo! It’s awesome to see an old friend stay successful! I believe you will be a fabulous CEO (yes, fabulous) and will keep CPAC going forward through the years. I like to come back to this website just to check up on club penguin armies and see where everyone stands so keep up the good work!


  21. This is the last time I’ll say it; MAKE NACHOS A TROPHY FOR MARCH MADNESS FFS!

      • Thanks!

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