RPF and Light Troops Clash over Ice Box

ICE BOX, Light Troops Capital – The war between the Rebel Penguin Federation and Light Troops has begun with fighting over Ice Box, which proceeded today with a battle on the server.

The battle took place at 4:00pm EST, starting at the Ice Berg. RPF set up a spread out circle around the room with about 23 troops, and LT was in an “L” formation with around 19. The two sides exchanged emotes and word tactics for a bit, and RPF briefly did a joke bomb before returning to their circle. Meanwhile, LT switched up to a plus formation. After a couple more minutes, the Light Troops joke bombed the room right as RPF was ending an E+7 winks tactic in their circle. While their opponent was bombing, RPF troops quickly piled up at the top of the Berg before running out with E+9 mad faces. They followed up right afterwards with an E+M coins waterfall as the Light Troops moved back into a plus. Then, RPF doubled up on LT’s plus and put up E+3 straight faces while LT did E+9.


As the two armies stayed right on each other, their tactics were similarly timed, LT doing E+P puffles while RPF greeted them with “Hello”, as well as LT saying “still winning” as RPF did E+G gamesticks. Then, as the Light Troops did E+D suns, RPF troops pulled off a well-executed E+I igloos waterfall. RPF proceeded to return to a circle while doing jokes, and at the same time, LT did exclamation points. At this point (4:18), the Light Troops were maxing 20, and RPF had dipped down to 19.


A few tactics later, RPF made another move, getting into an “X” formation and doing jokes while LT chanted “Mikey fails”. LT then stacked at the top of the Berg and charged out yelling “we win”, while RPF bombed the room with jokes. After this, LT stayed spread out and chanted “light wins”, as RPF troops did an E+P waterfall. As the Light Troops began logging off, RPF threw snowballs at them while saying “light loses”. They also claimed victory over the battle.


Although both sides may be disappointed by their lower sizes for this battle, when both armies have less than 30 troops on, they can all fit in a room and makes for better battling. It makes it much easier to determine a winner if both sides can reach an agreement. Neither RPF nor LT had a significant size advantage for any of the battle. RPF had the slight edge at the beginning, but the troop counts evened out as the battle went on. Both armies performed very well tactics-wise, with a good amount of word tactics coming from each of them. However, RPF did have more frequent movement and formation changes than the Light Troops, which is definitely something that stands out in such a close battle.

Who do you think won this battle? Will RPF and LT continue to fight over LT’s capital server? Comment with your opinion below!

Lorenzo Bean

CPA Central Executive Producer


7 Responses

  1. cool

  2. RPF

  3. I still don’t know how to contact CPAC. :T Somebody mentioned “am” and I really don’t know what to do with that information.

  4. Contact Goblin…. jfc noobs

  5. cool

  6. The mayhem keeps on intensifying


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