Ice Warriors Return

Sub zero, Ice Warriors Capital – The Ice Warriors, being one of the oldest armies alive, closed down a few months ago. They have decided to reopen once again. Will they reach the outrageous sizes they once saw? Or will they face the dying community head on and deal with what every other army leader is facing?

The Ice Warriors are a legendary Club Penguin army, founded in June, 2007, by Club Penguin army legend, Iceyfeet1234 and Ice Burgh. The Ice Warriors were one of the first Club Penguin armies, and are to this day, one of the most powerful armies.

The Ice Warriors were formally best known for being one of the armies that have never closed down, ending their first generation, the other two being Nachos and ACP. Ice Warriors, Nachos, and ACP were the 3 oldest armies that weren’t closed down at all. Everybody knew that one of these armies would fall, but nobody knew which one. The Ice Warriors were the first to fall out of the 3, mainly because of leadership issues that ended up eating the army inside out.

Ice Warriors in the final few months of being alive, were a world power. Holding the top 10 number one spot for a long time. Ice Warriors saw sizes of 40+ under the leadership of Andrew24, Ghost, and SpyGuy202. This strong leadership and the size they were able to achieve, put themselves as the #2 army of the year and Ghost leader of the year. With Spy and Ghost returning to the army, it makes us wonder if Ice Warriors will come back and surprise the community with the amazing sizes seen from the last generation in which these leaders led.


Picture from the leadership of Andrew24, Ghost and Spy.

The Ice Warriors decided to close down few months after having some bad publicity pointed towards some of their final leaders of the first generation. After Andrew24, Ghost and Spy left, people were being given leader left and right. These people who were being given leader were also making the Ice Warriors look like a joke, on purpose. This inevitably led to Iceyfeet, Ice Warriors creator, closing down the army because of the bad reputation the army was getting.

Ice Warriors held their first event on, April 14th 2016, they were able to reach sizes of 13+. They claim that this is not going to be the reopening event and that the reason for this was that no leaders were on. In the post stated below, the Ice Warriors postponed their opening event for Saturday, but today being Saturday, no event was seen from the Ice Warriors yet.

Hey Ice Warriors,

Due to issue with Leaders computer the OPENING EVENT was Postponed to Saturday. We decided to have a pre-battle at USA times. Here is the result, Maxed 13, Avg 11


April 14th 2016 – Ice Warriors opening event. Reaching sizes of 13+

Even though the sizes of this event aren’t what we expected, it’s good to see that the army is still stable without any leaders on. The first event they had just shows us that they can be a stable army without relying on leaders to lead them to victory. For more information about the reopening and the ideas the owners have for the army, we went to one of the Ice Warriors 3ics, Firestar08.

Interview with Firestar08, Ice Warriors 3ic

Trader: “Who is currently leading this generation of the Ice Warriors?”
Firestar08: “Ghost and Spy.”
Trader: “What do you expect the sizes to be like?”
Firestar08: “I expected the sizes to go to 40, but since they are so inactive it’s most likely not going to happen.”
Trader: “So Ghost and Spy are both inactive, will the Ice Warriors last? Or will they slowly die?”
Firestar08: “At the minute we are not so sure about it, We’re debating if they’re going to give us Ice Warriors.”
Trader: “Who is “us”? If Spy and Ghost don’t get active, who’s going to be the new face of Ice Warriors?”
Firestar08: “Most likely our most active 2ic, Givenchy God. After our event everyone suddenly went inactive.”


Trader: “Are the 2ics and 3ics going to push the Ice Warriors and keep moving forward? Or are you going to die if the leaders don’t get active?”
Firestar08: “We’re going to keep pushing the Ice Warriors. We will not die so easily.”


Trader: “What are your thoughts on the current leaders?”


Firestar08: “I think they’re really ignorant doing this to us. They ditch us on the opening. What kind of good leader does that?”
Trader: “Any last words?”
Firestar08: “IM GONNA SMACK YOU.”

From this interview with Firestar08, he confirms that Ghost and Spy are the 2 leaders of this currently Ice Warriors generation. He also says that he expected the sizes of the army to be like they were when Ghost and Spy led with Andrew24, sizes of 40+. Firestar08 also states that the owners are debating whether or not the leaders are going to give the army to their most loyal second in command, Givenchy God. Either way, the owner says that they will push the Ice Warriors and not give up. The final thing that Firestar08 says, is that he believes Ghost and Spy are very ignorant for leaving the army alone, he also goes to say that they outright ditched the first event, twice.

In my personal opinion, Ice Warriors not being able to come up from their first closure, just shows the current state of the community. Ice Warriors was one of the biggest armies of its time and it’s personally sad to me that the army is struggling to come back to what it used to be. The upside of this is seeing that so many of the Ice Warriors troops are staying loyal and are there for the army, even if the leaders are inactive. Seeing many old faces of Ice Warriors and the community as a whole come back just to help the army rise, shows me that we still have some hope. I believe the community is less interesting without armies like the Ice Warriors, I hope they are able to come back and be the great world power they once were.

Will the Ice Warriors be able to bring themselves back up and dominate the community? How much are the Ice Warriors going to get in size? Will the owners of the Ice Warriors be able to uphold the army? 

Tell us in the comments!


Editor in Chief


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